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  • For example, the linking of a petition to call upon the governing president to be impeached combined with the name of the president occurring frequently and the negative sentiment recorded does point to….


  • 1. Online Social Networks, Communication, and Trust: Looking for ‘smartness’ of Smartizens
    Prof. Han Woo Park
    • An int’l conference on Digital Culture hosted by NIA (National Informatization Agency) of South Korea, 8 Nov 2010
    • 2. Theme:Smartizens- The Future of Smart Citizen in Smart Society
  • Smartizens: Smart mobs
    They [smart mobs] enable people to act to together in new ways and in situations where collective action was not possible before (Rheigngold, 2003, p. xviii)
    스마트몹은 라인골드의 2003년 저서 Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution에서 나온 신조어로서, 인터넷 및 모바일 매체를 비롯한 최근 디지털 기술의 공통점은 “여러 이슈와 상황에 대해서 사람들이 과거에는 가능하지 않았던 새로운 방식으로 함께 행동하도록 촉진한다”(xviii)는 점을 강조하는 개념임
  • 3. Smartizens are not always ‘smart’!
    As indicated they name, smart mobs are not always beneficial. Lynch mobs and mobocracies continues to engender atrocities. (Rheigngold, 2003, p. xviii)
    스마트몹은 사회에
    이로운 형태와 내용으로
    항상 존재하는 것이 아니라
    디지털 매체의 활용 방식에
    따라 여러 역작용을
    낳을 수 있음
    • 멘탈 인프라(Mental Infra)
    • 4. 정보문화윤리교육
  • Collective action on CyworldMinihompy
    CyworldMinihompy: Launched in 2001, Cyworld remains the most popular service in Korea in spite of a recent decrease in usage
    Korea’s Cyworld was arguably the world’s first general purpose mass social networking site
    This study analyses user-generated comments posted to Korean politicians on SNS Cyworld
    Sentiment analysis of textual comments
    Target link analysis of URLs contained in the comments
  • 5. Sample
    130 Korean National Assembly Members’ Cyworld Minihompies.
    The data were collected April 2008 – June 2009
    153,602 comments were collected
    1,276 comments contained links
  • 6. Minihompy
    The status of minihompy
    ①How active ②How famous ③How friendly
    Visitor count

  • 7. Minihompy
    Logged in User
  • 8. Cyworld-IP screen capture
    IP address
  • 9. Cyworld-IP screen capture
  • 10. Sentiment of Korean smartiznes on Cyworld
    female users posted relatively high levels of positive comments (75.5%) than male users (67.3%), while male users made more negative comments (32.7%) than female users (24.5%).
    n = 650
    n = 756
  • 11. To identify the relationship among gender, comment type, and user activity, posters were divided into four groups:
    females contributing positive comments (FP), males contributing positive comments (MP), females contributing negative comments (FN), and males contributing negative comments (MN).
    The FP group was the most active group, the FN group’s activity was similar to that of male groups, and the MP group was more active than the MN group.
  • 12. Where do Korean smartizens want take us?-Korea
    Based on 1,078 (58.3%) of 1,849 links to Korean services
  • 13. Where do Korean smartizens want take us?-Oversea
    Based on 51 (71.8%) of 71 links to overseas services
  • 14. Strict Regulation and Cyber-Exile
    “Prohibition of Unlawful Distribution or Display of Documents and Pictures”
    Article 93 of the Public Official Election Act
    No one may distribute or display any materials containing endorsement of or opposition to a candidate/party in 6 months prior to the election
    The NEC applies this to blog posts, viewer comments at news sites and tweets among others.
    Internet real-name system
  • 15. Table 6: Comments categorized by link type from the six groups of gender and political affiliation
    What makes Korean smartizens hyperlink to?
    Based on 206 comments agreed on by both coders from the initial set of 300
  • 16. Sentiment of Korean smartizens to link
    candlelight protest
    suicide of ex-president Roh
  • 17. Findings & Discussion
    Males are marginally more likely to comment on CyworldMinihompies using links than females
    Minihompies managed by ruling politicians were found to be of greater prominence than those of the opposition parties
    Message Amplification and Network Building were found to be the dominant purpose for submitting links within user-generated comments.
