Music Analysis


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Music Analysis

  1. 1. Masthead: the colour of themasthead is bold andoutstanding which means it willstand out to the audience. Thecolour of the masthead suitsthe genre of the magazinebecause most of the readers ofthe magazine are girls.Skyline: the skyline of themagazine convinces readersthat it is worth buying theremagazine to get a free gift,the colour of the skyline isalso pink which makes itstand out. Also by putting theword ‘Free’ in different colourwriting makes it stand outand also catch the readerseye.Central image: Thismagazine has chosenBritney as its mainimage; this will makethe readers feel morepersuaded to buy themagazine as it issomeone that theyrecognise. By choosinga well-knownperformers readersfeel more tempted tobuy the magazine.Teasers: the magazinesays ‘No 1 for music!’this persuades thereader to buy themagazine as it booststhe magazines image.Flash: ‘win a call fromyour favourite popstar!’ having this onthe front covertempts the reader tobuy the magazine asthey would have achance of winningsomething.Flash: ‘Oh BehaveBritney’ putting thison the front coverhelps persuade theaudience to buy themagazine as well asthe picture, becausethe central image isoff a well know artistby putting behaveBritney shows thatthere is gossip whichthe reader could see.Also the type oflanguage they use isquite a chatty tonewhich shows that it isrelating to more of ayounger teenageaudience, also byputting the writing inpink and white showsagain that it relates toa girls audience ratherthan a boys.Graphic feature: Once again by using a well knowartist such as Eminem it will attract the targetaudience to buy the magazine. Also by using morechatty language such as ‘(Bleep)-ing interview’shows that teenagers would be more interested inbuying the magazine as it is easy reading.
  2. 2. Masthead: The masthead of this magazines stands out to theaudience as it is clear and bold and easy to read. To name themagazine ‘We (heart) love pop’ is trying to convince the audience thatthey love the magazine before they try and buy it. By having a loveheart to represent a word shows that it related to young teenagersand by having it in pink it related to mostly girls. The masthead on thispage also stands out to the rest of the magazine because it is put in aspeech bubble.Slogan: This magazinesuses a slogan of ‘Don’tbore us. Get to thechorus’ this shows that itrelated to our targetaudience of teenagers asit is using very chattylanguage, and also usinglanguage that teenagerswould say. By saying ‘Getto the chorus’ this showsthat it fits in with theremusic magazine of pop.Teasers/ puff : ‘Actually Amazing Mag!’ by sayingactually amazing mag this is tempting the reader tobuy the magazine as they would feel if they didn’tthat they would be missing out on the ‘Amazing’magazine.Central image: Thismagazine has chosen to putRihanna on there frontcover, by choosingsomeone as famous asRihanna this helps bring inthe readers as they will betempted to read what thestory is about by knowingthe person on the front.The picture taken alsoshows that she has lots ofattitude, which againrelated to teenagers.Graphic features: Byhaving ‘Harry styles’ onthe front cover as agraphic feature will bringin the readers as mostteenagers girls would beinterested in him. Alsoby having ‘Harry styles isyours for £50’ showsthat this graphic featureis also being used as ateaser to draw people into buying the magazine.Graphic features: By having JLS posters for offer on the magazinewill attract the target audience of young teenagers girls in as mostof them would fancy JLS meaning they would feel tempted to buythe magazine.Graphic features/teaser: By having tipsabout fashion on themagazine will intriguereaders in to buy themagazine as theywould feel they aregaining somethingback from it.
  3. 3. Masthead: The masthead of thismagazines stands out to an audience,the colour of pink will grab the targetaudience’s attention and it is alsovery clear to read. By making themasthead have a sparkly effect it alsoshows the type of target audiencethat this magazine is aiming at (girlteenagers). The masthead of thismagazine also makes it clear to theaudience what genre the magazine sfocusing on ‘top of the pops’.Skyline: Theskyline of thismagazine is tryingto tempt theaudience to buythe magazine as itshows that thereis gossip in themagazine. Also byrelating theskyline back toboys by sayingcrush, also relatedto what the targetaudience wouldwant to readabout.Flash: ‘Getsummers hottesttrend’ by havingthis in a bring redcircle this makesthe informationstand out anddraw people in tobuy the magazine.Plugs: ‘who’s thefittest? Justin andharry battle out’, byhaving majorcelebrities on thefront this will bring inreaders as they will bemore interested in thecelebrates they know.Central image: Once againby having a celebrity on thefront cover this temptspeople to buy the magazineas they want to find out thestory with the picture. Alsoby having a girl on the frontcover give the teenagersidols for people to look upto.Plugs: ‘your most embarrassing bodyworries solved’- by having this on the frontcover interests young teenager girls asappearance is a big issue as a teenager soby putting this on the front cover willinterest them to buy the magazine to readthe whole article. Also by having the plugin bright pink makes it stand out to therest of the magazine.
