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How to use allies&ill

  1. 1. Loaning Materials from Other Libraries for Your Research Services for Jacksonville State University Students & Staff
  2. 2. Two JSU Library Programs for Loaning Materials for Your Research• For further information, please contact JSU Library Circulation Desk:Phone: 256-782-5758• You may also want to check JSU Library’s Policy at: (Page 39for InterLibrary Loan)
  3. 3. Program One: InterLibrary Loan• Who can use InterLibrary Loan service:JSU faculty & staff, graduate students, andundergraduate students engaged in thesis or seniorpaper research• How long will it take for me to have my requested materials?It depends upon how quickly the other libraries (allover the world) respond. For example: a requestedarticle may arrive in less than three days, and arequested may arrive in less than a week.
  4. 4. Procedures for using InterLibrary Loan• Step 1: check JSU catalog to make sure that JSU library does not have the resources you need;• Step 2: Fill out JSU Library InterLibrary Loan Request Form at: form.html• Step 3: Waiting for confirmation email
  5. 5. Program Two: ALLIES/Universal Borrowing (UB)• Who can use InterLibrary Loan service:JSU current enroll students and employees toborrow books directly from another ALLIESpartner libraries (Auburn University, AuburnUniversity at Montgomery, University ofAlabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham,Jacksonville State University)
  6. 6. Procedures for Requesting Books from ALLIES/UB• Walk-in procedure: JSU students and employees can walk into any participating library and check out materials using a photo ID. Materials can be returned to any library in the ALLIES system• Online procedure:1) Click on “ALLIES” link on JSU LibraryHomepage at:
  7. 7. Click “ALLIES” link here
  8. 8. Select one or more AlliesLibraries as you need
  9. 9. Type in your Title Keyword(s), and hit on“Search” button
  10. 10. Number of materials from AU libraryunder your search Click the book title you want to borrow
  11. 11. Click the “Make a Request” link
  12. 12. Enter your student ID number and your last name,then click on “Log in” button
  13. 13. Click on “UB Request ” link
  14. 14. Click “Submit” to finish the requesting process, “Your patroninitiated request was successful” message will appear, youwill receive an email message in your GEM account when theitem is available.
  15. 15. Question and Comments?• Contact:Ms. Hanrong WangLaw/Technology Librarian10th Floor, Houston Cole LibraryJacksonville State UniversityPhone: 256-782-5250Email:
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