  • 18. Unpredicted Twitter growth in Korea
    Korea is also known as the Tomb of global IT services (Naver > Google, HWP > MS Word, Nate > global IMs)
    As of April 2010, Twitter is one of the most popular micro-blogging SNS services in Korea. Twitter has about 2.1 million unique visitors, and Twitter pages are viewed about 49.5 million times per day (National Informatization Agency, 2010, p. 235).
  • 19. Cyworld VS Me2Day VS Twitter
  • 20. VS
    Twtkr is a 3rd party service using Twitter API is customized for sending and retrieving Korean twitter messages, and Tweets containing more than the standard 140 character limit are possible
    Korean twitter messages are not well indexed in and provides a search option for Korean Tweets
  • 21. VS interface
    Original Twitter Interface
  • 22. Sejong City Project
    The Sejong City project refers to relocating two-third of administration departments, including the prime minister and other ministers, to a town in Chungnam province. The town was named after the Great King Sejong in the Chosun Dynasty: a Korean sovereign state that lasted approximately five centuries
    Current President Lee MB is trying to change the existing plan structured around relocating several government offices to the city (drafted by ex-PresientRoh MH)
    Proponent of original plan: Necessary for regional development
    Opponent: Partitioning of the capital would weaken Seoul’s competitiveness
  • 23. Impact of Smart phone on Twitter style
    Twitter users are more likely to send socio-emotional content related to self-presence rather than social information sharing (Naaman, Boase & Lai, 2010)
    We examined whether the messages sent from mobile devices tended to be shorter in terms of the length and more interactive (the use of hashtag, mention, reply, retweet)
    Qualitatively, we investigated if the messages sent from mobile devices were self-focused, less syntactically complex, playful, and contained more phatic communication.
  • 24. Communication style related to Sejong city project
  • 25. Impact of Smart phone on Twitter style
    Our results show that 72.95% (1,559) of the 2,137 tweets were posted from the web (i.e., Twitter website: 868 tweets, Twtkr: 691 tweets)
    Other postings were from mobile devices, users of which tended to send replies (26 tweets, 9.49%)
    This might imply that interactive communications happened more frequently when using mobile devices
    Regarding the length of a tweet, we did not find significant differences between devices
  • 26. Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries of Korea 농림수산식품부
  • 27. What does ‘SMART’ stand for?
    The Short Lifespan of a Tweet:
    RetweetsOnly Happen Within the First Hour
  • 28. Does Smart Networking promote Citizenship?
    Free, easy online networking via social media allows smartizens to become democratic?
    Allows the creation of Habermas’s free discussion Public Sphere?
    Sunstein’s 2.0 argues (from a U.S. perspective) Cyber-balkanization
    the Internet supports diversity, but
    individuals choose to cocoon themselves in areas of agreement,
    the net result is protection from exposure from differing opinions =
    the death of democracy
  • 29. Five Politicians’ Following-Based Ego Networks
    Diagram 1. Five Politicians’ Following-Based Ego Networks
    The size and color of each node corresponds to the number of followers as follows:
    HR Won
    GG Kang
    KW Na
    DY Chung
    HC Noh
  • 30. Five Politicians’ Follower-Based Ego Networks
    Diagram 2. Five Politicians’ Follower-Based Ego Networks The size and color of each node corresponds to the number of followers as follows:
    HR Won
    GG Kang
    KW Na
    DY Chung
    HC Noh
  • 31. Overlaps in terms of Twitter Followers
    HR Won
    HC Noh
    GG Kang
    KW Na
    DY Chung
  • 32. Overlaps in terms of Twitter Followings
    HR Won
    GG Kang
    HC Noh
    KW Na
    DY Chung
  • 33. Appendix: Twitter VS Me2Day
    • Twitter: Launched in March 2006, a global service but very popular among Koreans
    • 34. Me2Day: Launched in February 2007, strongly promoted by the most popular Korean portal site Naver
  • Twitter vs Me2day
  • 35. Twitter vs Me2day
    ㅁ: Twitter - RT, Reply, Me2day – MeToo, Reply, Replay & Post ㅁ : Link
  • 36. Twitter vs Me2day
    출처: 박정남(2010), START 트위터와 미투데이
  • 37. Acknowledgement
    Research for this paper has been supported by the World Class University (WCU) program through the National Research Foundation of Korea, which is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (No. 515-82-06574).
    Based on ongoing research projects conducted with my colleagues and students at YeungNam University