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  • 1. Questions We’ll Cover:① What is the difference between SEO & PPC?② How do you coordinate SEO website structure with PPC account structure?③ How does keyword strategy vary for SEO compared to PPC?④ How can you align landing page recommendations and optimizations between SEO & PPC?⑤ Are results measured differently and how are results reported?
  • 2. Questions We’ll Cover:⑥ What are the largest challenges with SEO & PPC, respectively?⑦ How is ROI calculated for PPC compared to SEO?⑧ Do you need both SEO & PPC, and if so, why?⑨ How do PPC & SEO work together?⑩ What is needed to implement SEO or PPC? Have questions throughout the webinar? Use #ppcseo on Twitter.
  • 3. ① Difference Between SEO & PPC• PPC o Pay Per Click o Clickable advertising that shows up above organic search results o Pay for: ad clicks and/or account management
  • 4. ① Difference Between SEO & PPC• SEO o Search Engine Optimization o "Meritocratic" results driven by algorithms, appearing beneath paid results o Pay for optimizing the site; resulting clicks are free
  • 5. ② Coordinating Website Structure with Account Structure• Why is this important? o Easier to make sure all services/products are covered o Allows for increased relevancy o Helps agencies work together
  • 6. ③ Keyword Strategy Variance• PPC o Driven by ‘cover all bases’ mentality against ROI o 100’s-1,000’s of keywords to focus on o Short & long tail o Searcher queries
  • 7. ③ Keyword Strategy Variance• PPC o Short vs. long tail  Driving traffic vs. driving ROI
  • 8. ③ Keyword Strategy Variance• SEO o Driven by content o Number of keywords limited to your site size o Short & long tail o Searcher queries
  • 9. ③ Keyword Strategy Variance 1000000 Unique Organic Referring Phrases• SEO 900000 800000 700000 600000 2009 500000 2010 400000 2011 300000 2012 200000 100000 0
  • 10. ④ Aligning Landing Page Recommendations/Optimizations• Give agencies access to each other• Communicate changes both ways• Setup a schedule of communication
  • 11. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• PPC – Measuring Results o More ‘real-time’ data o Generally results can be seen within hours or days o Cause/effect relationships easier to see o Overall number of metrics
  • 12. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• PPC
  • 13. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• PPC
  • 14. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• SEO – Measuring Results o Data varies from granular to macroscopic o Results generally seen in weeks or months o Earn clicks you didnt anticipate o Overall number of metrics
  • 15. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• SEO
  • 16. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• visits• keywords• branding• conversions
  • 17. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• PPC - Reporting o Weekly reports not abnormal o Account specific KPI (not the same from account to account) o Ditto the cause/effect from results
  • 18. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• PPC
  • 19. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• SEO - Reporting o Typical reporting is monthly or quarterly o Goals are diverse & depend on client o Changes can be time-consuming but durable o Google whims (e.g., "not provided") can present a challenge
  • 20. ⑤ Measuring Results/Reporting• SEO
  • 21. ⑥ Largest Challenges• PPC o The ‘unknowns’ o Smart competition o Optimizing at the right pace o OOC factors
  • 22. ⑥ Largest Challenges• SEO o Content creation o Building authority o Time and patience o Algorithmic changes
  • 23. ⑥ Largest Challenges• SEO
  • 24. ⑦ Calculating ROI• PPC o Revenue/Lead value o Agency fees o Not necessarily static o Segmentation, as possible
  • 25. ⑦ Calculating ROI• PPC
  • 26. ⑦ Calculating ROI• SEO o Agency fees o Internal development time o ROI can continue indefinitely
  • 27. ⑦ Calculating ROI• SEO Sample: Auto Parts Catalog Architecture changes and keyword research
  • 28. ⑧ Why do you need PPC & SEO?• Different buckets of potential customers• Rounds out web presence• The two help each other, to a certain extent• Cross-channel attribution
  • 29. ⑨ How do PPC & SEO work together?• PPC o Pushes additional traffic to site that may not get there otherwise o Quality Score can help uncover potential relevancy issues o Search query reports may show organic opportunities
  • 30. ⑨ How do PPC & SEO work together?• SEO o Can show high-converting phrases that PPC didnt anticipate o Site optimization can improve Quality Score o Signals from PPC can turn into long-term content
  • 31. ⑩ Implementation Requirements• PPC o Communication/hand off o Tracking codes o Goals & timelines o Buy-in!
  • 32. ⑩ Implementation Requirements• SEO o Potential global site changes  Navigation  Architecture  URLs o Significant content updates o Development priorities o Buy-in!
  • 33. The Round-Up• To maximize online presence: it’s not a matter of which…it’s how to run them simultaneously• Communication: vital & transparent• Measure/evaluate: separate but equal
  • 34. Your Questions Thank you for attending Intrapromote and Hanapin Marketing’s webinar on: 10 Things to Consider When Coordinating PPC & SEO Campaigns. #ppcseo• Sign up for a free Google Webmaster Tools audit from Intrapromote: offer/ – Password: webinar126• Get a free Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing (for accounts greater than $15K/mo in adspend):• Or Contact us Directly: • Erik Dafforn: • Kayla Kurtz: