Project Management Using SharePoint and EPMLive's WorkEngin.


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Contents of Fall 2011 webinar on using SharePoint in conjunction with EPMLive's WorkEngine product for managing simple to complex projects. From portfolio management to agile development management.

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  • Capability Perspective
  • Flexible reporting tools allows for a wider ranger of reporting resulting in more accurate decision making across projects, programs and resourcesCentralized resource pool provides visibility and insight across globally dispersed teams resulting in increased resource utilization and customer satisfactionWeb based collaborative workspaces allows service professionals and consultants to easily share and access information online anytime, from anywhere using a web browser resulting in more productivity What-If analysis tool lets clients quickly gain insight into changes that impact service delivery resulting in faster and more accurate decision makingCost management features allow stakeholders to monitor and control costs in real time resulting in fewer cost over runsSchedule management features allows Project Managers to schedule work and assign tasks to resources
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  • Project Management Using SharePoint and EPMLive's WorkEngin.

    1. 1. SharePoint for Project Management Fall 2011 Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    2. 2. Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    3. 3. Abel Solutions is Atlantas onlyconsulting firm focusing on thedelivery of real business solutions onthe SharePoint platform. Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    4. 4. – CenterState Bank – North Highland Company– Nucor Steel – Boys & Girls Clubs of America– Siemens – Institute of Nuclear Power– IMG Operations– State of Georgia – ING– Aquilex – Coca-Cola Company– United Consulting – CARE– John Wieland Homes – Lane Company– Kemira – BellSouth/AT&T– Catlin – Tensar Corporation– Chatham County – Jamestown– North American Mission Board – Precyse Solutions– Theragenics – Sutherland– Georgia System Operations Corp – IDI– Place Properties – Newell Recycling Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    5. 5. Why are projects not more successful?Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    6. 6. Major Challenges To SuccessPoor Communications 57%Poor Scheduling 39%No Quality Control 35%Milestones Not Met 34%Poor Resource Coordination 29% Source: The Bull Survey (1998) Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    7. 7. What does it take?Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    8. 8. Managing the Details • Communications • Tasks and Dependencies • Issues • Risks • Scope Creep Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    9. 9. SharePoint – A Great Tool Kit Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    10. 10. Project Management Requirements High level estimates of option’s ability to meet criteria SP Lists Project Site PM Central EPMLive Project Server Criteria- View resources across projects- Manage project costs- Track project issues- Auto generate new project from atemplate- See impact of schedule changes- Capture and compare actuals againstbaseline- Track project risks- Track project changes Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    11. 11. The Continuum MS Project ServerProjects have beenmanaged with toolsranging all the way 3rd Party SharePointfrom Excel to MS ApplicationsProject Server SharePoint Team Site MS Project Excel Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    12. 12. Project Tasks in SharePoint 2010 Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    13. 13. Introducing WorkEngine Enterprise Capabilities WorkEngine 2010 Portfolio Work Resource Budget Time Business Management Management Management Management Management Intelligence Project Services Program AgileManagement Management Management Management Build Your Own Tasks Actions Approvals Changes Bugs Procurements Backlogs ApplicationsIssues Applications Deliverables Documents Service Requests Defects Work Features Integration Data Sources Other LOB’s Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    14. 14. How EPM WorkEngine Works OthersProject 1 Project 3 Project 5 Project 2 Project 4 Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    15. 15. End to End SolutionStrategic Project Management Tactical Project Management Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    16. 16. WorkEngine OverviewLeverages Microsoft technologyEasy to use and learnEasier to deploy with pre-built templates and solution acceleratorsHighly flexible platform which allows for greater support across abroader user base with different needs Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    17. 17. Portfolio And Project Management Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    18. 18. Pre-Built Individual ProjectProject IssuesTasks IncidentsBuild your Recurringown Maintenance Backlog Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    19. 19. EPMLive’s WorkEngine Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    20. 