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Alphabet PowerPoint Alphabet PowerPoint Presentation Transcript

  • My whole life I have been interested in archery. Longbows, crossbows, anything. I’ve won contests for it, and hope to get my own longbowsoon. Since I was an infant I have always looked up to the archers in movies,such as Legolas from Lord of the Rings. The way archers movie interests me,how they are strong and agile too. My cousins, sister and I at the King Richards Fair, the year I won the archery contest.
  • Batman has been my idol my whole life. While most young girls areraised watching Disney Princess movies and playing with Barbies, I spent mychildhood watching Batman and reading comic books. I’ve owned countlessaction figures and comic books. I also used to constantly dress as batman andrun around my house. Batman was also a way for me to bond with my dadbecause we were both interested in him and the comic books. My sister, her best friend and I on Halloween when I was 4.
  • Culinary has been a huge part of my life ever since I was little. MyMeme was a caterer, so whenever I went to visit her we would cook together.When she moved to Arizona, she gave me a few of her recipes. After a while Istarted to cook them on my own. Ever since then I have been cooking andcreating recipes. Some of my idols are famous chefs, and my dad has alwaysinfluenced my cooking too. Cheesecake I made last month. View slide
  • Even when I was younger, darkness has never affected me. It inspiresme to draw and write, thinking of what could come from it. Darkness hidesthe mysteries of the night, and that has always interested me. I will sit up andlisten to the creaks and hums of nighttime and let my imagination wander. Ialso like to adventure into the night. While most people are afraid of what ishiding in the dark, I’m not. I find that it is a mystery, and only ourimaginations can tell us what is going on. Picture I took at Meagan’s house of smoke through her strobe light. View slide
  • Poe has always been a large influence on my life. My sister and bothmy parents have always had an interest in him too. His dark poems anddetailed stories have always caught my eye and inspired what I write. When Iwas younger, I used to read his poems an draw what I saw. My imaginationalways accelerates when I read his works. I have the whole collection of hisworks, and I read them when I need to be inspired. From my favorite poem by Poe, ‘The Raven.’
  • When I was 8, my mom decided to get my sister and I ferrets. I havegotten very attached to them, and we always would get more. We always hadrescue ferrets to give them a home. Over my lifetime, I have had 11 ferrets.When I was younger I used to spend countless hours playing with them. Eversince I had moved to Massachusetts, I had to left my ferrets behind at mymothers in New Hampshire. My ferret Cocoa and I last year.
  • Gabrielle is my oldest and only sister. We would fight a lot aschildren, but as we matured we fought less and less. She is 17 now, andmoving out of the house in the fall. We have had many memories together,but ever since I moved to Leominster we havent seen each other in a while.Gabi and I would always play video games together, never taking a break. Shehas influenced me and helped me through most of my life. A picture of my sister Gabrielle.
  • ` Ever since I was younger Halloween has been my favorite holiday. Ilove running around scaring people. I also love the real meaning ofHalloween, Hallow’s Eve, which is a Pagan holiday. Lately I have beenthrowing Halloween parties. When I was about 5 years old, one of the bestnights of my life was at a Halloween party. I’ve also always loved to get candy,and the food. The best Halloween of my Halloween I have had was this yearwith Meagan, Ali, and Kaylah. Meagan, Ali, Kaylah and I on Halloween.
  • I have a whole family of artistic people. Illustrations and other formsof art are a large part of my life. I have always loved the illustrations inchildrens books, factual books, and poetry. If one day I become a poet, I’mgoing to illustrate everything myself. I am making a collage for my bedroomsoon. Its going to be friends represented by rainbows. When I was inelementary school, we had an illustration class. We would take differentstories, read them, then draw an illustration. Picture I drew for the short story my friend was writing.
  • Jimmy Neutron was my favorite show from when I was a kid. I usedto go around and try to create what he did when I wasn’t watching it. I usedto try to get my hair up the way he did. I also was always into technical things,so what he did always interested me. I used to sit and watch Jimmy Neutronwith my cousins and sister too. We would always take different characters,pretend to be them, and go on adventures.
  • Kittens I have always been engulfed in kittens. They are completelyadorable, and really fuzzy. I have had over 25 cats and kittens in my life. Mycat Tigger has always been my favorite, but I had to leave him in NH. I havealways had a cat named Fluffy, she is a short, black haired cat. I had to leaveher in New Hampshire too. Right now at my dads, I have a long hairedHimalayan cat named Dolche. She is the devil in cat form. My kitten Dolche.
  • Literature Literature has been a huge part of my life. My favorite authors areclassic poets and authors like Shakespeare, Dickens, and Poe. They haveinspired me and my drawings and writing. I love to sit and read for hours onend. I have always had a passion for reading, even when I was only 7 I wasreading the Harry Potter books. If you give me a 400 page book, if it isinteresting I can sit down and read the whole thing within a couple of hours. Ihave always thought of books as a gift, and they couldn’t ever be replaced inmy life.
