Marketing and PR
Advert Comparisons
Hannah & Katie
Advertisement One
Quality: The quality of this product is very high, when you first look at this advertisement it looks li...
Advertisement Two
Quality: The quality of this image isn’t as good as Topshop, this is because of the background model and...
Advertisement Three
Quality: When you first look at this image you think it’s miserable and gloomy but when you look close...
Image: The image
that this advert is
giving off is that this
supermarket is the
cheaper and better
one out of the two
on t...
Quality: This advert
prides itself on the
quality of the shop’s
produce, claiming that
their meat is 100%
British beef all...
Image: The image
that this advert is
giving off is that to
keep in trend and
also have effective
clothes for this
Value: By showing
the high end
models people will
think that their
clothes are quite
expensive but
when people find
out ho...
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Task 4 Advertising Comparison


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Task 4 Advertising Comparison

  1. 1. Marketing and PR Advert Comparisons Hannah & Katie
  2. 2. Advertisement One Quality: The quality of this product is very high, when you first look at this advertisement it looks like it’s more professional than cheap due to the fact that there’s no prices on there and the clothing are the main focus in the ad. The colour theme of the advert is very minimal the only main colour used is for the title which is white, this is a sophisticated colour as it doesn’t take to much attention and is still elegant and noticeable. The camera used for this photo shoot will be very expensive, the fact that the image is so clear and uses different focusing helps to move your eye towards the main title and models. They would have used a lot of Photoshop for this ad as they’ve made the model’s skins smooth and good quality and also the hair looks in good quality and fashionable for the audience. Market: The advertisement used here is very clever the fact that it can be used through high end fashion and high street advertisement can mean that it would be scene by a mainstream audience. The stores that these clothing are normally sold in are very large, in shopping centre’s they use glass on the outside of there shops so that it looks smart and business looking, they use strong lightening so that it makes the clothing look smart and interesting compared to other high street shops, it brings out the colour which makes you want to buy the clothing. The social status of people buying these clothing would be ABC1, these clothing look like they could be high fashioned use but the customers would buy these clothing because it’s affordable than high fashion. It’s a cheaper version that helps you to look closer to high end fashion. Image: The clothes in this advert are kept very neatly, they are ironed and look smart for the audience to look at. The models chosen are very skinny which helps to make the clothing look sophisticated and fitted properly, when a customer will look at this advert they would want to look like that in the clothing themselves. The image of the title is very effective in the advert, the fact that it says ‘Topshop’ it automatically telling a person that it’s a ‘top’ store to go to, it’s the best that there is, this will make the customer want to go to the shop just because of the title and style of the advertisement. The look of the clothes are very modern, this is the in trend of young people these days, they would gladly wear this which means there target audience would be trying to fit into teenagers girls and young women. Because of this target audience they will be trying to make the shop look high end but still affordable for the customer. The background for this image is very nature looking, this is telling the audience that they might be wanting to be an ethical company, trying to tell the public to go outdoors in your fashion. This shop looks more adventurous with there clothing than being dull and boring which the customer wouldn’t like. The minimalistic make-up helps you to focus more on the clothing than the facial expression, by having both the models faces the same makes the attention go towards the fashion. They have used two different girls which means that the company like a variety of girl, that they want to be creative in there company by having short and long hair. Competition: The competition for this advert is very large, the high street shops normally base there clothing on teenagers girl to young women, others shops like River Island, H&M and New Look etc like to all have similar clothes to each other at different prices so that it brings the customer towards them. Topshop try and make there pricing the most expensive, this makes there shop look more sophisticated and also a trend setting shop, that if they have new clothing in, everyone had to have it as it looks better than other competition. By stealing customers Topshop try and make there advertisement as similar as high quality advertisement, there ads are normally in high fashion magazines like Vogue and ELLE. These magazines only show top designer adverts, for Topshop to be amongst those makes the company look more high-end and rich looking.