  4. 4. Masthead: This magazine masthead doesn’tstand out to the other magazines, but still theyare using colours which represent the genre ofthe magazine e.g. purple. The masthead of thismagazine stands out on the cover of themagazine and is also very recognisable for thetarget audience to recognise.Central image: the central image stands out to anaudience as they have chosen a celebrity whichmost of the target audience would look up to, andalso a lot of people would recognise ‘Miley Cyrus’so this would interest people in buying themagazine.Plugs: ‘Miley Cyrus- TheQueen of Teen Grows Up.Will Her Fans Follow?’ byhaving this plug nearly asbold as the tittle means itwill catch people’sattention when looking atthe magazine.Plug: ‘Glee, the rolling stones…’ by havingpopular pop bands on the front cover willtempt the reader to buy the magazine as theywill be interested to see what’s written aboutthem.Plugs: ‘CloneWars-Thismagazineuses differentlanguage torelate to itstargetaudience, forexample inthis exampleby saying‘clone wars’shows thatsomething bighas happenedand also usingchattylanguage, thiswill interestyoungteenagers asit uses thetype oflanguage theyuse.
  5. 5. Masthead: ‘Smash Hits’ the masthead of this magazine stands out tothe rest of the magazine by using a bold, clear font and also by usingcolours which relate to the target audience makes the masthead standout. The Masthead is also using chatty language which again will relateto a teenage audience.Flash/ Teaser: ‘Win! 250+Prizes For you!’ this willattract the reader to buythe magazine as whenseeing I on the front coverthey will think they have achance of winningsomething if theypurchase the magazine. Byputting this in a bright pinkcircle makes it stand out tothe audience which meansI will attract peopleattention, also by havingthis flash right at the topof the magazine by thetitle will mean it will beone of the first things thatpeople will look at.Plug: ‘The story behindthe break-up’- this plugwill interest the targetaudience as they wouldbe interested in gossip.The way that this plug iswritten also will temptthe audience as it iswritten to shows that itis an exclusive interview,from this the audiencewill be interested infinding out about thearticle.Plug: ‘Britney popprincess or dramaqueen’ by puttingthis plug on thefront cover willinterest theaudience becausethey are using acelebrity the targetaudience will bemore interested ininformation aboutthem, also by askingthe audience aquestion will makethem think about itand then interestthem in the article.By writing the wordsBritney in bold andwhite makes it standout to the rest ofthe page which willinterest theaudience.Teasers/ Graphic Features: ’12Posters’- By putting this teaser onthe front cover will tempt thetarget audience as they will feel asthey are getting something out ofthe magazine, also by having thegraphic features with this will alsohelp tempt the audience as if theysee a celebrity they like they willbe more tempted to buy themagazine.Plug/Buzzword: ‘Secret behind-the-scenes action! –bywriting the plug like this will attract the targetaudience as they will be finding out exclusive gossip,the plug is also written in friendly, chatty language.
  6. 6. Graphic feature: The graphic features are used to make it clear for theaudience which page number the picture relates too. There are a lotof graphic features used on this page compared to any other page,this also makes it easier for the target audience to see theinformation on the page and also get tempted by the celebrities theysee. The pictures used also relate to the target audience by beingcolourful, bold and also the expressions used in each picture.Layout: the layout of the contents page is very clear for the targetaudience to see what information is on each page. Overall thepage is colourful and set out in a clear and easy way. The coloursused also represent the target audience and this will also attractthe readers in. Also the colours of the magazine all link in whichmake the page look inviting to the reader.Callout: the quotesused on this pagewill attract thetarget audience byfirstly interestingthem in the articleand secondlymaking it clearwhat the article onthe page is about.Flash: ‘snuggled upwith the sats’: byhaving the flash in blueand also a differentmakes it stand outfrom the rest of thepage, which will attractthe eye of the readerand lead the readerback to the main storyof the Saturdays .Alsoby having a celebrity inthe flash makes itattract the reader tothe article.Flash: ‘Hot posters’- having this flash in a different colour and shape fromthe rest of the page makes it stand out and attract the reader. Also by usinggraphic features to back this up will attract the reader even more. As thepictures will catch the reader’s attention.
