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This is the brochure of my former company. It's also my last product as a copywriter before I came to the U.S and studied Marketing Research.

This is the brochure of my former company. It's also my last product as a copywriter before I came to the U.S and studied Marketing Research.



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G'brand Presentation Transcript

  • 1. TurnYOURimages&wordsinto value
  • 2. We CREATE unique images and words for TOP companies to transform into profitWe can do it for you too
  • 3. We have worked with your industry peers V
  • 4. How would G’Branddo it for you?InsightsUniquenessSatisfaction
  • 5. InsightsWhile being listened to is your desire, listening to clients is ourknack for success.Each Client has its own needs, products, and expectations to-ward it business. We listen in order to deeply understand yourdemands before applying our knowledge and experience to rec-ommend the most appropriate campaigns for you.
  • 6. UniquenessEvery product begins with the idea. And only original ideas can createsuccessful products. That is why we work in our style, and our style ofworking is thinking differently, executing creatively, anddedicating passionately. In that way, our teams are experts atcreating UNIQUELY INNOVATIVE ideas to support pioneering products.
  • 7. Satisfaction We work under tough timelines that satisfy your urgent deadlines. We cooperatewhole-heartedly and professionally to satisfy your business culture. Then we deliver quality culture that satisfies your business objectives on an agreed fee basis. It is all about the end results.
  • 8. Whether it is a single slogan or an integrated campaignwe use our collective expertise to make it shine We appreciate every single client, devote ourselvesto every single project, and are proud of every single product. Whoever you are and whatever you need,we employ our most outstanding members with thesame determined efforts to create the best products for you.
  • 9. Testimonials“We have worked with the G’Brand team for “Having G’Brand work side-by-side with ustwo years now. was a pleasure. I was impressed by theirIt has been hugely rewarding. creative team – it captivated our thinking,Our campaigns were implemented, consistently, from strategy then created fantastic products for us.to creative. Immediately after adopting G’Brand’s newG’Brand’s work helped boost our sales from brand identity work, our revenue grewVND 300 billion to VND 1,100 billion in just 2 years.” by 237%. It was unbelievable!”
  • 10. We create piercing communicationsthat help steer brand throughout theircomplex consumers journey, from themoment they see your brand try your product come back to your brand recommend to their friends The way we build brands
  • 11. The waywecommunicateImpactfully,translating strategy into consumer-talkThat is the cycle of communicating. We communicate with you, with eachother, and with your customers.Our Account team will listen to your needs and perspective. Our StategicPlanning team will develop breakthrough solutions. Our Creative team willpresent innovative products based consumers’ language. And together,we effectively communicate by CREATIVELY converting the INPUT fromyou into the OUTPUT to your customers and by IMPACTFULLY translatingstrategy into customer-talk.
  • 12. The way we design Inspirationally, with excitement and beauty Our secret of success is: “We don’t produce, we create. We don’t like, we love.” And in that way, we design a lively world where every line is a discov- ery, every color is an innovation and everything we make is an inspiration.
  • 13. The Keys toG’Brandsuccess areTalent,Creative and Strategic Focus
  • 14. Talent John Vu Bui Giang Pham Quyen Pham Vice President Chief Executive Officer Managing DirectorMeet G’Brand’s community of brilliantdesigners, strategists, artists and copywriters,all under one roof…all following one passion: creative vibrancy. Anh Pham Anh Doan Creative Director Strategic Planner
  • 15. Talent attracts talentBRUCE OLTCHICK GIANG PHAM ERIC ROSENKRANZStrategic Consultant Brand Consultant Strategic Consultant G’Brand’s house is even stronger with consultants from all over the world.TONY SEALYA John Vu BuiAnimation Consultant Managerial Consultant
  • 16. GIANG PHAM Brand Consultant President & Chief Executive Officer of G’Brand Founder of Creative PePPer Group of Companies President of G & M International Inc. President of JC Guest Lecturer Vietnam Economic Times, Viet Nam ReviewGiang Pham Managing Director for WFF (USA) UNDP Project Coordinator
  • 17. BRUCE OLTCHICK Strategic Consultant Media/Marketing consultancyBruce Oltchick 25 years in marketing communications Chairman / Founder of Bao Thinkers Senior Vice President of Grey AP Executive Vice President, News Corporation’s STAR Group Ltd. Lived and worked in USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam Fluent in Mandarin Chinese
  • 18. ERIC ROSENKRANZ Strategic Consultant 30 years strategy development President Director of E-Three President of Grey Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe Vice Chairman of Focus Media Shanghai Chairman of News Outdoor Solutions (SEA)Eric Rosenkranz Guest Lecturer World Economic Forum, CNBC, Newsweek, The Asian Wall Street Journal, The Nation, FEER, Brand Age Board Member of various companies across the PA region
  • 19. john vu bui Managerial Consultant Vice President of G’Brand Finance Manager of An Vien Group Vice General Director of Handico Finance JSC Head of Sales of ACB, HCMC Head of Planning & Information of HSBC, HCMCJohn Vu Bui Relationship Manager of ANZ, Sydney, Australia
  • 20. TONY SEALY Animation Specialist Director of Animation Over 20 years in the media industry Capital Television, Canberra (Channel 9 Australia) Video Headquarters (VHQ) in Singapore General Manager of VHQ in Jakarta Head of VFX at ABC Television in SydneyTony Sealy Operations Manager of Digi-post and Ascent Media Singapore President Director of Intense Animation Studio Student training facility
  • 21. Creative &Strategic Focus Strategy Development Events Market Analysis Public Relations Communication Planning Printing & Publishing Creative Development Media Booking TVC Production CSR Online Marketing We save you cost and headaches. We care for your brand from master idea to one-off executions.
