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  • 1. Introduction MINOR USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN SEIZOEN 0809 - 0910
  • 2. User experience design
  • 3. User experience design
  • 4. User experience design
  • 5. De UXD competentieprofielen Visual Interaction User research interface design design
  • 6. Teachers Hans Kemp (coordination) Nils Vergeer Rolf den Otter Marije Smits
  • 7. Four quarters, assignments, themes, workshops and credits Year 3 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Minor UXD Internship Internship Themes Themes Workshops Workshops 15 CP 8 CP 7 CP Year 4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Minor UXD Assignments Assignments Graduation Graduation Workshops Workshops 15 CP 7 CP 8 CP
  • 8. Themes Year 3 Q3 & Q4 First two quarters, we will be working on themes in the uxd field. In each theme:  A workshop with (guest) speaker during our regular meeting  (Essay) assignment  A reader (pointers for relevant literature)
  • 9. Themes Year 3 Q3 & Q4  What is experience design? (2 weeks)  Expression and emotion  Multi modal, cross-media and multi-platform (4 weeks)  Visualization and structure  Social networks and semantic web  Design research, exploration and validation
  • 10. Assignments Year 4 Q1 & Q2  There are various possible assignments  Team practical assignment (in which you carry out an R&D assignment with others in the minor for a client)  Individual practical assignment (in which you work with others outside your minor and you have the role of ux designer)  Research assignment (in which you set up and carry out research related to the professional field)  It is possible to come up with your own suggestions for these assignments in the last two quarters
  • 11. Workshops met gastsprekers Gert-Hans Berghuis (Fabrique) Rene Scheffer (Stroomt) Martijn van Welie (Philips Design) Peter Bogaards (Informaat) Martin Tirion (Microsoft) Steve Caplin (auteur) Martijn de Visser (Lost Boys)
  • 12. UXD graduation project
  • 13. Contact j.a.m.kemp@hro.nl http://docent.cmd.hro.nl/kemja/uxdminor/