Magazine cover research


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Magazine cover research

  1. 1. EMPIRE MAGAZINE:The first magazine that I have chosen to analyse various issues of is the “Empire” magazine. “Empire” is a British film magazine published monthly by Bauer Consumer Media. The first issue of “empire” was published in July 1989. It is the biggest selling film magazine in Britain, consistently outselling its nearest market rival “Total Film”. Akin to most British film magazines, Empire is populist in both it’s approach and coverage, unlike more serious magazines such as “Sight & Sound”. “Empire” reviews both mainstream films and art films, but it’s articles primarily focus upon the more mainstream films. As well as film news, previews and reviews, Empire has some unique regular features. Almost every issue features a Classic Scene - the transcript from a notable film scene.
  2. 2. COVER ANALYSIS Key features: • Cover lines are highlighted • Colour scheme reflects the colour of the image • Symbols are used instead of words
  3. 3. COVER ANALYSISKey features:• Part of the mast head is covered• The mast head stands out against the dark background• All type face is capitalised
  4. 4. TOTAL FILM MAGAZINE:Total Film is a British film magazine published that is published every four weeks – 13 times a year. It is the second-biggest selling film magazine in Britain, after Empire - it’s first issue was in 1997. The magazine offers film, DVD and Blu-ray news, reviews and features. Guest editors have included Peter Jackson, Kevin Smith, Kermit the Frog, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.
  5. 5. COVER ANALYSISKey features:• The mast head is partially covered• Cover lines feature in both the left and right thirds of the magazine cover• All the text on the magazine is capitalised
  6. 6. COVER ANALYSISKey Features:• The mast head is partially covered• A colour scheme that reflects the season in which this edition was published has been adopted• The tagline “The modern guide to movies” is small and almost insignificant
  7. 7. WHAT EFFECT DOES A MAGAZINE COVER HAVE ONINFLUENCING A TARGET AUDIENCE OF A MOVIE?I have decided to do some research into how a magazine front cover can influence the target audience of a movie. As my target audience is people of a similar age to myself, I have decided to conduct a short questionnaire to find out how my peers are influenced by magazines promoting and reviewing new movies.
  8. 8. MEDIA QUESTIONNAIRE I have distributed this questionnaire to 12 of my peers in year 12 / 13 in sixth form.
  9. 9. RESULTSThe first questionthat I asked in myquestionnaire Do you read magazines?was : Do youread magazines?(If no skip to 8%question 3). Asyou can see the yes nomajority of peopleasked do read 92%magazines.
  10. 10. RESULTS The second How often do you read magazines? question that I 6 asked was: How 5 often do you Amount of people read them? As 4 you can see, the 3 majority of 2 people read magazines 1 occasionally. 0 daily weekly monthly occasionally rarely Periods of time
  11. 11. RESULTSThen I asked whethera movie advertised ona magazine such as Would you be influenced to see“empire” or “total film” the movie? 9would influence you to 8see that movie. The 7 Amount of people 6results show that more 5 4people would be 3 2influenced to see the 1movie after it was 0 Yes Noadvertised on the front Answerscover of a popular filmmagazine.
  12. 12. RESULTSNext I asked the question : Ifyou saw a film advertised on If you saw a film advertised on the coverthe cover of the magazine of the magazine that you had never heard of before, would you buy the magazine tothat you had never heard of find out about it?before, would you buy the 0%magazine to find out about Yesit? The results for thisquestion were Nounanimous, all of the people 100%asked would not buy themagazine to find out aboutthe film.
  13. 13. RESULTSFinally, I asked the question:Does the way a film isadvertised by a magazine Does the way a film isinfluence you in any way? advertised by a magazineTwo thirds of the people influence you in any way?asked said that it would andhere are a selection of the Answers Nocomments that were made:1) makes me more aware of Yesthe film 0 2 4 6 8 102) If they advertise it in a Amount of peoplepositive way, id be morelikely to watch the film 3) Iwould be influenced by theircritical opinion.
  14. 14. WHAT HAVE I LEARNT FROM THIS RESEARCH?• Most magazines partially cover the mast head – I will endeavour to try this on my magazine front cover• Cover lines appear on both sides on the “Total film” magazine – this is convention that I am thinking of using on my magazine cover• Some magazine covers capitalise all text on the cover, however I think that I will challenge this convention as I feel that a mixture of capitalised text and non-capitalised text allows certain information to be emphasised• Many people only read magazines occasionally• Two thirds of people are influenced by magazines to go and watch a movie – therefore when constructing my magazine cover I need to make it grab the attention of my audience so that they are influenced to want to watch my movie• Most people would not buy a magazine to find out about a movie that they did not know about – therefore magazines covers need to work with other forms of media advertisement such movie posters so that people know about the movie