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Northern highlights 20140514 meyer

  1. 1. Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen Nationaal Congres Digitale Overheid, Amsterdam (NL) 14 May 2014 SOCIAL MEDIA DO’S AND DON’TS: Northern highlights
  3. 3. WEB2.0 AND SOCIAL MEDIA… any online technology or tools through which users can socially interact as both consumers and co- producers Communicate Funnels Feedback loops
  4. 4. THE TOOLS – WEB2.0 Social and professional networks Examples: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter. Social and professional platforms Examples: Wikis like MediaWike, DokuWiki, TikiWiki, Google page wiki; blogs like Wordpress or Blogger and collaborative office solutions as, Debategraph, Teamwork or Work Spot. Social publication Examples: YouTube, Flicker, SlideShare, RSS feeds and Twitter. Social and professional feedback Examples: Vote and debate or Debategraph, rating and commenting on Facebook, or, surveys as survey monkey, pirate survey, free online surveys, blogs, wikis, Wikipedia's article feedback tool, various public solutions etc. NB: Tools may provide one or more of the above functionalities
  5. 5. THE TOOLS – WEB2.0 [S] earch Finding information through keyword search. [L] inks Connecting information into a meaningful information ecosystem using the world wide web model and providing low-barrier social tools such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. [A] uthoring Ability to create and update content leads to the collaborative work of many rather than just a few web authors. In wikis, users may extend, undo and redo each other's work, while blogs, posts and the comments of individuals build up over time. [T] ags Categorisation of content by users adding short descriptions to facilitate searches without dependence on pre-made categories. Collections of tags created by many users within a single system are often referred to as "folksonomies" ie, folk taxonomies. [E] xtension Software making the web an application platform as well as a document server. [S] ignals Use of syndication technology such as RSS feeds to notify users of content changes.Source: Andrew McAfee, SLATES abbreviation (Lancione, E, Meyerhoff Nielsen & Archmann, S, 2010)
  6. 6. THE PROS AND CONS Pros Cons  Creates space for dialogue  Pushes you closer to the public  Can build credibility and trust  Opportunities for third-party syndication and support  Viral distribution  Cost-effective  Better understanding of public opinion  Real time monitoring  Time to get information out is greatly reduced  Can become core part of your communications strategy and central hub for engagement and dissemination  Etiquette and protocols are different to other media  Reputational risks if not authentic, honest and transparent  Must be perceived as relevant to audience, not self  Requires carefully tailored content  Potential to move rapidly and beyond your control  Recruitment is hard to predict and there is no guarantee productive dialogue will occur  Social media are not short cuts to efficacy and principles of good communication still apply
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO… • create a communication channel for citizen access to government and decision-makers ie 24/7 access to government and decision-makers via social media, platforms and networks • create a dialogue between government and citizens ie communication, transparency, informed and consultative decision making • increase mutual understanding of policy and service delivery issues, a shared understanding of everyday citizen concerns ie constructive dialogue strengthening mutual understanding and decision making, risks and opportunities, service design and accessibility etc.
  8. 8. THE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA HAVE BENEFITS FOR… GOVERNMENT: • Management of brand, advocacy and reputation • Transparency / openness • Insight to public opinion • Reach / awareness (viral amplification) • Low cost communications • Performance, eg penetration, traffic on and conversion of channels      CITIZENS: • Part of an active user community • Opportunity to share / provide feedback, ie empowerment • Ask specific questions related to their personal circumstances • Better informed
  9. 9. • Aimed at quality and participation • Using the virtual infrastructure: - Mobile technology - Open data - Cloud computing - Web2.0 and social media • Shift to demand orientation and interaction • Citizen as an active co-producer OPPORTUNITY FOR COLLABORATIVE GOVERNANCE Source: Matt Poelmans, 2012
  10. 10. WEB2.0 AS A MARKETING TOOL CAN HELP WITH…. take-up services ie net new customers, increased frequency of transactions, promo exposure, increased yield, product penetration customer support ie provide immediate feedback and response, positive impact in public forum, cost reduction public relations ie online reputation management, improved brand image via the social web Source: Social Media: Business measurement, Olivier Alain Blanchard, 2011
