May Rabin Alerts


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May Rabin Alerts

  1. 1. RONALD RABINSTATE SENATOR, DISTRICT 12SENATE UPDATEMay 16, 2013As crossover week comes to a close, the Senate will be taking up House Legislation (includingVoter ID) and will continue our efforts on the Tax Fairness Act. We must be sure our new taxsystem remains revenue neutral through the transition period and has the flexibility to “fine tune”as we go. The naysayers of the bill have been and are filling the air with negative propagandamessages. In reality, nothing is in concrete and we are taking action to be sure that “Fairness”,as in the bill title, is truly fair. Here are some the highlights from the current proposed changes: Reduce the top state personal income tax rate from 7.75 to 4.5 percent over three yearsand reduce the tax rate on lower income earners from 6 percent to 0 percentimmediately upon implementation of the plan. Reduce the corporate income tax from 6.9 percent to 6 percent over three years. Reduce the combined local and state sales tax from 6.75 percent to 6.5 percent andexpand the sales tax base to include some services. Business-to-business transactionswithin the expanded base will not be taxed. Reduce the business franchise tax by 10 percent. Eliminate North Carolina’s death tax.The Senate plan, which would be gradually implemented beginning in 2014, would significantlyreduce personal income, corporate income and sales tax rates by closing special-interestloopholes; eliminating unfair and complicated deductions, credits and exemptions; andexpanding the sales tax base to treat businesses that sell products and services equally. Theplan protects vital state services like education and transportation infrastructure and maintainsfederal tax deductions like those for home mortgages and child tax credits.
  2. 2. District 12 Shining StarsLEFT: Senate Page Eli of Sanford MIDDLE LEFT: FSU Commissioning CeremonyMIDDLE RIGHT: Senate Pages Gabrielle of Sanford, Brandon of Spring Lake, Kateleigh of DunnRIGHT: Governor Page, Neill of Buies CreekI would like to again thank our Senate Pages for the month; Gabrielle of Sanford, Brandon ofSpring Lake, Kateleigh of Dunn and Eli of Sanford. I would also like to thank Neill of BuiesCreek who served as Governor McCrory’s Page. They did a great job and I hope they enjoyedbeing here as much as we enjoyed having them. One of the highlights of the month wasattending the FSU Commissioning Ceremony where I had the honor to meet and talk with newly
  3. 3. commissioned officers in the US Army. I thank them for everything they have done and wishthem luck as they embark to their next journey.Keeping Campaign PromisesYou can view a complete list of bills I have sponsored or co-sponsored HEREVoter ID Status:The Voter Information Verification Act (House Bill 589) passed the House last week. It is now upfor discussion and a vote by the Senate. If favorable, Governor McCrory will then have theopportunity to sign the bill.Your comments, along with hundreds of others, contributed to and were considered duringhours of committee hearings, full consideration of amendments, and full and open debate on theHouse Floor.This process led to the crafting of a very good Bill. It protects the integrity of the electionssystem and guarantees every registered voter the opportunity to vote and that those votescumulatively determine the outcome of election – without being diluted by fraudulent votes.Rolling Back the Regulations to create a business friendly environment:I have co-sponsored a bill called the Regulatory Reform Act of 2013 (Senate Bill 612) thateliminated several major burdensome regulations. This bill includes environmental reform,administrative cutbacks and a vision to ensure more efficient government is championedthroughout the state.In addition, my colleagues and I recognize the importance of getting government out of the wayby limiting burdensome and unnecessary regulations. House Bill 832 expands the access andability to receive vaccinations and immunizations by authorizing pharmacists to administerseveral more immunizations than current law allows.
  4. 4. I plan on continuing to keep my campaign promises for as long as I am your Senator. I thankyou all for taking time out of your day to read this newsletter. Call or visit anytime. God Blessyou all.SENATOR RON RABINDISTRICT 12526 Legislative Office BuildingRaleigh, NC 27601-2808Phone: 919.733.5748Fax: 919.754.3150Ron.Rabin@ncleg.netTo unsubscribe, please reply to this e-mail with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.