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Abstract for Optimizing Inventory Supply System

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  1. 1. OPTIMIZING INVENTORY SUPPLY SYSTEM AT PT ASIA DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING Hanly Anderson Program Study Industrial Engineering Department Trisakti University Jl. Kyai Tapa No 1. Jakarta 11440 hanly_anderson@yahoo.co.id ABSTRACTOne of the problems faced by contractors is problems related to the material supply process.Inventories of materials is often a disaster because a large amount of supplies caused the cost ofstorage and embedded capital grew, while the supply shortage of raw materials caused thecompany had run out of goods. Efforts to be organized the process inventories of raw materialsmoved at minimizing the cost of supplies but does not reduce the quality of a product that is byusing economic analysis Roder quantity. In a study of the issues discussed are PT ADE has notplanned properly for the material procurement process so that the production process does notproceed smoothly. Moving on from that then will be counted frequency of purchases of rawmaterials made, the total inventory cost of raw materials and limit or point of ordering rawmaterials during the grace period. Target to be known is to determine the frequency of purchasesof raw materials and the amount of raw material needs are optimal, knowing the total cost ofinventory companies, know the reorder point (reorder point) of raw materials during the graceperiod. This type of research is a case study on PT ADE which research method is a method ofinterviews and visual and analytical methods used were analytical determination of inventories byusing the EOQ and safety stock. Estimation method used is expected to be abandoned because ofthe weakness. These weaknesses such as the number of reservations, fruekuensi ordering, deliverytime and double work. The advantage is the safety stock when the number of requestsexperiencing surges, then the safety stock can be used to cover the request. In applying thisanalysis are expected to periodically record every month to know the latest condition of thematerial supply. If the supply is still adequate security, no reservations necessary raw materialinventory. Based on the results of calculations can be concluded that the supply of raw materialseach year would have increased supplies of raw materials with a growing company, frequency ofbuying raw materials when using the EOQ method is from 5 to 12 times per annum for the periodbetween ordering from 25 up to 60 days depending of the type of items ordered so that can knownthe total cost of raw material inventory. The redomendations is the company should review theprocurement of raw material inventory system that had been done, with the EOQ method,companies should determine the amount of safety stock and reorder to avoid the risk of runningout of raw materials and also the advantages of raw materials so as to minimize raw material costsfor the company. Companies also need to conduct employee regarding the application of the EOQ.Keyword: EOQ, ROP, SS, TC iii