  • 22. We Work in a different way How we work is the way of the future G’Brand offers a service that is tailored to your needsWe can bring the best consultants from all over the world We are strategic & creative focusedWe work on an agreed fee basis, and are not media driven. We are Hanoi-based company understanding the market
  • 24. We built the brand identity for VietCapital Group,a group of three companies in Insurance,Funding and Real Estate.All messages from the three companies were successfullyand artistically converted into a single slogan“Your capital Capitalized”
  • 25. In 2008, we consulted for VIB to create a newcommunication message“We are always with you in the road to success” via VIB’s NewYear Calendar.The 2008 campaign was so successful, it became the themeof the 2009 integrated campaign.
  • 26. We are trusted as the only advertising agency that creates and produces HIGH-CLASS advertising products for BIDV.
  • 27. From 2007, G’Brand has cooperated with the founders of IRS in their brand identity project. We not only successfully consulted with IRS to create brand imagesbut also developed IRS’s meaningful slogan from their brand name: “Intellectual Resources on Securities” (IRS)
  • 28. Within only 2 months, our team successfully developed a brand identity project for Lien Viet Bank and releasedadvertisements for their opening ceremony.
  • 29. BRG In the past four years,G’Brand has undertaken a great deal of branding and advertising projects for BRG’s subsidiaries, including SeABank, SeASecurities, and Oriental Pearl.
  • 30. Over three years of cooperation,G’Brand has been the sole branding and adver-tising agency of PTI.We are near and dear partners in a large array ofprojects: market research,branding and communication strategies,brand identity, media products, etc.
  • 32. We were the first agency to create and transmitthe key idea and message of EVN “Connecting power”using “hand art” (2007).In 2010, we successfully built and developedbranding and communication strategies as well asbrand identity for EVNTelecom 3G, the most up-do-date,highest-class product of EVN.
  • 33. Due to our novelty, talent and professionalism, we wereselected to create and design advertisingproducts for Nokia.Our body painting project for Nokia’s advertisements in2008 was one of our most successful creative projects.
  • 34. We did not just design a good-looking product. We created and transmited a “beautiful” message for life.The “We talk about us” theme for Vinaphone’s New Year Calen- dar was that kind of work.
  • 36. Unique, smart, and stunning advertisements for the launch of BMW Series 3 in Asia. It’s what happens when BMW meets G’Brand.
  • 38. Wyeth is a global leader in the research and developmentof pharmaceutical and health care products.Our three year project in developing communication strate-gies for Wyeth was of great help to them in spreading theirbrand name over Asia.
  • 39. Since 2007, G’Brand has cooperated with Hanoimilk in several com-munication campaigns for their new product lines.
  • 40. Cadbury Schweppes believes they can make a deliciousdifference, everywhere.We believe we can make a creative difference forevery single product.That is why we had numerous communication campaigns forthe new product lines of Cadbury Schweppes.
  • 41. In 2007, we developed branding strategies and de- signed the brand identity for Trang An, a famous brand name in Vietnam.
  • 42. Expanding to the competitive product line - cake- Haiha Koto- buki chose us to give its new products an impressive launch. We made sure that our Client’s shop, cake, atmosphere, and staffs gave customers a tasteful experience. Bánh ngọt Nhật Bản Vị ngọt của cuộc sống Với thiết bị công nghệ hiện đại và hệ thống quản lý chất lượng nghiêm ngặt theo tiêu chuẩn ISO 22000 : 2005, Hải Hà - Kotobuki chuyên sản xuất sản phẩm bánh kẹo có chất lượng cao.