  11. 11. WEB2.0 AS A MARKETING TOOL CAN HELP WITH... customer loyalty ie increased interactions, better quality of interactions, deeper relationship with brand, increased trust in brand, increased mindshare of brand, greater values alignment business intelligence ie know behaviour and patters human resources ie more effective recruiting, online monitoring of employee behavior (risk management) Source: Social Media: Business measurement, Olivier Alain Blanchard, 2011
  12. 12. EXAMPLES
  13. 13. EESTI.EE PORTAL CAMPAIGN MULTI-CHANNEL CAMPAIGN AND CLEAR CORPORTE IDENTITY Multiple channels eg web, facebook, video, shopping centres, flyers, etc. Clear corporate identity ie use of logo, common look-and-feel Targeted ie channels, tools and style targeted to specific audiences On message ie what do we do and why • Web - • Facebook - • TV ad (portal) - • TV ad (drivers licence) - • Video guide (MyData) -
  14. 14. @SWEDEN TWEETING ON SWEDEN, ONE PERSON PER WEEK maj 2014 14 • Twitter – Twitter 13/05/2014 • 85,200 tweets • 2,365 following • 68,400 followers
  15. 15. VISIT NORWAY ONLINE PROMOTION WITH CLEAR IDENTITY AND HIGH IMPACT maj 2014 15 • Web – • Facebook – • Twitter – • YouTube – • Flickr – • Instagram – Facebook 13/05/2014 • 625,030 likes • 42,330 talking about this • 404 were here
  16. 16. DEBATE & PARTICIPATORY BUDGETTING SKL developed suite of social media tools incl. • Debate • Participatory design • etc. maj 2014 16
  17. 17. SUBMIT YOUR IDEA AND CROWD SOURCING CO-CREATION AND ALTERNATIVE FUNDING maj 2014 17 • Submit your idea – • Open ministry - • Crowd culture –
  19. 19. POLICE ON SOCIAL MEDIA USER-ENGAGEMENT, PUSHING INFORMATION maj 2014 19 Danish police • Web - • Facebook - Reykavik police • Web – • Facebook –
  20. 20. ARBETSFÖRMEDLINGEN (SE) ONLINE COMMUNICATION STRATEGY AND FEEDBACK LOOPS maj 2014 20 • Web – • Web – • Facebook – • YouTube – • LinkedIn – Facebook chat 8-16:00 daily. Sections for job seekers and employers. 14/05/2014 • 16,432 likes
  21. 21. FÖRSÄKRINGSKASSEN CHANNEL STRATEGY GONE INTERNATIONAL maj 2014 21 Försäkringskassen • Web - • Contacts – • Facebook –
  22. 22. GLADSAXE WEB AND FACEBOOK INITIATIVE MULTI-CHANNEL MESH-UP OF CONTENT AND SERVICES Multiple channels and tools eg web, facebook, one-stop-shops, libaries, the same content pushed through different channels Clear corporate identity ie use of logo, common look-and-feel Targeted ie is present where citizens are On message ie what the municipality offer you, eServices, events etc • Web - • Facebook - • Likes – 3,055 29/10/2013 (1,422 31/5/2012) • Population – 64,929 • Like/population – 4.71% (2.19 %)
  24. 24. RESULTS REQURE PLANNING, SEE THE PATTERN, FUNNELS ARE GOOD... Source: Social Media: Business measurement, Olivier Alain Blanchard, 2011
  25. 25. SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT FREE, BUT CONVERSION IS GOLD… Web2.0 and social media require: • skilled people • technology • time and effort As resources are limited: • you do not need 1,000,000 followers • you need 10 – 1,000,000 new customers!
  26. 26. resources equal 100% of your budget head count Advertising eMarketing inbound call center sales department public relations marketing IT accounting resources generate 100% of your business
  27. 27. which buckets do we empty to fill this new one? funding for a new social media campaign does not magically appear
  28. 28. SENTIMENT EVALUATION, BUSINESSLINK.UK • ”sentiment evaluation” is the consideration of mentions that are generally positive, compared to those that are generally negative overall reputation +/- do we take part in the conversation?
  29. 29. Promoting the brand Insight and transparency Negative into positiv SENTIMENTS, BUSINESSLINK.UK
  30. 30. Go to Type in your Twitter @name Analyse performance in terms of: • Activities • Reach • Exposure NB: Think of how you can: • Amplify your normal reach • Promote your brand • Turn a negative into a positive SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT, TWITTER
  31. 31. Go to your Facebook page Click on ”view insights” Analyse performance in terms of: • Likes • Reach • Engagement of users NB: Think of how you can: • Reach different user-segments • Reuse existing web-content • Gain insight for transformation SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT, FACEBOOK
  33. 33. THE EXAMPLES ARE GOOD BECAUSE… … a vision with clear goals, objectives and targets a plan or strategy • tools • rational • value added a target(s) group a message(s) • promoting a product, service or organisation • benefits to the user • value added for the user • tone
  34. 34. THEY… • … communicate, ie do not broadcast, but enters into a dialogue, focus on 2/3 communication and 1/3 technology. • … funnel content and users, ie promote online services, personalise the service experience • … have feedback loops in place, ie have a channel strategy and ensure the channels work together
  35. 35. Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen Mobile: +45 4078 7065 Mail: LinkedIn: mortenmeyerhoff Twitter: @mortenmeyerhoff Danish Agency for Digitisation Landgreven 4, Postboks 2193 1017 København K Denmark,, FOR MORE INFORMATION