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    Social Media 'Celebrities' Social Media 'Celebrities' Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media ‘Celebrities’
      Hannah Douglas
      Faculty Mentor, Professor Don Krause
    • How to Spot a Celebrity
      “The celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness.” –Daniel Boorstin, The Image
      Neal Gabler calls
      celebrity the new
      art form of the
      21st century.
    • Seeing ‘Stars’ in Social Media
      Why do we follow celebrities?
      Celebrity narratives
      “medium of life”
      The celebrity narrative has
      not changed, but many are
      now finding fame through
      social media.
      Chris Crocker- YouTube videos
    • Seeing ‘Stars’ in Social Media ctd.
      Justin Bieber
      More “klout” than President Obama?
    • Seeing ‘Stars’ in Social Media ctd.
      Justin Halpern
    • Seeing ‘Stars’ in Social Media ctd.
      Mark Zuckerberg
    • Seeing ‘Stars’ in Social Media ctd.
      Antoine Dodson
    • Seeing ‘Stars’ in Social Media ctd.
      Online Celebrity Meter
      Test your
      own online
    • Celebrities at their Computer
      “One will never know how much of Michael Jackson’s eccentricity was a way to keep his narrative (and his celebrity) going …We don’t know how much of Lindsay Lohan’s behavior is way to keep herself in the public eye when she has no movies to do so.” (Gabler)
      A changing communication
      environment that’s becoming
      more interactive
    • Celebrities at their Computer ctd.
      Charlie Sheen “winning” on Twitter
    • Celebrities at their Computer ctd.
      Ashton Kutcher on Twitter
    • Reasons for the ‘Follow’
      “The people who post tweets that are completely different from what they are like in front of the camera.” - Quame Hamlin, Editor at Norfolk State Echo
    • Reasons for the “Follow” ctd.
      Main reasons for following:
      1. Word of mouth celebrity recommendation
      2. Intriguing content- whether for entertainment or educational purposes
      3. Connection with the celebrity-
      whether for networking or due to a
      shared set of ideals
    • Celebrities at their Computer ctd.
      The “Wins and Fails” of celebrities’ involvement in social media
      Death hoax- Jaden Smith, Owen Wilson, Adam Sandler spread online through social media
      Director Kevin Smith
      tweets complaint about
      Southwest Airlines
    • Conclusion
      Social Media as a communication tool
      Celebrity - a connecting element
      “That is how celebrity works- as a kind of endless daisy chain that
      amuses us, unifies us, and
      even occasionally educates
      us.” (Gabler)