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Evaluation- one
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Evaluation- one


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  • 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  • 2. Eye contact grabs people’s attention and engages readers. Cover line, with a circle with an orange background to grab reader’s attention and to encourage them to read more. Least important features in the bottom right corner of the page as it’s the last place readers look. Stripe at the bottom of the page, ‘win’ in big writing to grab attention. Get the target audience interested. Artists big and bold, in bright colours grabs target audience when they see an artist they like. Big bold artist, main focus, the image and name of the artist. Unusual quotes from certain artists to fit with the genre, theme, target audience. Also grabs attention. Big bold title/name and logo has also been included in with the name of the magazine so target audience recognize the magazine and remember it. Earphones- music prop to show it’s a pop rock genre.
  • 3. Same black and pink house style, same as front cover to fit with rock chick theme. Heart with wings, show pop and rock. Pink skull to show girl rock. Black and white image to fit with genre and house style, guitar shows rock chick. Girl jumping to show having a good time. Added in a few different colours to show its pop. Also contrasting colours. Thumb nail images of pop rock artists. Grabs attention and makes the reader want to read this page.
  • 4. Big bold artist at top of the page in purple. Same house style throughout. Bold pink quote to grab attention and make people read more as they wonder what it is about. The numbers in different colours, wacky font- grab attention and to make it clear. Same font and colours used throughout. Page number in orange, big bold font to tell the reader what page they are reading and to grab attention. The skull shows the bad girl pop rock chick theme. Black white and pink heart with wings- shows the type of genre! Makes the page look cool and catchy for target audience.
  • 5. For my image on my front page I have used a prop- headphones, I think that this fits with the type of genre pop rock and target audience will like it. I have positioned the image right in the middle full size on the page so the main focus is on her. With her having her finger on her lips it makes the audience think she wants you to ‘shh’ this creates a calm effect and showing her as being very innocent which is unusual for a pop rock genre as its usual out there and wacky, but with her looking like this is makes the target audience wonder why it is different then usual and will encourage them to read about the artist. The logo and name on the front cover fits with the genre also and the colours, font and house style fits with the pop rock genre as the target audience is girls around the age of 16-20. I have paced the name and logo here so that when the magazine is on the shelves target audience will see this and recognize the magazine, and is easy to spot! I placed my front cover on a shelf to see if it was good enough to sell in shops and if it looked like the other magazines for sale. The artists I have chosen are popular pop rock artists so it grabs the target audience attention straight away when they see their names in bold coloured fonts. I have made some quotes stand out more then others, the most unusual ones so that the target audience is encouraged to read more. The image for the contents page is of a girl jumping in the air with a guitar. This really fits with the pop rock genre and makes the artist look ‘cool’ and make people want to be like that. All images that I have chosen, except thumb nail images,to use for my magazine are in black and white so that it is the same house style throughout and makes the magazine look ‘rock chick’. I have used skulls and a heart with wings on some pages as I think it fits with the pop rock genre and attracts target audience. I chose bold bright fonts for my text so it would stand out and grab attention. For my editorial profile picture I choose a wacky exciting image of myself as I think it would fit better with the genre of music. I made the quotes on the contents page look as if they were hand writing by the artists themselves by selecting a certain font. The page is evened out well as there are text and images both sides and all around the page. For the DPS I, again, used an innocent looking image, but with a quote above saying “im not as innocent as I look” which I thought would grab target audience attention makes them read on as the magazine is about to reveal something new! The guitar is used again to fit with the rock genre. Before take the photo I created a tattoo which I drew onto my models arm as I think tattoos show a ‘bad girl’ effect, target audience think its ‘cool’.