HiMAS 10 Simple Rules in Attracting More Clients


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HiMAS 10 Simple Rules in Attracting More Clients

  1. 1. By Benjamin Eugenio Jr LMTHiMAS Asian Wellness & Spa Academy Quezon City
  2. 2. Basic Assumptions Human beings tend to be self-centered Give them what they want & they will gladly give you what you want Exercise: Conspiracy of kindness
  3. 3. 10 Simple Rules?Warning: These “rules” are not as simple as it appears because it requires a lot of introspection & HOTS You have to be open to peer pressure & suggestions You have to actively participate in transforming yourself Be guided by your personal vision & goals
  4. 4. Rule No. 1- Inward Preparedness Start the day right by being mentally, physically & spiritually prepared- pray Find a corner where you can be alone & quiet for a while Discard fearful thoughts, imbibe inspiring ones
  5. 5. Rule No. 2- Outward Preparedness Be at your best- take shower, wear appropriate uniform & make-up (don’t forget to trim your nails)  Make sure your dress is properly ironed  Avoid heavy make-up  Check you shoes
  6. 6. Rule No. 3- Spa Readiness Prepare the spa work areas such as the massage tables, linens & massage paraphernalia  Make sure the floor is free of dirt  Wall & door glasses are spot-free & clean  Linens & towels are arranged impeccably
  7. 7. Rule No. 4- Information Readiness Make sure you know the regular flight schedules, boarding areas & other important flight details  Anyone who approaches you would definitely have something to ask  You cannot afford to be embarrassed & appear ignorant on flight details
  8. 8. Rule No. 5- Don that habitual smile A smile is contagious, do spread it around  As you profile a prospective client coming in- smile  Do not fake a smile- it is too obvious to hide  Smile to people even if they appear hostile
  9. 9. Rule No. 6- Practice Kindness Always be in the look-out for opportunities to help  Find an old person walking w/ heavy luggage- offer to help  Seek faces of persons who are lost & confused- guide them  Cheer up a weary-looking woman- by greeting a toddler tagging along side
  10. 10. Rule No. 7- Make passers-bycomfortable Each one is anxious in getting to their boarding areas  Never block their way & offer massage  Avoid “Indian-pass”  Never stare at anyone, celebrities or not
  11. 11. Rule No. 8- Use magic words Apply the formidable marketing tool of Jolibee & Mc Do  Greet each one that comes your way  Thank Everyone that goes out of the spa  If possible, you thank them by name (check the boarding pass!)
  12. 12. Rule No. 9- Avoid hard-selling Always think before you speak  Never say, “Good morning sir, want to have a massage?”  Look for positive tell-tales before you offer massage  Be ready with the right answers, such as services & price ranges, etc
  13. 13. Rule No. 10- Count your blessings Be grateful in everything that happens, good or bad  As much a possible, keep unpleasant incidents to yourself (but share it to your supervisors for their guidance)  Do spread good experiences to your peers & superiors  Be cheerful at all times
  14. 14. In sum, Practice makes perfect Make kindness part of your whole-being In doing so, you will surely reap your rewards
  15. 15. Maraming salamat po.