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Backward compatibility in Android framework

Backward compatibility in Android framework



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    Android Support Package Android Support Package Presentation Transcript

    • Android Support Package +Handaru Sakti
    • “There are three things to remember about beinga starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, godown with the ship... and never abandon amember of your crew.” Captain Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager“No man left behind.” U.S. Navy SEALs
    • Our Desserts:Data collected during a 14-day period ending on September 4, 2012,
    • ● APIs comes with new cool features● How to bring them to previous Android APIs?● Android Support Package offers backward compatibility
    • Some Famous Features● Fragment● Viewpager● NotificationCompat● ShareCompat● NavUtils and TaskStackBuilder● Loader● ServiceCompat● LocalBroadcastManager● Sadly...The ActionBar is not supported
    • FragmentA modular section of an activity, which has itsown lifecycle, receives its own input events,and which you can add or remove while theactivity is running (sort of like a "sub activity"that you can reuse in different activities).
    • ViewpagerLayout manager that allows the user to flip leftand right through pages of data
    • NotificationCompatLarge-format notifications that: – include a lot of text. – large image attachment. – a list of (up to 5) strings. – can apply a rich notification style.
    • ShareCompatFor sharing data between activities.ShareCompat provides functionality to extendtheACTION_SEND/ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLEprotocol and support retrieving more infoabout the activity that invoked a social sharingaction
    • NavUtils and TaskStackBuilderTo provide support for implementing theAndroid Design guidelines for navigation.These additions include a way to implementthe action bars Up button across versions.
    • Loader● Introduced in Android 3.0, loader makes it easy to asynchronously load data in an activity or fragment.● Loader has these characteristics: – They are available to every Activity and Fragment. – They provide asynchronous loading of data. – They monitor the source of their data and deliver new results when the content changes. – They automatically reconnect to the last loaders cursor when being recreated after a configuration change. Thus, they dont need to re-query their data.
    • ServiceCompatFor accessing features in Service introducedafter API level 4 in a backwards compatiblefashion
    • LocalBroadcastManagerTo allow applications to easily register for andreceive intents within a single applicationwithout broadcasting them globally.
    • 3 ASP● v-4 – <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="ASP" android:targetSdkVersion="latest API" /> – Sorry to Cupcake, you are a man left behind● v-13● v-7 (Special -> GridLayout)
    • Revision● Until now, 10th revision● More details: ort-library.html
    • Implementation● Download via Android SDK Manager (<sdk>/extras/android/compatibility/)● Add to Build Path or bring to libs directory below root directory● Import your class
    • Matur Suwun, Derek!GDG Surabaya DevFest 2012