  • Meagan Meagan Edleston is my best friend. I have only known her for acouple of months, but we have already made so many memories together.Meagan and I have spent long nights talking, and fun nights out together. Weshare the same interests and love to do stuff together. Thanks to Meagan Ihave made many new friends, and have been introduced to people that haveaffected me a lot. Meagan is my best friend and has helped me get settledinto Leominster. My best friend Meagan and me.
  • New Hampshire I have lived in New Hampshire ever since I was 5, until recently. I lived in Greenville, and have had a lot of memories there. From venturing to the white mountains, to just exploring my hometown, there were always new adventures awaiting. There was an abandoned building in the center of Greenville, and the night before I left for Massachusetts, my friends took me to go explore it. It was a 20 room old apartment building. That was about the best night of my life because of the memories made.
  • October October has always been my favorite season. Halloween, fall, thecolors and smells all bring back many memories. When I was younger, I usedto rake up huge piles of leaves and my friends and I would jump off the roofinto them. The thing I remember most about October is when I was 8, mybest friend was moving away. The day she left, we put a bunch of leaves onmy trampoline and were jumping around. After a bit, it started snowing forthe first time that year on the trampoline. We spent the whole day jumping ina mixture of snow and leaves. My cousin and I outside last October.
  • Poetry I have always loved to read and write poetry. Some of my biggestinspirations are poets. I have been interesting in reading and writing eversince 5th grade, and I have stuck to it. When I am older, one of my choices is togo for an English major in college. Poetry isn’t as alive as it used to, and Iwould like to contribute to bringing that and other literature back. Daily life isbecoming more and more consumed in technology, not allowing people’simagination to wander. People are dreary, no one can think or wonder. Poetryand literature will allow that. Quote from my favorite poem by Poe.
  • Quote “Only the individual can rise to theheights of consciousness and awareness. Themore you belong to the crowd, the deeper youfall into darkness.” “If you ever begin to take things toseriously, just remember that we are talkingmonkeys on an organic spaceship flyingthrough the universe.” Hannah Doucette
  • Reading Every night, I spend at least an hour with my face buried in a book. Ican read 100 pages in less than an hour, and can finish a 700 page book bythe end of the day. I have read countless books in my life, to the point where Iread ‘The Lord of the Rings’ books when I was 8, when most people wouldconsider it challenging now. Reading stimulates my brain and activates myimagination, which also helps with school. I do many recreational activitiesthat stimulate my brain, and it all helps with my reading. I have a strongimagination and my brain is always going 1000 miles a minute. Ring from ‘The Lord of the Rings.’
  • Star Wars I have loved Star Wars ever since I was born. My dads best friendwas the biggest Star Wars lover I had ever met, so he would sit and talk aboutStar Wars for hours straight. My dad would sit down with me when we stilllived in Ashburnham and we would sit on the couch and have a Star Warsmarathon. I own almost all of the movies, and many action figures. When Iwas 10, my bedroom completely consisted of Star Wars bed sets, posters, andcurtains. Sometimes I wills still sit down and watch the movies for hours.
  • Tarot Cards When I was younger, mymom would take tarot cards andread my fortune. I used to find themreally intricate and confusing, butwhen I was 8 my mom taught mehow to use them. I would alwaysuse her tarot cards and read themeanings of them, and the differentways of setting them up. When Iwas nine, I got my own set of tarotcards. Instead of traditional tarotcards, they were mermaids andsirens on them. I would always tryto read my moms fortune. This year,for Christmas, I got a set of vampiretarot cards. I now know exactly howto use them. The set of mermaid tarot cards I had when I was 9.
  • Uncle Buddha My uncle Marty’s nickname is uncle Buddha. This is his nicknamebecause he is a Buddhist and looks like Buddha. My uncle has a place calledBuddhaland behind his house. Buddhaland is a spiritual place where all of theBuddhists in my family, and the rest of us, go to hangout. There is a shower, abonfire pit, tents, couches, and coolers. Every summer, once a month mycousins and I go and sleepover, spending the night out there alone. Last year,we were hearing things in the woods, and our uncle was telling us storiesabout spirits in the woods. Buddhaland is up near the Kmart plaza.
  • Vampires In my mind, vampires are pale, evil, long haired bloodsuckingcreatures. I don’t consider the nice, sparkling ‘vampires’ in Twilight actualvampires. Real vampires are Dracula, and Lestat and Louie from the Anne Ricebooks. Ever since I was little, I had an obsession with vampires. I lovedDracula, and the Anne Rice books. I loved different vampire movies andbooks, but had a strong hatred for Twilight. I read the books before themovie, and even though they are better than the movies, they still are horridvampires,..
  • Wicca Wicca is an old, pagan derived religion that a lot of my family follows.My father, aunt, sister and cousins are all Wiccan. Even though many peoplethink Wicca is evil, I’ve always understood that it isn’t, and accept whenpeople have different religions. Learning about Wicca opened me up toacceptance, because Wicca is a very accepting religion. Even though I have noreligion, for a while I have been looking into Wicca.
  • Xavier (Professor X)