20. Portfolio Management Centralized Project Status Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Business Alignment Workspace Workspace Workspace & Risk Assessment Gain Portfolio Visibility Project 4 Project 5 Project 6 Prioritization & Workspace Workspace Workspace Optimization Gather, Analyze, Prioritize, and Track Your Entire Portfolio Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    21. 21. Resource Management Maximize Resource Utilization Plan Resources Across All Work Task and Project Level Capacity Planning Monitor Resource Workload and Availability Right Resources At The Right Time with The Right Skillset Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    22. 22. Cost Management Create and Monitor Multiple Cost Categories Define Monthly Budgets by Cost Category Analyze Costs Across Entire Project Portfolio Proactively Analyze Multiple Resource and Cost Scenarios Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    23. 23. Schedule Management Manage Simple Tasks And Complex Schedules Share Microsoft Project Schedules With Others On The Team Build Work Plans Using A Web-based Planner View Schedules And Milestones Online Control Schedules and Tasks Across The Enterprise Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    24. 24. Work Management Initiate Plan Execute Control Close Actions Update Task Status on Risks All Work Assigned To ECM Issues Documents You Punch Lists Contracts Tasks Meetings Defects Manage Email Approvals Deliverables Bugs Notifications Procurements Invoices Changes Create New Work Items From a Single Manage All Project Work Across The Entire Process View Increase Productivity Across All Work Items Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    25. 25. Time Management Report time-phased actual work on any SharePoint Work item Save, Submit, Select Period, Add, Remove Timesheet Items Capture special time categories such as billable, non- billable, regular, overtime, and more Track and Monitor All Work Across The Enterprise Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    26. 26. What-If Modeling Create And Apply Multiple Scenarios Cost Analysis FTE Analysis Analyze Capacity vs. Demand Dynamically Model Cost and Resource Impacts Proactively Analyze Multiple Resource and Cost Scenarios Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    27. 27. Reporting Pre-configured reporting Web Parts and Program Dashboards Using Reporting tools your team is already familiar with Standardized Project Metrics and Reporting Improve Visibility and Insight to Enhance Decision-making Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    28. 28. Schedule ManagementWork PlannerAbel Solutions WorkEngine
    29. 29. Schedule ManagementIntegration with Microsoft Project Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    30. 30. Budget PlannerAbel Solutions WorkEngine
    31. 31. Cost AnalyzerAbel Solutions WorkEngine
    32. 32. Client PerspectiveMetametrix Clinical LaboratoriesMajor Georgia Based FinancialCompany Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    33. 33. Key Benefits • A Project Portfolio Management Solution can: – Result in up to a 50% reduction in major project cost overruns and delays – Increase your ability to kill unnecessary projects earlier in the cycle“The use of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server as the EPM WorkEngine PPMplatform is visionary and lucrative. SharePoint is readily being adopted andsupported by many PPM for IT vendors via integration strategies or direct OEMsupport.” Daniel B. Stang, Gartner Analyst Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    34. 34. EPM Live WorkEngine – Benefits100% SharePoint Solution– Easy to use– Familiar for many users– Rich native capabilities– Already used by many organizationsRobust PM, Agile and Service ApplicationsEasily Configurable SolutionsManage “All” types of work in “One” system– Manage workload for all types of work– Portfolio reporting and analysis for all work– Status and Time management for all workSoftware as a Service and/or in-houseEPM Live is a Full Service Firm and focused at Project& Work Management Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    35. 35. Recap – Project Management Ain’t EasySharePoint Is a Great ToolkitThat Can Lead To Project Success,If You Have The Right Discipline! Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    36. 36. Hank Edwards •Hank has served as the CIO for several Atlanta based international firms •Hank is a SharePoint strategy consultant with Abel Solutions, Inc. • Abel Solutions, Inc. is the premier SharePoint consultancy group in the Atlanta area. Phone: 678-467-9259 Twitter: @hankedwardsAbel Solutions WorkEngine
    37. 37. Questions 3 Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    38. 38. Work Management forEveryone Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    39. 39. Scalable Platform Select capabilities that best fit your need Choose from a variety of Accelerators Deploy to small teams or across the Enterprise Enterprise Strategic Project/Portfolio Standard Management Basic Project Execution & Collaboration  Project Portfolio Management  Enterprise GovernanceWeb-based Project Collaboration  Schedule Management  Cost Management  Multi-level Reporting  Enterprise Capacity Planning Team Collaboration  Time Management  Budget Management Task Management  Resource Management  Demand Management Abel Solutions WorkEngine
    40. 40. Reporting Service Reporting Services is used for report developmentAbel Solutions WorkEngine