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Joanna Motion heeft aan de wieg gestaan van de succesvolle implementatie van alumnirelaties en fondsenwerving door universiteiten in Groot Brittannië. Ze geeft al jarenlang leiding aan de Europese tak van CASE, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Ze is een zeer begenadigd spreker en vanuit haar internationale ervaring als geen ander in staat de huidige interesse in alumnirelaties in Nederland, in een globale context te plaatsen.

"Joanna Motion was appointed the inaugural vice president of CASE international operations in 2003 after serving as executive director of CASE Europe since 2000. In her current role, she has overseen the growth of CASE’s activities outside North America, including the creation of CASE Asia-Pacific. She has played a key role in encouraging government support for educational advancement in the United Kingdom and on the continent and in securing grant support for programming in East and West Africa. She serves as liaison to the CASE Europe board and to the CASE board’s International Committee. Prior to joining CASE, Joanna held a full range of advancement positions at four universities and served as a CASE volunteer. She was director of development and alumni relations and director of communications and development for the University of Kent at Canterbury in the U.K. and headed the alumni and development unit at the University of Melbourne in Australia. She also worked in admissions, public relations, and communications for the University of East Anglia and the University of Hull in the UK. Joanna is a frequent conference speaker and workshop leader around the world and has been recognized with the CASE Crystal Apple Award for outstanding teaching at CASE conferences. She holds a degree in English language and literature from Oxford University."

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  • Key note Joanna Motion

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    28. 28. Self-belief is magic!“Tell him hes Peleand send him back on"JOHN LAMBIE, Partick Thistlemanager, when told aconcussed striker did not knowwho he was