Client Agency Relationships


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Today, the Advertising Industry is a complex environment and so are the relationships Agencies have with their Clients. Here are some ways to make things easier for both parties.

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Client Agency Relationships

  1. 1. Client Agency Relationships in the New Normal
  2. 2. New Business Development Social Networking Public Relations Advertising Staffing Networking Presentations Agency Reviews Interactive Solutions
  3. 3. Agency Search Consutant I've Conducted Numerous Agency Searches For Clients Such As ....
  4. 4. Social Networks Are Changing Client Agency Relationships!
  5. 5. Old Normal New Normal The World Changed When Melted!
  6. 6. Who has the Great Recession Changed the Most?
  7. 7. The Wave Accelerating Change MillennialsConfident Connected Involved Generation - Y
  8. 8. Today, Client / Agencies Are Complex Relationships No One Answer Fits All
  9. 9. Whats Wrong With Client Agency Relationships? There Is NO Training!
  10. 10. What Makes A Great AE Today?
  11. 11. ProjectManagers VS AccountManagers Today's Agencies are Run By Project Managers not Account Managers
  12. 12. WhatClientsTellMe Varying Levels of Job Satisfaction. Overloaded. Have To be adept at Traditional, Social, Digital, Technology platforms. Under Staffed. Businesses are growing, evolving, and challenging. Too Many Agencies. Agency Fatigue.
  13. 13. WhatAgenciesTellMe Challenge Of Project Work. Financials. Good People Are Hard To Find. Business Is Better But Harder. Very Little Difference Between Agencies. Old Positioning Models: Integrated Marketing. All about New Business but most are Cobblers Children. In the Business versus On the Business.
  14. 14. Why Agencies Don't Want New Business? Agencies Are Lousy At Marketing Themselves
  15. 15. How Advertising Agencies Can Get More New Business
  16. 16. Time For Clients To Change The Agency RFP Process
  17. 17. It's Time For Clients To Change The Agency RFP Process
  18. 18. The Most POWERFUL Word in Agency New Business:"We would love to meet with you and get some new ideas. Our budget is small yet it’s aggressive and we are anxious to grow. Let’s “give it a shot.” This could lead to something." "We’re a START UP. We’re Looking for an Agency that Can Invest in Us."
  19. 19. Agency Search Should Marketers Conduct Their Own Agency Search?
  20. 20. How Can Clients Get The Most From Their Agencies? Educate Them Give Them Clarity Inspire Them
  21. 21. Communicate With Them Be Straight With Your Agency Be Fair With Timelines
  22. 22. Pay Them Give Them A Report Card
  23. 23. Develop Quarterly Ideation & Creativity Session What If? No Restrictions. Blue Sky. Convince the client to put into the budgets. Clients pay for ideas Ideas...
  24. 24. Integration... Most Marketers would like their agencies to lead integration between all brand communication Shift from AOR to AOI Revenue Opportunity
  25. 25. Does Cold Calling Work For Advertising Agencies? Why Small & Smart Is The New Advertising Agency Model! Check Out These Blogs... It's Time For Agencies To Stop Giving It Away! The Three Slide Agency New Business Pitch Why Agencies Shouldn't Respond To Client RFP's
  26. 26. Watch Some Of My Related Videos...
  27. 27. Lets Connect!