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Gobelins hro workshop kick-off
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Gobelins hro workshop kick-off


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  • 1. kick-off
  • 2. This morning’s program
    Workshop introduction (Hans)
    Introduction Gobelins (Antoine)
    Assignment briefing (Hans)
    Personal introduction in teams (Y’all)
  • 3. Your hosts for this workshop
    Hans Kemp
    UXD minor teacher Rotterdam University
    Puck Peijenburg
    UXD minor students Rotterdam University
  • 4. Our facility
    Institute for Communication, Media and Information Technology (CMI)
    Media courses:
    Communication and Multimedia Design (800)
    Media Technology (150)
    Communication Digital Media (50)
    4 years, full-time
    Including 2x 0,5 year internship
  • 5. Communication & Multimedia Design
  • 6. Workshop overview
    September 20, 21, 22 - Rotterdam
    Concept workshop
    + concept pitch
    September 23rd – October 17th
    Concept/design development + realization
    October 18, 19 - Paris
    Finalization workshop
    + final presentation
  • 7. Rotterdam workshop program
    Every day we will start at 9:30, in the Study Landscape
    Monday morning: kick-off and team assembly
    Monday afternoon: no program
    Tuesday morning: no program
    Tuesday afternoon: field trip (?)
    Wednesday morning: no program
    Wednesday 11:00 – 14:00: exhibition in open area
  • 8. Resources
    All resources, announcements etc. will be made available for you thru
    All teams upload their results on this blog using a team account (Dutch student gets team account)
    For questions on the workshop blog, contact Hans
  • 9. Wireless access
    The Gobelins students can use a guest account for wireless access on the ‘Eduroam’ network
    Login information for this guest account will be available after this meeting (Puck, Soraya and Hans)
    Let your Dutch team members help you with this, you can turn to one of the hosts for more help
  • 10. Network access
    The same account can be used to login on the HRO network using the stationary computers
    Computers downstairs (Medialab) you can use whenever available
    Availability of room 2.53 (Macs) on blog
    Let your Dutch team members help you with this, you can turn to Puck, Soraya and Hans for more help
  • 11. Housekeeping announcements
    English is the common language in which we communicate during this workshop… all the time
    We all suck at it, but it will level the playing field
  • 12. Housekeeping announcements
    We will arrange for coffee, lunch and afternoon refreshment every day, for anything else you’re on your own
    If you need any equipment such as video cameras, HRO students can borrow those at the Front Office (Tom/Rick)
    Keep an eye on
  • 13. Your assignment
    Develop a joint vision on a platform for capturing and sharing a ‘visiting experience’
    Create a ‘new media product’, to capture and share this experience:
    Realtime (as it happens)
    Focus on emotional aspects
    Develop the concept to be pitched at the exhibition (Wednesday 11:00 – 14:00)
  • 14. Your assignment
    Work towards a concrete result, in just a few days
    Surprise us, look for the new, not the obvious
    Go outside, be part of the city
    Involve everyone, be a team player
    Enjoy yourself and have fun together!
  • 15. Antoine Visonneau Gobelins l'Ecole de l'Image
  • 16. Teams
    At the workshop blog you will find the list of names for the teams
    Go to the Study Landscape, find your fellow team members and introduce yourselfs