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Hannah S. Senior Project Work Log

  1. 1. Hannah SwansonMs. Tillery6th PeriodSenior Project 2011-1219 April 2012 Date Activity Comment/SuggestionSaturday, Activity: I observed my project In the future, I will observe lessons during1/10/12 facilitator teaching lessons the the week because Saturdays are very hectic10:00- 12:00 other riders at Ward Stables. at the barn and all of the people make itPM difficult to pay attention. Commentary: The amount of involvement and patience needed to teach a lesson was more than I had expected. My project facilitator explained many helpful teaching techniques to me.Wednesday, Activity: I volunteered at BEAT’s Jamie and Bethany are instructors at1/18/12 and worked with McKayla and BEATs.4:00- 6:00 Eric.PM I will try to be more patient with McKayla Commentary: Working with and Eric and encourage them to work on McKayla is really enjoyable their weaknesses. because she is extremely talkative. At times, it becomes slightly frustrating because she doesn’t want to do her “work.” Eric is fun, too, but he doesn’t speak much English so the lesson is much quieter. I work under the supervision of Bethany and Jamie.Thursday, Activity: I went to Ward Stables I believe since I came during the week to1/19/12 and watched my project facilitator observe a lesson, I learned much more from4:00- 5:30 teach lessons to several girls. my facilitator than I did the last time when IPM came on Saturday. Commentary: In this observation, I learned to really focus on the rider’s form, since this is especially important for beginner riders.Wednesday, Activity: I volunteered at BEATs I was extremely thrilled that Eric said my2/8/12 and worked with Eric and name when Jamie asked. He is progressing4:00- 6:00 McKayla, again. quickly, and it makes me proud.PM
  2. 2. Commentary: This lesson with Eric was much more progressive than the previous because he finally learned to say and remember my name! Speech is a huge part of Eric’s therapy.Thursday, Activity: Today, I taught my first I would consider my first lesson fairly2/16/12 lesson to a ten year old girl, successful, in that my project facilitator was5:00- 6:00 Carson. We worked on the impressed at how much I knew to instructPM fundamentals of riding and her Carson on and impressed in the manner that form. I did it. I am eager to begin trotting with Carson in our next lesson. Commentary: Since it was my first time ever teaching a lesson, Carson and I walked and really focused on her keeping her heels down while riding Bo and sitting up straight and tall, like a ballerina.Saturday, Activity: Taught Carson another A diagonal means that your body and the3/3/12 lesson at Ward Stables, and we horse’s body are moving in sync together11:00- 12:00 worked on her diagonals. while trotting. To be on the “correct”PM diagonal, the rider must be up (her bottom Commentary: Today was much not touching the saddle) when the horse’s more frustrating than my last right leg is moving forward. If a rider is on lesson with Carson because she the wrong diagonal when posting, it is really struggled to land the correct painful for the horse’s back and is incorrect diagonal when trotting. I’m not form. sure if I was making her confused or if she just wasn’t sure what to In my next lesson with Carson, I hope that do. she understands her diagonals better and that she gets them more smoothly. I also hope I do not get as frustrated.Wednesday, Activity: I volunteered at BEATs Today was frustrating with Eric, and I hope3/7/12 and worked with McKayla and next week he focuses more on his steering. I4:00- 6:00 Eric. McKayla worked on her “up think he did not do as well today becausePM downs”, which is the elementary Jamie wasn’t there and so there was a form of posting. Eric worked on substitute instructor for his lesson. I was speech and guiding the horse. really glad that McKayla had a good lesson. Commentary: Today was one of my more progressive lessons with McKayla because she wasn’t constantly talking and asking irrelevant questions throughout the
  3. 3. hour. Eric struggled with steering in between the cones, and I think he thought it was humorous whenever the horse would run into them.Tuesday, Activity: I had my third lesson I was extremely proud of Carson today for3/13/12 with Carson today, and there was a tackling the obstacles she faced last week.4:00- 6:00 new rider in the barn, McKenna, so McKenna was by far the most difficult littlePM Amanda let me teach her lesson girl I’ve worked with because she is full of too. personality and is very young. I think Amanda will be teaching her lessons from Commentary: Carson did much now on. better with her diagonals today than she did last week. Overall, she had a really fantastic ride. McKenna was not a very experienced rider so I taught her while guiding Bo on the lead chain, and we only walked and worked on form.Wednesday, Activity: I volunteered again at I will continue to volunteer at BEATs, but I3/14/12 BEATs and worked with McKayla will no longer record the hours for my4:00- 6:00 and Eric. project because I do not feel like they arePM beneficial to it. I thoroughly enjoy working Commentary: Since McKayla and with these children, but I believe my project Eric, repeat the same lesson pretty benefits more from me teaching lessons to much every week, I do not feel like the kids at Ward Stables. it is challenging me to learn anymore and is benefiting my senior project dramatically. I have not gained any new teaching tactics by working with them.Saturday, Activity: I taught twelve year old I enjoyed how Jack’s lesson was a change3/24/12 Jack’s lesson at Ward Stables. of pace from the others, since we were able10:00- 11:00 to work outside. I enjoyed taking JackAM Commentary: Jack is the most outside to ride because outdoor rides are experienced rider I have taught so more interesting due to the distractions that far, but his form is lacking. It can scare the horse. seems natural that most male riders hunch over in the saddle, and I am not sure why this occurs. Jack and I worked on trotting outside in the big arena, something that is new to
  4. 4. Jack in saddleseat riding.Saturday, Activity: I was at a horse show in It is extremely stressful coaching someone4/7/12 Perry, GA and was fortunate else’s ride in the show ring, especially when12:00- 1:00 enough to coach Carson and their families are counting on you. I couldPM another girl Jewellee on the side of really feel the pressure, but I enjoyed the rail. cheering them on. I got very nervous in the Commentary: Carson and Jewellee last class when everything seemed to be showed in three classes that each going downhill but was relieved to have lasted about twenty minutes. In the them make it out of the ring safely. first class, both riders did well, with having few but minor mistakes. In the second class, it was evident that the heat and the ride was wearing on them, but yet they still both did very well, placing highly. In the third class, however, everthing kind of fell apart. Jewelle’s horse broke into a canter, and it took her almost fifty yards to get her horse to go back to the walk, resulting in her almost being excused from the class. Carson lost her stirrup on one of the straightaways because Bo jumped from something that scared him in the bleachers.Total Time:17.5 hours