Web Accessibility Demystified, by Penny Harding, Hannon Hill Corporation


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Web Accessibility Demystified, by Penny Harding, Hannon Hill Corporation

  1. 1. AccessibilityDemystifiedWeb Accessibility Compliance and Tools toHelp Meet the Requirements#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
  2. 2. Goals of Presentation Introduce the concept of web accessibility Identify our audience & define the barriers Learn some easy to identify design conflicts Introduce tools to help find accessibilityissues Explain how to implement some changes#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
  3. 3. Cliché Definition SlideWeb Accessibility (n)…means that the Web is designed so that people withdisabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interactwith it effectively, as well as create and contribute contentto the Web. – W3.orghttp://www.w3.org/WAI/lexicon#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
  4. 4. Alphabet Soup of AccessibilityAcronym What does it stand for? What does it mean/do?508 Standard Section 508 Standard of theRehabilitation ActProvide web standards for federally funded programs and services; technology must beaccessible to employees and members of the public with disabilities to the extent it does notpose an “undue burden.”ADA Americans with Disabilities Act Prohibits discrimination and ensures equal opportunity for persons with disabilitiesIDEA Individuals with DisabilitiesEducation ActEnsures services to children (birth to 21) with disabilities; support the use of technology tomaximize accessibility to the general education curriculumLevel A WCAG Level A Conformance Satisfies the minimal requirements (Priority 1 checkpoints) as set by WCAGLevel AA WCAG Level AA Conformance Satisfies all Level A and Level AA Success Criteria (Priority 1 & 2 checkpoints) as set by WCAGLevel AAA WCAG Level AAA Conformance Satisfies all Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA Success Criteria (Priority 1,2, & 3 checkpoints)as set by WCAGUAAG User Agent AccessibilityGuidelinesPrimarily for developers of Web browsers, media players, assistive technologies, and otheruser agentsWAI Web Accessibility Initiative WAI develops the guidelines that makes the standard for Web accessibility and provideresourcesWCAG Web Content AccessibilityGuidelinesInternational set of technical standards for Web accessibility for content developers, webauthoring tool developers and web accessibility evaluation tool developers
  5. 5. Are we considering all of our users?#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
  6. 6. To Do Lista. Educateb. Identify Potential Issuesc. Solve the Issuesd. Repeat#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
  7. 7. EducationIt’s not just important that you know aboutaccessibility, but we must educate all contentcontributors. Teach them to fish!•Learn about challenges•Form/reform policies•Train developers and contributors#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
  8. 8. Basic Design Principles• Layout HTML without CSS• Provide a navigational skip to main contentarea• Use headers in appropriate order• Only use images where text will not suffice#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
  9. 9. How do you know if your content isnot accessible? Identify potential design issues Color Contrast Checker Online Tool (http://www.accesskeys.org/tools/color-contrast.html) Accessibility Color Wheel (http://gmazzocato.altervista.org/colorwheel/wheel.php) Identify issues on specific pages WebAIM Online Tool (http://wave.webaim.org) Online Tool for Pages & Snippets of HTML (http://achecker.ca/checker/index.php) Color Contrast Checker Online Tool (http://www.accesskeys.org/tools/color-contrast.html) Accessibility Color Wheel (http://gmazzocato.altervista.org/colorwheel/wheel.php)#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
  10. 10. Examples No flickering/blinking images Color contrast Alternative Text Provide captions for media Table summary/header Ability to jump to main content Headings Use labels and submit elements on forms, make sure there is a wayto fill required fields Link text Page should make sense without CSS#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
  11. 11. Q & AContact me later:Penny KronzHannon Hill (Atlanta, GA)penny@hannonhill.com678.904.6900 ext 255#cascadeserver @hannon_hill
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