  7. 7. Content headers :In this magazine theyuse a fun clear font, and also includehearts over the page, this relates to thetarget audience by showing that theyare girly and also shows they are teensby using pictures such as hearts aswords.Header: the header used on the magazine is clear for theaudience that it is the contents page and also the font andcolours used show the target audience, for example byusing pink shows that the target audience is related to girls.Graphic features: the main graphic feature onthis page is a boy group, which again shows thetarget audience as they would be mostinterested to see about there favourite boygroup.Graphic features: the graphic featuresof the bag once again relates to thetarget audience of young teenage girlsas they would be interested in fashion.By putting a copy ofthe front page onthe contents pagewith the pagenumbers makes itclear to theaudience and alsohelps them find thearticles they weretempted by on thecover.The overall layoutof the contentspage representthe targetaudience and thisis what I’d like toshow in mycontents page,the page is setout Cleary insections of themagazine andalso the coloursrepresent theaudience.
  8. 8. The colours used on this contents pagerepresent the genre of this magazine, asthey are quite girly and young teenagerswho are interested in boys and fashionand the colours used, for example pink.Graphic Features: The graphic features usedrepresent the target audience of this magazineby choosing young boy groups and pop starswhich young teenage girls would be interestedin weather it was a boy who she would have acrush on or a girl that the target audience willlook up to.In this contentspage they usehearts to bring inthe targetaudience byattracting thereeye to the graphicfeature. Not onlydoes the heartbring attention tothe picture but italso shows howthe contents pagerepresents thetarget audience byshowing they aregirly and would beattracted to pinkpicture such ashearts.They useplugs on thiscontentspage tobring theaudiencesattention,by using aplug onJustin Beiberwill ensurethat thereader willread theplug andthen beinterestedto carry onreading thestory in thereal article
  9. 9. The way thiscontentspage is setout is clearfor thereaders tosee whatarticle is onwhich page.They do thisby usingplug. Theplugs theyuse helpbring in thereader towant to readmore of thearticle. Theyalso chosewell knownartists whoare popularto bring inmorereaders tothe articles.The headerthey use onthiscontentspage istrying toconvince thereaderabout thismagazine, itis also boldandoutstandingwhichmakes itvery clearwhat thepage is. Thesame withthe titles ofthe articlesthey are putin clear andlarge fontswhich makethem easyto readwhich willthen make iteasy for thereaders toview thearticles.Flash: in this contents page they use a flash at the bottom of the page by putting posters up which are in themagazine, this will then convince the reader to either buy the magazine or to go to the pages where themagazine is.
  10. 10. This double page spread will suit the target audience by having two boys from a boy bandon there, as the target audience is young teenage girls this will attract them to the page asthey will be interested in there favourite boy band.The colours used make the pages easy to read and very clear.By Using quotes as a flash make the page look more inviting for the reader and also firstmake it clear about roughly what the article is about.
  11. 11. This double page spread suits the music genre and the target audience by using colours,which represent them such as pinks and yellows, these colours make the pages stand out andlook inviting.The main image on this double page spread suits the target audience as it shows a young popstar in fashionable clothes, and this would interest a young teenager as someone they canlook up to.The writing on the page is set out clearly and not in big chunks, which makes it easier for thetarget audience to read and digest.
  12. 12. This double page spread fits in with the target audience by using colours which would interestthem such as pinks and yellows they use these colours because the target audience is teenagersgirls and these colours represent quite happy emotions.The header on this double page spread is very bold and clear and also quite wacky, by using adifferent type of font. The header stands out from the rest of the page and makes it clear to thereader what the article is about.To help with making the article clear the graphic features and main image also help with this. Thepictures used show actions shots and fun pictures, the picture are all happy which again relatesto the target audience and the genre of music which is upbeat. The pictures on the page helpbring in readers as the target audience would be interested in reading about there favourite boyband, and even if they didn’t know the band they would still be interested as the pictures wouldbring them into the article.The whole double page spread also relates to the target audience by having more pictures thanwords, this makes the page more easy to digest and more fun for the readers. Which againrelates to the target audience as young teenage girls wouldn’t be too interested in reading alarge chunk of text.The text used in the double page spread is very chatty and easy to understand which makes iteasy reading for the target audience.