Zambia during 1954 -1970
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Zambia during 1954 -1970



Zambia ( Aka Northern Rhodesia) during the days of the Governor General.

Zambia ( Aka Northern Rhodesia) during the days of the Governor General.



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Zambia during 1954 -1970 Zambia during 1954 -1970 Presentation Transcript

  • F eder ati on of R hodesi a andNyasaland ( M alawi ) 1953-63.T h e Gr ea t Nor th R oa d m a y w el l h a ve b eeni n ten d ed to r u n fr om Ca pe T ow n to Ca i r o,b u t for m os t of u s i t on l y w en t a s fa r a s j u stn or th of th e Z a m b ezi .
  • T he Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, al so k nown as the CentralAfrican Federation ( CAF) , was a semi -independent state i nsouther n A fr i ca that exi sted fr om 1953 to the end of 1963,compr isi ng the for mer sel f-gover ni ng col ony ofSouther n R hodesi a and the B r i ti sh pr otector ates ofNor ther n R hodesia, and Nyasaland. I t was a feder al r eal m ofthe B r i ti sh Cr own — nei ther a col ony nor a domi ni on,although the B r i ti sh Sover ei gn was r epr esented y a gover norgener al, as usual for domini ons. I t was i ntended eventuall y tobecome a domi ni on in the Commonwealth of Nati ons.
  • Chi poma F alls
  • Nachi k ufu Caves
  • Chusa F alls
  • Insect and Monitor
  • Chongololo
  • Shi wa H ouse
  • R ex W allace Sylvi a W al l ace1942 1939
  • T he intr oductor y l etter he wr otefor the School of Car eer sbr ochur e when he fi r st went toT he F eder ation i n 1956. H eover saw or i nter acted wi thbr anches in M al awi , G hana,R hodesi a, South A fr i ca andK enya.
  • 1950 L usak a
  • Petauke - E astern province
  • T eacher s and H eadmaster s
  • 1958 – B oar der s at D ennyH ouse
  • Midlands Rugby Team
  • I nter -school Champi onshi p T eam 1969
  • L usak a swallows softball T eam 1955
  • A t the T our nament D ance
  • Cooper Clan
  • 1957
  • Blokes of the time
  • W omen’s H ock ey T eam
  • T he P oli ce
  • V i l lage near Namwal a
  • Nk ana Ndola-L uanshyaNdola R oad R oad
  • Nk ana P olo Cl ub
  • W eddi ng at the St M i chael and A l lA ngels Chur ch, K i twe - J une 1957
  • K i twe P r i mar y School 1955
  • Kitwe Boys High School 1961
  • Proudest man on the CopperbeltDave Klein’s Jaguar February 196216 seconds to 100 m.p.h
  • T V P er sonnel M ar ci a P enni gton 1962
  • Popular shopping Centre Parklands, Kitwe
  • Sundowner
  • L usak a swi mmi ng pool