QM-031-Skills for Student Success in the 21st Century


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QM-031-Skills for Student Success in the 21st Century

  1. 1. CSI: Skills for Student Success in the 21 st Century Susan Coleman Orange Coast College
  2. 2. “Handy Activities for Student Success” Linking the Classroom to the Workplace Based on the best of the QT Targeted to faculty in the classroom Short, focused, and fun activities that gives students: Awareness about what they are learning in class to their lives Better understanding of skills employers seek Provide career strategies too negotiate the new world of work
  3. 3. Try it out! Write a Bio-Poem
  4. 4. Want More??? Wblconnections.com QT Resources Student Lessons Staff Development Contact Susan Coleman –scoleman@occ.cccd.edu Rita Jones – rjones@occ.cccd.edu Sign up for “On the QT”
  5. 5. On the Horizon Partnership with MonsterTRAK for development of…………………
  6. 6. The Case of the Missing Major WHAT is it? Fun interactive game approach. Brief exposure to some basic information to entice the student to go further Includes action plan/next step strategy Includes campus support
  7. 7. The Undecided Student Who are they? Why do they need our help?
  8. 8. WHY THIS PROJECT? 32-40% of our student population is “undecided” California Community Colleges 50% drop out after the first year of college CCSSE 2005 Community College Survey of Student Engagement 67% of people don’t want to go to work each day Gallup 1999
  9. 9. What we know for sure…. According to the ASTD Students need help and support It needs to be fast, easy and fun! Experiences count! It’s a lifelong process. Reflection is key! We need your help!
  10. 10. Modeling Opportunities Job shadow and information interviews. Helping students prepare and plan. Many students need help setting up these experiences.
  11. 11. Go Outside-Get Experience Interview professionals Visit the environment Job shadow Assignment: Do 5 things daily you love to do Join a club on campus Go to an professional association meeting Visit academic departments of majors that interest you Become involved in extracurricular activities Find summer jobs and volunteer experiences Sign up for an Internship/Cooperative Work Experience
  12. 12. Final words…. Students who know where they are going and what they will be doing as they explore are more likely to continue the process. Written plans can be adjusted and changed as students progress.
  13. 13. Website: www.cccareers.org
  14. 14. For Instructors CQT can be forwarded to faculty. Ideas for integrating career information into their classes
  15. 15. What Students Told Us! Community College Career Survey Sept. 2006
  16. 16. Who Responded to the Survey? 66% Females/34% Males/ 47% White/25% Hispanic
  17. 17. 57% were under 21 with almost 30% over 25 years of age.
  18. 18. 54% were seeking a BA/BS or higher, another 30% an AA or AS degree.
  19. 19. 63% felt they would benefit from services offered at a career center sometime this year.
  20. 20. 30% of respondents had never visited the career center or used it’s resources.
  21. 21. Only 24% said they were currently using a campus career center to help them find the right career path.
  22. 22. 82% wanted career centers to contact them via email or IM.
  23. 23. This is what was important to them.
  24. 24. Reasons why students would visit a career center. (Percentages) Very Likely Somewhat Explore Internet career resources 37.2% 30.2% Use the career library 34.9% 30.1% Take a career assessment 44.5% 29.9% Help choose a major or career pathway 52.1% 29.0% Get college info 45.6% 33.6% Identify current “Hot Jobs” 42.8% 30.2% Help finding a direction 40.2% 31.1% Job placement 48.2% 30.9% Interview skill building or resume prep 40.2% 30.2% Connection to employers 47.7% 29.6%
  25. 25. What we learned: Students need and want career information. Students are not satisfied with the career services they are receiving. Students really want help with: Choosing the right major. Building job skills for the job they want. Figuring out their personal strengths. Students want to connect to their career centers via e-mail or IM.
  26. 26. Next Steps We need to work together to leverage our resources and impact by: Developing a powerful brand that represents all California Community College Career Centers to help us effectively market our career products and services. Creating and adapting guidelines and customer service procedures to help us standardize our services and better serve students. Introducing and sharing innovative career products and resources based on what’s important to students…like the new online Missing Major Project.
  27. 27. And in the end we want our students to respond to this question… Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver