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Genre research Genre research Presentation Transcript

  • GENRE RESEARCH By Hannah Sharp
  • MEANING OF GENRE Genre is used to and categorise different types of films, such as horror, thriller, chick-flick, teen movies, crime, and Action. Genre is very important to the media world, as it helps the viewer to choose what type of film, music to watch and listen to.
  • CHOSEN GENRE I have chosen to use the film ‘Juno’ which can fall into a lot of different genres such as, coming of age, romance film, comedy, indie film and drama. I have chosen this genre because you can use any type of opening, and you can also contrast the music to the image, for example you could set it out of a dark rainy night, but put jolly, lyrical music as you don’t know what the character is doing yet, however you could also make the opening scene, open in a park on a bright sunny with lyrical happy music, so it is a very wide spectrum of idea which you could use, and also in this type of film, you can shot it anywhere you like, for example you could shot someone walking down a street like Juno, or getting ready in a bedroom, or even someone making breakfast.
  • REPRESENTATION OF DIFFERENT CHARACTERS The way that males are portrayed in the film ‘juno’ is that they are oblivious and that they don’t really know what they are doing with important thing such as pregnancy. In the film Juno, the main male character, Paulie Bleeker is on the running team at college, which is full of ‘freaks’ but when Juno becomes pregnant he doesn’t really know what to do, and he tries to be her friend rather than a boyfriend, and when Juno ‘pushes’ him away he doesn’t try and help her. This shows that Paulie is weak and quite oblivious to the important factors in his life. In Juno, the females are portrayed as strong independent teenagers in the film. The main character in the film, Juno, has just found out that she is pregnant, and she is taking this into her own hands and she is dealing with it in her own way, with the help from her best friend, she found herself good adoption parents for her unborn child and she made sure that they were good enough for her child. This shows that the females in Juno are portrayed as independent women, however at the end, once she has had the baby she goes back to Paulie Bleeker, therefore this shows that she still has teenage thoughts and feelings.
  • OPENING TITLES In my genre I would expect to see opening titles which had bubbly, fun types of text such as the texts shown to the right, as you can see these fonts are quite simple and plain, this is because the film is made out to be quite simple, especially Juno, however in the opening title of Juno, the image gets transformed into cartoon just whilst the credits/opening titles are on the screen, however when I do my opening credits to my films, I wont be doing this, however I will have the style of the transition of the opening credits, this is because on Juno, the opening credits appear on the screen in certain places such as when Juno walks past a fence, as she is walking past the fence the credits appear word by word after she has walked passed a certain point of the fence.
  • SETTING AND LOCATION OF CHOSEN GENRE The setting of Juno is in her hometown, and the scene within the film are the most important places to her at that moment, for example, in the opening credits, she is walking down a street, and she is on her way to the shop for a pregnancy test, but she goes through lots of different types of locations, for example, at first she is walking past houses, then she gets to a row of shops which you can see her walking past, then she goes through a forest and you watch her walk into the shop, these locations of the opening credits are important, because it makes the viewer think that she has walked a long way for something which is this important. The setting and location is very important to the genre I am using because it shows what type of people that the characters are, for example in Juno, the main setting is at Juno school/college which shows us that she is a school/college girl, and another place where quite a lot of the film are set is at the adoptee’s house, this shows us that Juno wants to get to know the parents of her child well, so that she can get to know what they're like, this shows that Juno always being at this location means a lot to her, therefore she spends a lot of time there.
  • COSTUMES AND CHARACTERS The costumes for the character especially in this genre are really important this is because is shows what type of person that they are, meaning that the viewers normally stereotype the character so that they know what they re like, for example, in Juno, the main character juno is dressed quite casual with jeans and a hoody, this shows that she isn't a girly girl who is focused on her appearance, her main focus is just being herself, and being happy with the way she is, whereas Paulie Bleeker is dressed to resemble a ‘jock’ however he is portrayed in the film as a weedy nerd, who tries to be a jock, when really he isn’t anything like one, and also Bleeker has lots of different costumes such as when he is running with the running team, he has very small skimpy shorts, but when he is walking around college he is in jeans and a football jacket. However Juno’s best friend looks like a girly girl with her hair always done nice, and also she wears really girly items of clothing's such as skinny jeans and little vest tops.
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY The cinematography in the Juno opening is mostly shots like the 180 degree rule is what it starts off with, and they have a lot of action shots too, as she is walking down different streets and other different backgrounds. The second shot is an over the shoulder shot which makes us see what juno is and in this shot we can see she is looking at across the road which shows she is deciding whether to cross or not, because i have interpreted this, I think that the audience will interpret this too.