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Facebook Applications: Real Money For Developer by Andy Santoso
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Facebook Applications: Real Money For Developer by Andy Santoso


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Facebook Apps : Real Money for Developer? Andy OrangeMood Santoso Online Marketing Consultant Sales Representative Facebook & Microsoft Advertising Facebook Developer Garage Indonesia Presentation 28 March 2009
    • 2. BIG Question
      • More than 660,000 developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries.
      • More than 52,000 applications currently available on Facebook Platform.
      • 140 new applications added per day.
      • More than 95% of Facebook members have used at least one application built on Facebook Platform. Developers : If we can’t make money on Facebook apps, why build them?
    • 3. What I want to share?
      • Finding :
      • Meet some good passion people/developers.
      • Confuse about what is the best business model.
      • There is a demand from the market.
      • “ Loe lagi loe lagi…”
      • Share :
      • Some business model opportunity, how it works, challenges & idea!
      • The basic and easy one to make it works.
      • How to start and hopefully success.
      • Result :
      • You decided!
      • All people in this room can be a partner.
    • 4. Many ways to Rome
    • 5. #1 From Selling Ads
    • 6. Mechanism
      • How it works?
      • Create great applications.
      • Embed with third party for ads.
      • Let many user join and like the applications.
      • Start hoping and praying they click the ads.
      Third Party for Ads 750 Industries Ad Chap Adknowledge AdParlor CPA Storm/ Memolink Cubics Fox Networks Google Adsense Lindotiger RockYou ! ShopIt Media Social Cash SocialMedia SocialReach Sometrics
      • Challenge!
      • Check #1 above!
      • Application pages has low Click Through Rate.
      • Got The Idea?
      • Mainstream Media Channel Opportunity
    • 7. #2 From eCommerce
    • 8. Mechanism
      • How it works?
      • Create FB Public Profile, grow the fans.
      • Create right applications to leverage the business (online shopping system).
      • Let many user join and get benefit from the applications.
      • Prepare your back end services for big order!
      • Challenge!
      • You must have a great product/services.
      • You must have FB public profile and maintains well.
      • You must know your objective and what FB Apps is suitable for your business
      • Got The Idea?
      • eCommerce Indonesia
    • 9. #3 From Selling Virtual Gift/Credits
    • 10. Mechanism
      • How it works?
      • Provide applications who can help Facebook user buying their credits for playing online game.
      • Challenge!
      • Again… great applications plus with high security.
      • Must collaborate with game online company. (Lyto, AyoDance, BolehGame, MStar, etc)
      • Must collaborate with existing micro payment vendor like iVas - Telkom, Gudang Voucher, BCA Flazz)
      • Dependency with the game online.
      • Got The Idea?
      • Online Game Indonesia
    • 11. #4 From Premium Content Subscriptions
      • With Z-Commerce for Facebook, you can:
      • Transform your existing application to a subscription service
      • Generate recurring revenue
      • Increase trialability with lower upfront costs
      • Easily offer both free and premium versions of your product
      • Enable customers to change their rate plans and update their billing information
    • 12. Mechanism
      • How it works?
      • Create FB niche service on Public Profile, grow the fans. (Stock consultant, Personal Finance Consultant, Rare Item collections, Porn Premium Content )
      • Let many user join and get benefit from the applications.
      • Offer a fee for special services.
      • Challenge!
      • You must have a very great product/services. (from special expert)
      • You must have FB public profile and maintains well.
      • Got The Idea?
      • S2/S3 University
      • Special Course
      • Stock Expert Consulant
    • 13. #5 From Entertainment Portal
    • 14. Mechanism
      • How it works?
      • Create many applications for cool entertainment.
      • Let many user join and enjoy.
      • You can combine for selling ads, virtual credits/gift, subscriptions or #7. (keep sit and listen ok?)
      • Challenge!
      • You must have middle – big team to create and maintains.
      • You must compete with current existing and hottest applications.
    • 15. #6 From Affiliate Program
    • 16. Mechanism
      • How it works?
      • Same with other affiliates programs, you just fishing on crowded FB pool.
      • Create FB applications, help user to meet what their need from your affiliate network
      • You got the commissions.
      • Challenge!
      • You must learn about FB user behavior to optimize your affiliate program.
    • 17. #7 From Selling Your Apps
    • 18. Mechanism
      • How it works?
      • You already know, Don’t ask me… 
      • Challenge!
      • You must have a super duper very great applications.
      • Got The Idea?
      • Pssst… tell me please!
    • 19. #8 From Sponsorship
    • 20. Mechanism
      • Why advertiser sponsor instead of develop?
      • Much cheaper if the applications is great.
      • Proven number of user.
      • Campaign’s timeline .
      • Lack of resources.
      • Challenge!
      • Again… check #1 above!
      • Do you know how to find the sponsor?
      • Got Idea?
      • Djarum, Nokia, Intel, HP, Samsung, Indosat… all big company want it!
    • 21. How to start?
      • Read the guide from Facebook and others.
      • Remember FB’s main purpose : communicate!
      • Start and try create the simple one.
      • Learn your user behaviors, maintains & grow!
      • Find a partner, create a team, work together!
    • 22. Facebook Guidelines
      • Your applications should be Meaningful.
        • Social: Helps users interact and communicate more effectively by using information from the social graph
        • Useful: Delivers value to users by addressing real world needs, from entertainment to practical tasks
        • Expressive: Enables users to share more about who they are and about the world around them.
        • Engaging: Provides a deep experience that users want to come back to regularly
      • Your Applications should be Trustworthy.
        • Secure: Protects user data and honors privacy choices for everyone across the social graph
        • Respectful: Values user attention and honors their intentions in communications and actions
        • Transparent: Explains how features will work and how they won't work, especially in triggering user-to-user communications
      • Your Applications should be Well-Designed.
        • Clean: Designed to be intuitive, easy to use and free of mistakes
        • Fast: Achieves low latency while scaled to handle user demand
        • Robust: Maintains reliable uptime and minimizes error rates
    • 23. Thank You, Start Develop and Good Luck! [email_address]