  3. 3. Advertisement Two Quality: The quality of this image isn’t as good as Topshop, this is because of the background model and the layout of the advertisement. The choice of model is very noticeable, they have chosen a middle aged women who is curvy and healthy looking, this works well with there target market as Tesco’s clothing is for middle aged women, men and children. By having a advert just for the women’s clothing they have chosen the right model for it, this does make the ad look cheaper in value because of the style of modelling and the use of her make-up. The make-up isn’t very special as anyone could produce that look on an everyday basis, on the Topshop advert they have smoothed the make-up and used eye shadow and lipstick to create a look that would be harder to create a home. By making the make-up simple it means that Tesco’s target audience can get involved and get that look themselves. The fashion look of this model is very simple, the bright colours is normally associated to be cheaper than high end clothing as they normally use lighter, more settle tones that work well with the rest of your outfit. The fabric is also cheaper to make than the Pink Topshop skirt that would be made out of Denim which would be a longer process. The use of the taxi and street background makes it look like more of an urban style whilst Topshop used nature as there background as it was elegant and didn’t cause to much distraction. The models hair is also very plain which means middle aged women can pull of this effect simply and would look like this when wearing the outfit, Tesco have shown that they are selling clothing that if affordable but also easy to style. The image it’s has good focus and lighting on the model which helps to focus towards the clothes but I feel it’s not clear or smooth compared to Topshop, the air brush effect doesn’t seem to be shown through this ad, instead it gives a natural look that Tesco’s customers would like. Price and Value: This is an example of having a price on an advertisement, this is a very effective way of using marketing and PR on an advert because Tesco is telling there customers about how cheap this clothing is so when they see this they will more likely like the price and end up going into a Tesco store to look at other clothing. Tesco’s clothing is known to be very cheap and affordable to people so by having a price it shows new customers that they can sell nice looking clothes at a good price for any type of person. What’s good about this advertisement is that they have the price of the clothing at the bottom of the ad, so you look at the clothing and then you find the information at the bottom which is a much smarter way of presenting a price and clothing. The value of the clothing is shown very well through this ad, by showing an advert that has a trending piece of clothing on shows that it can be any price, a normal one piece clothing can range from £25-£40, the fact that this is only £20 is a huge bargain that anyone would get. This piece of clothing is very summery so it’s likely that customers would buy this as they need new summery clothes for the year, they would rather buy this clothing is they did desperately need it than spending £50 for a jumpsuit that they’ll only wear three times in the summer months. It’s definitely good value for money and by having the price at the bottom it helps to bring new and old customers to the Tesco shop. Market and Competition: The market for this clothing is quite ordinary, supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have there own clothing range but it’s only another section to there store. There main focus would be on selling the food goods to customers, the supermarket clothing is only there for when customers buy there food and then they can have a look at there clothing range. What’s hard about supermarket clothing is that it’s hard to get to, the only reason you would go to a supermarket is to buy your main food and then leave, you wouldn’t go just to buy clothing which is a shame. This is why the advertising is really good so that it raises awareness of new products in a supermarket and how they are expanding to be more popular amongst customers. There target audience would be family based because they have a children and adult clothing range and they have a variety of goods in Tesco that would suit a families needs. The social status can range from B to D, this is the case because Tesco is one of the most popular supermarkets that people ranged from B to D can afford. The competition that Tesco's has are Sainsbury’s and Asda etc, these huge supermarkets all have there own clothing brands for example Sainsbury’s is Tu and Asda is George. These makes are all very cheap and affordable which means it will be much harder to attract your audience into your supermarket. By using marketing and PR looks like putting the pricing on, will help massively in encouraging and enticing customers into going into your supermarket.
  4. 4. Advertisement Three Quality: When you first look at this image you think it’s miserable and gloomy but when you look closer you see that it’s got a strong atmosphere with the owls and wildlife. This is very similar to Topshop as the high-end and High street fashion have used nature as there main theme throughout there advertisement. The use of the owls and tree’s make the ad look elegant and very rich looking, the use of birds makes it tranquil and easy to look at also. What adds to the atmosphere is the fact that Owls are known to be good at hunting and by using black leather and dark trees give a sense of hunting and also looking dark and mysterious through the models looks but also the clothing shown. In all the advertisements they have used white font for there company title, this looks really good on this advert as it’s placed over a black background, this is stereotypically known to look sophisticated and neat compared to have to have a red/pink font colour over a background, this looks more tacky. After researching loads of high end fashioned advertisement I learned that most of them either have a black font on a white background or black font on a white background. This is known to look more high end and richer than bright colours. The fact that this set was done in a rich looking town house makes the shoot look richer, the old fashioned books in the background shows a up market look that any rich person would have inside there house. The use of shading in this image is often known to look more real and in depth, the fact that it looks so glossy, airbrushed and looks like it’s in reality really makes the advertisement better than the rest. Market and Competition: The difference between each advertisement is that the high end ad has used there designer logo above their designer name, this looks more professional because when you look at all the Mulberry products you will see that it has a set logo on each product. This tells the audience that you know that it’s proper designer clothing when you see the real logo, through different section of fashion you get people that copy designer clothing for a discount price. By having this logo it makes the product more expensive and the customer is initially paying for the name of the product. The market for this advertisement would be in a lot of fashion magazines like I.D, LOVE, Vogue and Elle magazine. These magazines always show high end fashion advertisements at the front of the magazine so that when the customers has looked at them they can read articles about the new line from all those different designers. The people that normally buy these magazines would be around the social status of AB, this would be the fact that high fashion would only be interesting to those people but also they are an affordable price that they can afford. I.D magazine is normally £3.80 for one copy and this has loads of of advertising at the beginning that only shows high end designers. The social class A would be the only people that would buy the clothing as they are very expensive. In fashion there is always competition to find the best clothing line when it comes to the best designers and companies, Mulberry’s competition would be companies like Burberry, Fendi, Gucci and Michael Cors etc. Mulberry would have to create a new product that was out there so that it wasn’t similar to any other designer, it has to be fresh and would stand out in a magazine. Mulberry has always been good with competition as there advertisements have always had strong themes e.g. their nature theme and Brighton beach theme which was very effective and stood out in the magazines.
