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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Agenda• Math Club• Contest Math• Parents Involvement
  • 2. Coaches• Mrs. Stidham• Rong Liu• Albert Chang• Vaishali Patil• Robin Li• Tracy Pan
  • 3. Class Format• Three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced• Beginner class: Tuesday: TMSCA Math/Math League Thursday: Mathcounts School• Intermediate class: Tuesday: AMC 8 Thursday: Mathcounts Chapter• Advanced class: Tuesday: AMC 10 Thursday: Mathcounts State
  • 4. Requirements• Commitment to the club• Treat club time as learning time• Participation in competitions throughout the year
  • 5. Objectives• To offer an outlet for those students who enjoy mathematics• To improve student math skills and prepare them for a competitive environment• To participate in a variety of mathematics competitions
  • 6. Meetings• Twice a week• Tuesdays and Thursdays• Tuesdays: 2:45-4:30 p.m.• Thursdays: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  • 7. 2011-2012 Results• Mathcounts – 10th at Chapter, Silver Level School• TMSCA – 3 individual 1st places in 6th grade, General Math 5th team at State• Texas Math League – 8th grade 3rd place team, Algebra 8th place team in Texas League• Purple Comet – honorable mention, top 40 out of more than 800 teams• One person invited to AIME test.
  • 8. WEBSITE BECKMATHCLUB.PBWORKS.COM• Announcements• Calendar• Test papers and answers• Competition results• Photos
  • 9. Calendar
  • 10. Classroom Competitions• AMC 8 & 10• Mathcounts School• AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Exam)• Texas Math League• Purple Comet
  • 11. Outside of School Competitions• Mathcounts – 3 Minis; Chapter; State• Quail Valley Math Tournament• TMSCA – 4 practice; 3 qualifiers; State
  • 12. Mathcounts• Four levels: School, Chapter, State and Nationals• School: Each school selects 10 students to the chapter contest. Four of them will be on the official team.• Chapter: Beck in greater Houston chapter. The most competitive chapter in the nation. top 6 teams and 6 individuals advance to the state.• State: Top 4 individual represent Texas to the nationals. Beck ranked 23rd in 2011.
  • 13. Beck Team at Mathcounts Chapter
  • 14. Mathcounts Mini
  • 15. Beck Team at TMSCA state
  • 16. Mathcounts (Continue)• Competition Format: Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown• Sprint: 30 questions in 40 minutes• Target: 4 pairs of questions, every pair in 6 minutes• Team: team of 4 person. 10 questions in 20 minutes.• Countdown: One on one competition. First to win 2 out 3 advance.
  • 17. AMC• American Mathematics Contest• Three levels of AMC contest: AMC8, AMC10, AMC12• The number stands for the grade level.• AMC tests are all multiple choice exams.• AMC8: 25 questions in 40 minutes.• AMC10 and AMC12: 25 questions in 75 minutes. Both contests hold on the same date.
  • 18. AIME• American Invitational Mathematics Examination• AMC12 - Score of 100 or more out of 150 or in the top 5% are invited to take the AIME.• AMC10 - score of 120 or more out of possible 150, or in the top 2.5% also qualify for the AIME• 15 questions in 3 hours
  • 19. USAMO & USAJMO• United States of America Mathematics Olympiad• USAMO - USAMO index = AMC 12 Score + 10 * AIME Score.• USAJMO - USAJMO index = AMC 10 Score + 10 * AIME Score.• Around top 250 in each section are invited to USAMO & USAJMO
  • 20. IMO• International Mathematical Olympiad• The twelve top scoring USAMO students are invited to a two day Olympiad Awards Ceremony in Washington, DC.• Six of these twelve students will comprise the United States team that competes each summer in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)
  • 21. Math Olympiad Pyramid IMO USAMO & USAJMO AIME AMC10 & AMC12
  • 22. TMSCA• Texas Math and Science Coaches Association• TMSCA Contest has 4 tests: number sense, calculator, general math and science.• 12 practice tests, 3 qualifiers and one final state.
  • 23. Number Sense• Eighty questions in 10 minutes• Calculate by heart. No scratch paper allowed. No change allowed.• Five points awarded to correct answers and 4 points deducted for those of incorrect.• Answer questions in sequence. Skipped questions are counted as incorrect.
  • 24. Calculator• Calculator is used for contest• 80 multiple choice questions in 30 minutes• 5 points for correct and 4 point deducted for incorrect• Change is allowed but skipped counts as incorrect.
  • 25. General Math• 50 multiple choice questions in 30 minutes.• 5 points for correct and 2 point deducted for incorrect• Changed and skipped are allowed without penalty.
  • 26. Science• 50 multiple choice questions in 30 minutes.• 5 points for correct and 2 point deducted for incorrect• Changed and skipped are allowed without penalty.
  • 27. Other Contests• Math League Grade 6-8: 40 questions in 30 minutes Algebra: 30 questions in 30 minutes All questions are multiple choices. Contest will be held in school.• Purple Comets 20 questions in 60 minutes. Compete inteam up to 6 students.• Let us know if there is any other good contest.
  • 28. Contest Qualification (Mathcounts)• Selection will be based on scores from 3 Mathcounts mini-competition and Quail Valley Math tournament.• You are required to take at least 3 of the 4 contests in order to qualify.• Beck students will be ranked with our school. 1st gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points etc. If tie, points are giving on their average. Ex. 2nd and 3rd tie, each gets 1.5.• The best of 3 ranks will be count if you take all 4 contests.• Top 10 students with few points will be selected. Top 4 students will be on Beck team.
  • 29. Contest Qualification (TMSCA)• There are 3 qualifier contests for TMSCA. Score better than any of the following qualification score in any one of the qualifier will advance to state. 6th 7th 8thNumber Sense 70 120 160 Calculator 155 185 215 Mathematics 55 95 135 Science 80 105 130
  • 30. Discipline• Discipline policy - Sign and Return form• 1st Offense: Warning, Email parent.• 2nd Offense: Email parent, request parent attend next meeting with the student to observe behavior.• 3rd Offense: Email Parent, student will not be allowed to participate in the next competition.• 4th Offense: Discussion with parent and student requesting the student leave the club membership.
  • 31. Fee Structure• Two options for club fee: A) Math club fees - $30 (required) B) Math club + T-shirt fees - $45 Club fees will be used for parties at theend of each semester.• Math contest fees – some contests fee paid by BJH, some pay as we register
  • 32. Contest Fee• Mathcounts: $90/team + $25x6individual = $240 – paid by BJH• AMC8: $35 + $14/per bundle of 10 – paid by BJH• AMC10: $42 + $18/per bundle of 10 – paid by BJH• Math League: $40 per set of 30 – paid by BJH• Purple Comet: Free• 2 Mathcounts Mini Competitions: Free
  • 33. Contest Fee (Cont.)• One Mathcounts Mini hold in Toyota center - $25 with free lunch and drink. Redeem one Rockets ticket.• Quail Valley Math Tournament: $5• All TMSCA contests: each test is $5. $5-$20 depends on the number of tests you take
  • 34. Snack and Party• To encourage students to come to the Math club and keep their interest, we have a snack program for Tuesday club meet.• Each club member sign up a date to bring snacks to the school.• Parties at the end of each semester.
  • 35. Parent Involvement• Encourage kids to come to club activities and participate Math contests.• Review test papers with your kid after each contests.
  • 36. Volunteer needed!• We need more coaches, more volunteers to help organizing events.• New blood to keep the club going and getting better.• Coach• Treasurer• Volunteer to events