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Sodial Media Research - Coffee Industry
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Sodial Media Research - Coffee Industry



This is our Social Network Analysis of the Coffee industry. We analyzed Twitter data using NodeXL

This is our Social Network Analysis of the Coffee industry. We analyzed Twitter data using NodeXL



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http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.co.uk 59
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http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.com.au 54
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.de 51
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.ca 47
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http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.com.es 12
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http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.com.tr 9
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.ch 7
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.ie 6
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.it 6
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.cz 5
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.mx 5
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.nl 3
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.no 3
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.ru 3
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.co.at 3
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.com.ar 2
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.be 2
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.dk 2
http://nguyenvummr.blogspot.pt 2
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Sodial Media Research - Coffee Industry Sodial Media Research - Coffee Industry Presentation Transcript

  • coffeeMKTG 560 Kristofer M KletteSocial Media Network Analysis Sirisha TummalapentaFebruary 10th, 2013 Nguyen Vu
  • Agenda• Industry Overview• Social Media Research • Key Words • Data Overview • Graph Visualization • Important People • Subgroups • URLs and Domains• Industry Insights• Recommendation• Node XL
  • Industry Overview• Americans drink an estimated 400 million cups of coffee/day• Employees aged between 18-34 spent $24.74 on coffee per week• Significant growth even in tough economic times• Market Players: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Caribou Coffee, McCafé, Mom&Pop
  • Social Media Research• Key Words• Important People• Data Overview• Graph Visualization• Subgroups• URLs and Domains
  • Keywords• Coffee Industry: Coffee, Cafe, Café• Reason: • Most commonly used words for coffee • Wider range of data
  • Data OverviewGraph Type DirectedVertices 1367Unique Edges 2184Edges With Duplicates 0Total Edges 2184Self-Loops 1260Connected Components 979Single-Vertex Connected Components 861Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component 201Maximum Edges in a Connected Component 638Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter) 17Average Geodesic Distance 5.669212Graph Density 0.000494826
  • Graph Visualization • Harel-Koren Layout • Autofill Columns • Vertex Size/ Betweenness Centrality/Ignore Outliers • Vertex Opacity/In Degree/Ignore Outliers • Vertex Tooltip/Vertex • Dynamic Filters • Vertex • In Degree min = 1 • Betweeness min = 0.1 • Show edges and vertices if cells are empty. Filter opacity 10%
  • Important People• The most important person: SpecialtyCoffee• Popular people: SpecialtyCoffee, MommyLTLORiley, coffeeconfidant, umairh• Bridges: SpecialtyCoffee, BiltParkTownSq, umairh• Well connected people: SpecialtyCoffee, coffeeconfidant Top 10 Top 10 Top 10 In Degree Betweeness Centrality Eigen vector CentralitySpecialtyCoffee 44 SpecialtyCoffee 29351.400 SpecialtyCoffee 0.090MommyLTLORiley 21 BiltParkTownSq 12666.200 coffeeconfidant 0.039coffeeconfidant 14 umairh 12372.700 philo_coffee 0.025umairh 13 Cafe_Brazil_DFW 10984.700 ReelBrew 0.023JT2ofusanddeals 12 rockerlifecoach 10969.700 porquecafe 0.021thesecondfloor 12 MouyyadA 10217.700 mexidodeideias 0.021MalloryOnTravel 11 fdp4life 7190.967 CafeJavaU 0.021CafeCoffeeDay 10 MalloryOnTravel 6936.300 CoffeeNESW 0.021RockSport_TSM 10 FRSHGRND 6184.300 PauloAndreCK 0.020
  • Important People Top 5 important people • SpecialtyCoffee • Coffeeconfidant • MommyLTLORiley • Umairh • BiltParkTownSq
  • Important People• SpecialtyCoffee (SCAA) • The world’s largest coffee trade association dedicated to creating a vibrant specialty coffee community. • Website: http://www.scaa.org/ • Facebook: Specialty Coffee Association of America • Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/scaacoffee
  • Important People• coffeeconfidant (Coffee Confidential) • Jazz devotee, book fiend, dog guy and tireless zealot for coffee perfection who loves the excessive state of brain excitation caused by #coffee. • Website: http://www.coffeeconfidential.org/ • Facebook: Coffee Confidential • Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/coffeeconfidant/