  5. 5. Image: The image that this advert is giving off is that this supermarket is the cheaper and better one out of the two on the advert. It also gives of the image that Asda doesn’t mess around and is just straight forward cheap prices. Another image given off from this advert is that Asda is serious about saving people money. Price: This advert prides itself on the price factor. It is the focus of the advert, making it clear that this shop is cheap and will save the audience money compared to Tesco. Value: People these days are desperate to save money so advertising that this supermarket is cheaper than another, people will be more likely to go to the cheaper supermarket. Marketing: This is a great example of good marketing as it slates the competition and prides itself on cheap prices. This way the shop will appeal to many more people and earn many customers, taking them from Tesco’s and possibly other supermarkets too. Also, having the independent price check featured on the advert shows that it is reliable information and not just made up by the supermarket to make themselves look good. Competition: The most obvious factor of this poster is the competition on it. This is what the advert is all about; competing with other big name supermarkets. By showing that Asda is a cheaper supermarket, they are robbing Tesco of their customers and gaining more customers for themselves.
  6. 6. Quality: This advert prides itself on the quality of the shop’s produce, claiming that their meat is 100% British beef all of the time. This will make people more trusting of Morrisons, especially after the horse meat scandal. They have included pictures of the products as well to show how nice and quality they look. Image: The advert gives off the image that Morrisons is very patriotic and supportive of local produce and businesses. It also gives the image that Morrisons is all about quality as well as good prices like Asda’s advert. Value and price: The advert shows that Morrisons is good value for money as the customer gets good quality meat at reasonable prices. This will make more people shop at Morrisons as they will see that their produce is high quality at good prices. Marketing: This advert is aimed at mainly adults, like parents and people who need to feed their family quality food for a good price. Also, it kind of slams Asda and Tesco because of the horse meat scandal, saying that Morrisons meat is always what it’s meant to be all of the time.
  7. 7. Image: The image that this advert is giving off is that to keep in trend and also have effective clothes for this particular season then shop at New Look. It also gives the image that their clothes are trendy and can all work together to create an outfit. Another image it gives is of what is in style this season and how to achieve the stylish look. Price: The advert kind of focuses on the price as it tells the audience how much one of their products are. By doing this, people can get a good idea of the price range so that they can decide if it’s reasonable or not. Value & Quality: New Look is a reasonable clothes shop with prices in between Topshop and Primark but clothes very similar therefore is pretty good value for money for teenage girls. You get good quality clothes at decent prices so you can look good and aren’t broke after buying one item. Marketing: The target audience of New Look is teenage girls so in this advert they have used a teenage girl to appeal to their target audience. Also by showing their products it lets people view what the upcoming fashions are and make them want to buy New Look’s products. Also, it gives style tips and ideas to their audience.
  8. 8. Value: By showing the high end models people will think that their clothes are quite expensive but when people find out how much their clothes actually are they will think it’s great value for money. By doing this they will boost their sales because people will want the cheap clothing that models wear. Also the fact that the younger woman is twisted into quite an odd position shows that the clothes are durable and worth the money. Marketing: H&M aim their products at anyone of any age, but their main focus is women. By showing a young woman and an older woman together shows that their clothes aren’t just for younger Quality & Image: The advert shows that the shop, H&M, can afford famous models to style their clothes so they obviously make good quality clothes. Also, the fact that the models are willing to wear the clothes and actually be seen in them shows that H&M have nice and stylish clothes. The advert itself is pretty simple, keeping all the focus on the models and the clothing.