We've Got Google Analytics (And I Have a Treadmill in My Basement) by Linda Watson


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Linda Watson will take you through the Rollins Google Analytics account and let you see how they set up their accounts, tag their links, and use the information they gather to make decisions.

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  • I will sh
  • After a while every site will have pages that are not used but still hanging in there like your old size 2 dress. So just like our closet needs to go from this to this. Our old site of over 5,000 pages needs to go from this to this.
  • And of course we always get the “I have this great event/site/ what ever and I want a link on the home page. We use our analytics to determine if the request is valid.
  • Make a dashboard: Select a Standard Report and use the Add to Dashboar
  • We've Got Google Analytics (And I Have a Treadmill in My Basement) by Linda Watson

    1. 1. About Me! •I.T. (6 years) •Instructional Technologist (software/portal trainer) •Promoted to Webmaster (maintained the Rollins website) •Marketing & Communications (7 years) •Web Technology Manager, Webmaster •Cascade site maintenance/enhancements/training •Google Analytics-accounts/tagging/reporting •MBA: Aurora University •PCM: Professional Certified Marketer (American Marketing Assoc.) Rollins College-13 years
    2. 2. Linda M. Watson, MBA PCM We've Got Google Analytics (And I Have a Treadmill in my Basement)
    3. 3. Linda M. Watson, MBA PCM You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure
    4. 4. Who owns web analytics? Marketing side or “the what & why” What Rollins tracks/measures Reporting and types of reports Technical Side or “the how” Accounts/Profiles Dashboards Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly reports Segmentation Going Forward Analytics is ½ Marketing & ½ Technical
    5. 5. Reports All Traffic – External Visits – Internal Visits
    6. 6. What Rollins Tracks We built it! Did they come?
    7. 7. Measuring Year/Year Visits
    8. 8. Keeping track of what happened when Annotations
    9. 9. External vs. Internal Who Came and what are they looking for?
    10. 10. Trend Tracking The Trend is our Friend
    11. 11. Tracking Conversions or measuring success
    12. 12. Link Tracking onclick event tracking code onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Athletics', 'Click', 'RollinsIndexRightNav']);
    13. 13. In-Page Analytics For those who do not event track links
    14. 14. Who gets a link on the Home Page?
    15. 15. Site Redesign
    16. 16. What is missing? Or what are users looking for and can’t find?
    17. 17. Moving departments to a new site •Top/lowest viewed pages •Who is their Audience •Traffic Sources •Site Search •Referral Links •Recommendations •Review the plan We meet with each department before they can move to a new site….. .
    18. 18. The technical stuff…… •Google Analytic Tracking Code •Profiles in Google Analytics •Dashboards •Reports The how .
    19. 19. Code Two Google Analytics accounts
    20. 20. All Traffic
    21. 21. External/Internal
    22. 22. Department Dashboard/Report
    23. 23. Dashboard Widget
    24. 24. No Department Profile? Use Segmentation…. Segmentation Profile Filter
    25. 25. Keep it Simple Reports If your boss (or the president) hasn’t started to ask for web analytics reports at your university, college or school……. Get ready: it may happen sooner than you think.
    26. 26. Going Forward Focus Your Visitor Flow Report To determine the complexity of our website to the average user. Do My Visitors Actually Read Stuff On My Site? Track Visitor Engagement Continue to tag links Look into Webmaster Tools Create informative reports for BOT/upper management
    27. 27. In Conclusion…. IT takes work….
    28. 28. You Can't Improve What You Don't Measure •Create annotations to mark major events for future reference •Add Dashboards and email reports •Enable site search tracking •Add event tracking for important links •Create a plan to measure conversions/results 5 takeaways to improve your Google Analytics setup
    29. 29. Lmwatson@rollins.edu Poll Data: https://rollinscollege.wufoo.com/ reports/2014-cascade/