  • Important People• MommyLTLORiley (Melissa Cleaver) • A stay-at-home mom who loves being the June Cleaver for her family and also enjoys hosting product reviews and giveaways • Website: http://www.mommylivingthelifeofriley.com • Facebook: Mommy Living the Life of Riley! • Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/melissaaggie98 • Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/melissaaggie98/ • Instagram: http://instagram.com/melissaaggie98 • Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/110932760666111070802/posts • StumbleUpon: http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/MommyLTLORiley
  • Important People• Umairh (umair haque) • author, economist, slayer of zombies • Blog: http://blogs.hbr.org/haque/
  • Important People• BiltParkTownSq • Life at Biltmore Park Town Square, Asheville, NC, combines urban pleasures with the joys of the outdoors. • Website: http://www.biltmorepark.com/ • Facebook: Biltmore Park Town Square
  • Subgroups• 3 main groups are found:Group Color & Group Name # of # of Graph # Shape Vertices Edges Density 1 “Specialty Coffees” 57 199 0.047 2 “Consumer Product 27 90 0.093 Reviewers” 3 “UK/Palestinian Café” 19 53 0.135
  • Subgroups 57 vertices 199 edges Group 1: “Specialty Coffees” • Specialty coffee enthusiasts from around the world • Shop owners, bloggers, enthusiasts, as well as the Special Coffee Association of America • This group is THE authority on coffee.
  • Subgroups 27 vertices 90 edges Group 2: “Consumer Product Reviewers” • Consumer product reviews, product giveaways • Targeted toward stay-at- home moms and domestic living tips • Group leader: Melissa Cleaver, aka: Mommy living the life of Riley. • Coffee products/accessories may be subject of review.
  • Subgroups 19 vertices 53 edges Group 3: “UK/Palestinian Café” • The most prominent members are based out of either London, UK or Karachi, Pakistan. • Group leader is Umair Haque, an economist and Harvard Business Review Contributor. • The clearest reference to a cafe is The Second Floor.
  • URLs/DomainsTop 3 URLs 1. Mommy Living the Life of Riley: Keurig Café Escapes Review 2. Serious Eats: The Hidden Costs of Coffee 3. Open Coffee 5P: Open Coffee ClubTop 4 Domains 1. Instargram.com 2. Foursquare.com 3. Facebook.com 4. Mommylivingthelifeofriley.com Top URLs in Tweet in Entire Graph Top Domains in Tweet in Entire Graph http://www.mommylivingthelifeofriley.com/product-reviews/daily-break-cafe-escapes-enjoy-some-me-time/ instagram.com http://drinks.seriouseats.com/2013/01/why-is-coffee-so-expensive-hidden-costs-roasting-beans-prices.html foursquare.com http://www.stichting5p.nl facebook.com http://barmusic-coffee.blogspot.jp/2013/01/bgmwinter-selection-2013.html mommylivingthelifeofriley.com http://www.bonanza.com/listings/Starbucks-Christmas-Blend-2012-Ground-Coffee-10-Ounce-Bag-Sealed-Cafe-S path.com http://www.acflondon.org/exhibitions/viennese-cafe-open-house-weekend/ co.uk http://myresearchrants.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/no-such-thing-as-bureaucracy-free-coffee/ tumblr.com http://www.breakfast-reviews.net/2011/torino/busters-cafe/ seriouseats.com http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2013/feb/04/london-travel-tips-jazz-foyles-cafe stichting5p.nl http://myloc.me/mobile.php?id=r9x4w ebay.com
  • URLs/Domains • 1st URL: MommyLTLORiley • Product review and Giveaway of Keurig Café Escapes product • Recommendation: • Identify Opinion leaders • Distribute Product samples and giveaways • Closely monitor review results • Take the review process seriously • Share results
  • URLs/Domains • 2nd URL – Serious Eats • Serious Eats article: The Hidden Costs of Coffee • Recommendation: • Differentiate your product on cost • Engage coffee experts • Support both expensive and cheap brands of coffee • Maintain service standards in-store
  • URLs/Domains • 3rd URL – Open Coffee Club • Open Coffee Club • Recommendation: • Network with coffee, about coffee • Advertise the “coffee meeting” to customers, both business and non- business • Brand the “coffee meeting” as a formal, yet valuable opportunity
  • URLs/Domains • Top 4 Domains • High-reach, high-engagement social media • Product review and blog site by highly-connected, educated “working mom” • Recommendation: • Coffee is a hot social media topic • Coffee drinkers are highly engaged in social media • Coffee naturally facilitates social media engagement • Regular monitoring and careful observation • Cup of coffee = an experience, and an identity
  • Industry Insights• Coffee is a universal product with strong support• Opinion leaders are respected and valued• Education and niche markets are respected• The value of the “coffee meeting”• Monitor leaders and users, keep them up- to-date
  • Recommendations• Mobile Advertising in the top domains like Instagram• Identify influential people and “keep in touch” with them• Educate consumers about the quality of the ingredients/roasting process• Add more decaffeinated options• Educate consumers about the health benefits of caffeine• Share entertaining videos on social media daily to increase the word-of-mouth publicity
  • Initial Graph - NodeXL
  • NodeXL• Role of Network Metrics • Vertex Size • Vertex Opacity • Outliers• Better visualization and clearly identify groups• Better decision making
  • Vertex SizeVertex OpacityOutliers Thank You!