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Music Practice group Hannah Rudman pres

  1. 1. Hannah Rudman
  2. 2. Context: mass innovation & creativity “My argument is that these new forms of mass, creative collaboration announce the arrival of a society in which participation will be the key organising idea rather than consumption and work. People want to be players not just spectators, part of the action, not on the sidelines.” Charles Leadbeater, thinker and author.
  3. 3. We are seeing a “renaissance of the amateur” Director of Centre Pompidou, Prof. Bernard Steigler
  4. 4. Context: experience economy / status stories
  5. 5. People want to attend, and do more than just attend • Personalise • Participate • Co-produce • Create meaning This affects: – Artistic practice – Organisations’ operations – Business models
  6. 6. The arts sector’s need and opportunity • Low technology base overall, lack of inclusion in any strategic or budgetary planning of plans and aspirations in relation to digital - Skills - Infrastructure of the org - Back office systems/data capture - Websites don’t achieve good audience development • Future opportunity - New business models - New content - New ways of creating depth of engagement
  7. 7. AmbITion approach • Vision: – to generate a critical mass of arts organisations that proactively consider digital development as key to their business, organisational and artistic growth and sustainability • Via change projects – Changing mindsets, people… – Then changing processes and products
  8. 8. What has worked • The AmbITion approach • Risk assessment • Audit • Diagnostic • Develop Business Case • Overseen implementation • Continuous reflection
  9. 9. Organisations change to digitally offer… • Product ✔ • Participation ✔ • Personalisation ✔ • Porosity ✔
  10. 10. Why does the AmbITion approach work? • It’s not about the technology! • Audit and diagnostic looks at where an org is at and where it wants to be and is “cross-departmental” • Orgs have to create robust business cases - embeds • Implementation is stakeholder owned, but supported throughout • It’s a scaleable process
  11. 11. The technologies… • CRM, CMS driven websites, database integration, intranets, wifi, remote working, connectivity, ticketing, back-up • Productivity tools • Broadening digital channels • Digital content capturing / recording kit • Upgrading networks
  12. 12. When did it not work?… • Ensuring continued buy-in during a stretched timeline • Projects affected by people leaving • Organisations affected by internal/external factors such as G4tA funds reducing • Technology changes • Remember - despite everything, it just might not work!
  13. 13. The people… • New skills • Networking opportunities • Inspiration via access to good examples • Access to resources, knowledge and support
  14. 14. Legacy so far • 15 arts organisations that can act as beacons of good practice in relation to digital development • case studies of the processes and products of digital developments in the arts sector • thorough evaluation reports of the benefits to the 15 organisations • a legacy of tried and tested methodologies, ideas, toolkits and services • a programme of regional roadshows to embed the knowledge widely • some influence on policy development
  15. 15. Audiences Central Say… • Audiences Central needs to have something like AmbITion and AmbITion's approach to offer to member organisations who are interested in developing their IT and digital capabilities... and its increasingly more of them!
  16. 16. Continuing Legacy… AmbITion 2? • Trials to embed AmbITion approach with – Audiences London OWE Theatres – Arts About Manchester - rest of the NW • A content and knowledge brand – Guidebook-style publications – Online knowledge base to facilitate knowledge transfer • Video masterclasses, community, toolkits, resources – Further training and networking opportunities – National conference – Online course – Policy advice – Benchmarks
  17. 17. WATCH THE VIDEO! • VISIT THE SITES! • http://del.ici.ous/hanrudman
  18. 18. Thanks for listening! I’m porous… Stay in touch!