  • 44. G’Brand was selected as a consulting and creative partner for Selective, one of the most famous shampoo brand names inItaly. We cooperated with TGI, the exclusive distributor of Selec- tive in Vietnam, to organize the final of “Thousand years of hair fashion” competition, which was directly broadcast from the Daewoo Hotel on August 27, 2010.
  • 46. G’Brand created and produced importantcommunication publications for VinGroup, including annualreports, sales kit, New Year calendars, etc.
  • 47. Due to our success in building the brand for Vepa Paint, a sub-sidiary of the Mian Group, we built and developed powerfulbrand structure and identity for Mian Group, a group ofcompanies operating in Textile, Real Estate, Industrial Produc-tion, Resorts, etc.
  • 48. Applying scientific and luxury application systems in building brands, G’Brand cre- ated Ariyana Villa & Spa, a gorgeous “Poem on the Sand” of Vietnam and over the world. Sovico Holdings - Sovico Holdings là một trong những tập đòan đầu tư tư nhân lớn tại Việt Nam hoạt động trong các lĩnh vực đầu tư bất động sản, tài chính, công nghiệp… - Sovico Holdings là chủ sở hữu Furama Resort, một trong những resort đẹp nhất được các hãng du lịch trong và ngòai nước bình chọn, đồng thời là chủ đầu tư đã xây dựng và đưa vào sử dụng những công trình được đánh giá là đẹp, chất lượng, tiến độ nhanh như Cung hội nghị Quốc tế Đà Nẵng, Trụ sở Ngân hàng Liên doanh Việt Nga (Hà Nội), Hồng Hà building (Hà Nội), Cao ốc văn phòng Abacus Tower (TP. Hồ Chí Minh) và các công trình cao cấp khác - Công ty TNHH Khách sạn và du lịch Thiên Thai (Ari- yana) là thành viên của Sovico Holdings đươc thành lập vào năm 2005 với mục tiêu mở rộng Furama resort về phía nam - Sau khi thành lập, Ariyana chính thức được UBND TP Đà Nẵng chấp thuận làm chủ đầu tư dự án Danang Ariyana Ville với diện tích tương đương 27haMẫu biệt thự 02 (B) 48 Ariyana brochure 2OO8 A r i y a n a b r o c h u r e 2OO8 48Công ty TNHH Khách Sạn & Du Lịch Thiên ThaiĐịa chỉ: 68 Hồ Xuân Hương, Phường Khuê Mỹ, Quận Ngũ Hành Sơn, Thành Phố Đà NẵngĐT: (+84 511 )395 6666 - Fax: (+84 511 ) 395 1428 - Hotline: (+84 )98 300 6666
  • 49. We created the brand image and identity for Oriental Pearl Luxury, one of the most valuedbrand names among luxury hotels in Vietnam.
  • 51. Considered the largest sanitary ware company in Japan, INAXis also one of the leading brands in Vietnam. Passing the toughevaluation process from INAX, G’Brand was selected as a cre-ative and media partner for them.
  • 52. After the equitization of The Hanoi Chemical Industrial PaintCompany, G’Brand has successfully built its new high-classbrand - VEPA (Vietnam European Paint), helping its marketshare increase more than 30%.
  • 53. G’Brand has re-positioned the SmartDoor brand, makingSmartDoor the leading brand in the rolling-door category inVietnam. With the new images and position, SmartDoor hasreally stood out from other brands. The launch campaigns oftheir new brand from 2008 to 2009, and their TVC on the WorldCup live broadcast in 2010 have been our most appreciatedconsulting and creative projects.
  • 55. FTU is not only famous for its training quality but alsoconsidered as a leading brand in the Vietnamese EducationSector. And a part of their success is the success of their brandidentity project, which was conceived and created by G’Brand.
  • 56. G’Brand was invited to consult for TVAd in developingtheir branding strategies. In this project, we made aninnovative and modern image for TVAd, using mediaand television features. The success of this project led tosuccess in TVAd’s business. And the success of TVAd wasthe reason why G’Brand became a long-term partnerwho provides creative and media services for TVAd.
  • 58. Our Creative team has designed original visual concepts forleading beer companies in Vietnam, such as Carlsberg, Tiger,Heneiken, and Anchor.
  • 59. G’Brand created a promotion campaign for Bitburger – a topbeer company in Germany. The campaign successfully broughtBitburger into the Vietnam market in the end of 2009.
  • 60. A GROUP OF COMMUNICATION AGENCIES Group of companies Our partners Our Collaborators THANK YOU