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  1. 1. France By: Hannah Burch Take a tour of France
  2. 2. Where Do You Want To Go? Geography Geography 2 Geography 3 Geography 4 Geography 5 Climate People Religion Religion 2 Religion 3 Religion 4 Religion 5 Economy Economy 2 Economy 3 Noel Flag Inventions Artists Artists 2 Bibliography Click here to exit…
  3. 3. Geography • France is the second largest country in Europe. • The geographic size of France is 212,935 sq miles. • Two thirds of France is made up of hills and mountains. • France is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and English Channel between Belgium and Spain. Back
  4. 4. Geography 2 • France is about 80% the size of Texas. • In France, the Alps are near the Italian and Swiss borders. • Mount Blanc is the highest point in France. • Mount Blanc rises 15,771 at its highest point in the French Alps. Back
  5. 5. Geography 3 • France has three main rivers, the Seine, the Loire, and the Rhone. • The Seine river starts in the northwest of France and runs through Paris. • The Seine river is 485 miles long. • It is the second longest river in France. Back
  6. 6. Geography 4 • The Loire river is the longest river in France, it is 634 miles long. • It gets water from melting snow on the mountaintops. • It flows through the Paris Basin and coastal plain. Back
  7. 7. Geography 5 • The Rhone river flows from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. • The length of the Rhone river is a little more than 500 miles. • The Rhone river splits in two branches before flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. Back
  8. 8. Climate • In the metropolitan of France they usually have cool winters and mild summers. • In the French Guiana it is usually hot and humid. • It is cool and dry from May to November. • It is hot and rainy from November to April. Back
  9. 9. People • France’s population of people is 65,073,482. • French is the most largely spoken language in France, but there are many other spoken languages. • English, Italian, German, and Spanish are also commonly spoken languages in France. Back
  10. 10. Religion • The main religions in France are Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, and unaffiliated. • France is a free country, so you can believe in any religion you want. • This started in 1789 because of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Back
  11. 11. Religion 2 • France was traditionally a catholic country. • The organized role of religion stopped during the revolution between 1780 and 1804. • About 80% of the people in France are catholic. Back
  12. 12. Religion 3 • About 1 million people in France are protestant. • In the 16th and 17th century protestants were persecuted by the catholic government. • Protestants are located mainly in northern France. Back
  13. 13. Religion 4 • There are currently 5 million people that are Muslim in France. • Muslim’s first started immigrating in large numbers to France in the 1950’s and 1960’s. • The Muslim community has been the center of controversy, including the of issue banning Muslim head scarves in public schools. Back
  14. 14. Religion 5 • France has had a Jewish community since Roman times. • Jewish people first gained full citizenship in 1790. • About 650,000 people in France are Jewish. Back
  15. 15. Economy • France is one of the worlds major economic powers. • The currency of France is Euros. • 1 euro (€1) = 100 cent • Frances is a mixed economy which is the fifth largest in the world. Back
  16. 16. Economy 2 • Machinery and transportation equipment, aircraft, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, iron and steel, beverages, and electronics are Frances main exports. • Machinery and equipment, vehicles, crude oil, aircraft, plastics, and chemicals are Frances main imports. Back
  17. 17. Economy 3 • Agriculture plays a larger role in France’s economy. • A large portion of the value comes from livestock. • The mountains of NW France are areas of livestock. Back
  18. 18. Noel • Noel in France is a lot like Christmas in America. • Most provinces celebrate Noel on December 25th, but in some provinces they start celebrating on December 6th. • On Christmas day they have a feast called le Réveillon. Back
  19. 19. Flag • France’s national flag is a tricolor flag, the colors are red, blue, and white. • The colors of the flag mean white for the clergy, red for the nobility and blue for the bourgeoisie. • The flag is currently 50 percent wider than its height. Back
  20. 20. Inventions Louis Braille- Braille printing Rudolf Diesel- diesel engine René Théophile Hyacinthe Laënnec-stethoscope Barthelemy Thimonnier- sewing machine Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau- autonomous diving suit Nicolas Conte- process used to make pencils Bourdon- tube pressure gauge Back
  21. 21. Artists • Claude Monet- very famous French artist, inventor of impressionism. • Paul Cezanne- famous for modern art, most paints included cubism and fauvism. • Henri Matisse- one of the most famous French artists, known for bright colors, and abstract design. • Edgar Degas- is famous for painting dancers, he has more than 1500 ballet dancers alone. Back
  22. 22. Artists 2 • Bartholdi was a French sculptor. • He created many monumental structures but his most famous is the Statue of Liberty. • Gustave Eiffel is famous for building the Eiffel Tower. • He built it to honor the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. Back
  23. 23. Bibliography • •'s_geograph y.htm • • artists.html • • • •'s_main_religi on • _of_France_French_Inventors.html Back