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Presentation1eqd Presentation1eqd Presentation Transcript

  • Survey Monkey Answers Social Action & Community Media
  • My results found that 12.5% of people who took my survey were between the ages of 30-49. Where as a massive 87.5% of people were between the age of 16-24.
  • Results found that there were double the amount of females that took my survey than there was males.
  • My results show that most people feel for the homeless and would like for them to have a home and to be safe.
  • 16-24 year old answers I chose to filter my results to the most important ones. This is because the only relevant results are those that have been given by the people of the ages 16-24. These are the most important because my research is for a charity named SASH, which focuses on those in this age category.
  • Now that I only have results from a particular age group, I see that there are twice as many girls as there are boys, who took the survey.
  • Almost 100% of people would like for everybody to have a home and live life respectfully. However some feel that circumstances could be different for other people. They state clearly that people become homeless for different reasons. For example people could have made themselves homeless to get out of danger or they could have been kicked out for being violent or other reasons.
  • Most of the people who took the survey agree that the people who are most at risk of becoming homeless are living between the age of 16-24. However the ages 25-30 were a very popular choice too. Where as under 15’s, 30-50 year olds and older all got very few votes.
  • When asked if anybody knows anyone who is/was homeless, 80% say no where a whole 20% say yes. The 20 who say yes explain what they did to help, which were offering to let them stay over at their home, let them move in for a short period or gave them advice to go to the council.
  • People were very generous when asked if they would support a homeless charity as I got a massive 100% of people saying yes. Most of the reasons why were because they feel pain for those who are homeless. Others say ‘if I was homeless I’d like a charity to be funded to help me’ which is a very good point what everybody should think like.