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for ARLIS presentation, Indianapolis 2009

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  • You already know the answer – it is YES. Welcome to Indianapolis and hope you can all come to the IMA this evening for the festivities. Invitation for “Indy Culture Matters” rally tomorrow on the Circle downtown. Give details. Announce that presentation is posted on ARLIS conference blog under session 13.
  • Museums, Our Libraries & Latest Technologies

    1. 1. Museums, our Libraries & Latest Technologies <ul><li>Do the Old(?) Copyright Rules Still Apply to the New Applications of Images? </li></ul>Garo Antreasian, American (b. 1922), Zenagir: Red , 1983, ink and color on paper, 37 1/2 x 45 7/8 in. (image and sheet) Indianapolis Museum of Art, Gift of Garo Antreasian. © Garo Antreasian.
    2. 2. How can we best protect artist rights and the rights of other content providers while furthering the missions of our own institutions? as we venture onto new technology horizons?
    3. 3. Ruth V. Roberts, Rights & Reproductions Coordinator John Currin, American (b. 1962), Blond Angel , 2001, oil on canvas, 16 in. dia. Indianapolis Museum of Art, Gift of Ann M. Stack, acquired through Art for Today 2002, an exhibition organized by the Contemporary Art Society © John Currin [email_address]
    4. 4. Sonya Clark, American (b. 1967), Two Trees (hat) , 2003; wool, felt, cotton, wire; 6 1/2 x 17 3/4 x 9 3/4 in. Indianapolis Museum of Art, Mr. and Mrs. William B. Ansted Jr. Art Fund. © Sonya Clark introduction
    5. 5. We just about figured this out when. . .
    6. 6. this appeared!
    7. 7. and this!
    8. 8. and these!
    9. 9. and online searches of our permanent collections!
    10. 10. and this!
    11. 11. and this little guy!
    12. 12. and this!
    13. 13. and this!
    14. 14. and this!
    15. 15. and FINALLY (well, not really) this. . .
    16. 16. Davis Lab
    17. 17. So – What do we do when creating content for all these new applications to ensure that our institutional goals are supported by the artists and other outside contributors to these projects?
    18. 18. (cc) Dano
    19. 19. We simply remember that no matter how complicated or fast paced our tasks become as a result of these new technologies, the artist’s focus on this little symbol is no less than our own: The rest can be sorted out.
    20. 20. From the Understanding Copyright 2009 UNDERSTANDING COPYRIGHT By Renee Hobbs, Katie Donnelly and Sandra Braman  
    21. 21. Bill Viola, American (b. 1951), The Quintet of the Silent , 2001, video art, 24 ¾ x 40 ½ x 7 in. Indianapolis Museum of Art, Dan and Lori Efroymson Fund, acquired through Art For Today 2002, an exhibition organized by the Contemporary Art Society, © Bill Viola and don’t forget VARA : Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990
    22. 22. a new tool
    23. 24. resources
    24. 27. RARIN
    25. 28. We need and welcome your participation.
    26. 29. ARS
    27. 30. Contact Information: Visual Artists & Galleries Association (Vaga) 521 5Th Ave Rm 800 New York, New York 10175-0899 USA 212-808-0616 Phone Email [email_address]
    28. 32. © Bion Smalley What is “fair use”?
    29. 35. The End Robert Irwin, American (b. 1928), Light and Space III , 2008; fluorescent lights. Various dimensions. Indianapolis Museum of Art, Purchased with funds provided by Ann M. and Chris Stack, The Ballard Fund, Nancy Foxwell Neuberger Acquisition Endowment Fund, Anonymous Art Fund, Lucille Stewart Endowed Art Fund, Martha M. Shertzer Art Purchase Fund in Memory of Her Nephew, Charles S. Sands, Roger G. Wolcott Fund, Gift of the Alliance of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Frank Curtis Springer & Irving Moxley Springer Purchase Fund, E. Hardey Adriance Fine Arts Acquisition Fund in memory of Marguerite Hardey Adriance, Emma Harter Sweetser Fund, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crane Fund, Elizabeth S. Lawton Fine Art Fund, Cecil F. Head Art Fund, Mary V. Black Art Endowment Fund, General Endowed Art Fund, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P. Van Vorhees Art Fund, General Memorial Art Fund, General Art Fund, James V. Sweetser Fund. © Robert Irwin/Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY
    30. 36. Oh, and another thing. . . © Shepard Fairey, © Mannie Garcia, © Associated Press, ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????