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Analysing front cover

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  1. 1. VIBEFor the second magazinewhich I am going toanalyse the front cover isvibe magazine.The front cover of themagazine attracts itsaudience with theconventions and codes. Byanalysing this magazine Iwill see how the audienceis addressed using thecodes and conventions.
  2. 2. Vibe magazine overview: • Publisher: Vibe MediaAudience: • Editor: Jermaine Hall • Circulation: 300,000 • Frequency: Monthly • Country: U.S.The front cover of this VIBE magazine suggests that it has an audienceof dedicated hip hop and R&B fans, who enjoy reading about thewider subject. From the cover, I will assume the audience will featurea mix of both genders. However, they may be predominately male.They will be interested in a wide range of subjects including fashion.Also, most of the readers will be regular to the magazine.I will analyse the target audience for vibe magazine using this linkbelow: link of VIBEs media kit shows the Demographic statistics anddetailed information about VIBEs target audience.
  3. 3. Information on the target audience:• The average age for VIBE is 28• They are predominantly male with 62%• They are well educated with the majority in employment with 73.9%• They are predominantly African-American with 71.3%• The readers of this magazine are into the latest technology• They also enjoy reading about music, films, celebrities, technology and fashion• They will be dedicated music fansAudience profile:• Age: 28• Gender: Male• Ethnicity: African-American• Employment: Well-paid job• Geographics: New York
  4. 4. Who are the core audience?• The core audience for this magazine targets 18-34 year old. From looking at the front cover, I can most defiantly see that this is true as it is presented sophistically.What are the attitudes, values and lifestyle of the audience?• The audience will have an active social life by going to cinemas, concerts and main events. Their well-paid job will pay for all the activities done by the audience. They will also be heavy internet users who consume music, film, TV and celebrity related content. They will be very technology savvy with a desire to have the latest technology. This target audience for VIBE magazine will influence the ideas of the mainstream society.Why is this audience attractive to advertisers?• The target audience for VIBE are predominantly in employment with a high income who influence the mainstream society. The audience have many interests. Therefore, they will be interested in the advertisements within the magazine, provided they are related to their interests.
  5. 5. Codes, conventions and mode of address• I will now look at how the codes and conventions are addressed, on the front cover of VIBE have been used to attract the magazine’s target audience.
  6. 6. Masthead• The masthead of this magazine is bold which uses the colour pink. This contrasts with the plain background of white, which makes the masthead of the magazine stand out to its target audience. The calligraphy makes the magazine stand out. The usage of bright colours will attract the fashionable young audience. The • Therefore, it also shows that masthead has been slightly the audience must be covered by the image of the dedicated to the magazine and buy it constantly. It also magazine. This holds connotations reinforces the idea that of identity and loyalty for its magazine is loyalty to its audience. It shows, the audience audience. It shows that the will be able to tell the identity magazine makes the without seeing the full masthead. audience feel apart of it.
  7. 7. Image The dominant image of this magazine shows a well- known artist. This will instantly attract its target audience, as it will appeal to its predominantly African-American audience. The image overlaps the masthead. This suggests loyal customers will purchase this magazine as it is a well-known name. The image is a Long mid shot which will help to promote to the audience that the magazine is of an R&B genre of music, and therefore will be interested to read it if they are interested that particular genre. The image itself is black and white, which also reinforces the idea that the genre of music is R&B as most of the videos are known to be set in black and white. Therefore, appealing to its audience. This also helps the rest of the headlines to contrast and stand out, attracting the audience with its eye-catching colours. The artist is seen to be top-less which could appeal to both males and females, potentially attracting new audiences. The artist is also shown with what looks to be expensive jewellery which helps to promote to its high-waged audience and if their interested in fashion.
  8. 8. Banner• The banner or boost helps to sell the magazine. It is bold and fits in with the colour scheme. The headlines flow around the image, which also acts as boost. The headlines are a convenience to the audience as people read form left to right. The banner is black which again contrasts with the other colours used to help promote the magazine. The fans will notice the banner due to it being placed at the top of the masthead and recognize the bands shown.
  9. 9. Strap-lines • The main headline says ‘AKON’ this relates to the dominant image of the front cover. By supporting the image, this headline will pull the audience into seeing what is in the contents of the magazine. The strap- line underneath ‘AKON’ explains to the audience what the main title of his article is. The headlines and strap-line are used with contrasting colours to stand out to the audience; it also helps to determine the difference between them.
  10. 10. • The strap-line saying ‘R&B for real’ then listing artists of this genre, will potentially targets the main target audience for this magazine. This suggests that the magazine is aimed at serious music fans of this particular genre, and therefore attracting the audience. The listing of the well-known artists underneath the main strap-line acts as anchorage to tell the audience what the magazine will be aimed at, just with a glance at the front cover.
  11. 11. • This strap-line acts as a ‘plus’ column in the lower right hand corner. These show a variety of different artists which are of a similar genre to the rest of the magazine. Again, appealing to its target audience. It helps to create the magazine more diverse then the mainstream, which could therefore gather new people to buying the magazine. The colours used are similar to the rest used throughout the front cover which follows the same house style for the magazine. The colours are of contrast to each other which makes them stand out due to them being placed at the bottom of the page. However, this aspect is quite unconventional to its audience as it is situated at the bottom right, which makes it more difficult for the audience to read as we read from left to right, top to bottom.
  12. 12. Other• The pricing is given in dollars which suggests it’s an American based magazine and therefore, it will be aimed at people living in the U.S. This magazine will most likely not be exported and just published in the U.S.
  13. 13. Representation of social class:• From the front cover, I will consider the issues from analysing the headlines and conventions of this magazine front cover. Some words used such as ‘hit and real can show that this magazine is represented for dedicated music fans. The artists stated on the front cover of the magazine suggest that the magazine is predominantly about the R&B genre of music, which will therefore attract more mainstream music fans. The idea that the majority of the artists mentioned are more American based which gives a strong American identity to the magazine. The colours used pink, yellow, and black give the house style of the magazine. Although, the magazine uses many different styles which will be unconventional towards its audience.