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Next level ppc and seo with google analytics

Next level ppc and seo with google analytics






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Next level ppc and seo with google analytics Next level ppc and seo with google analytics Presentation Transcript

  • • Visit www.HeroConf.com for The presentation will beginmore information shortly! • Interested in attending? Contact Kayla at: kayla.kurtz@hanapinmarketing.comVisit www.HeroConf.com for more information!
  • Main Topics:① How do PPC & SEO use Analytics for reporting?① Where can I find the most targeted and segmented SEO or PPC data in Analytics, in order to properly analyze performance? Have questions throughout the webinar? Use #ppcseo on Twitter!
  • Main Topics:③ How do I set up a custom report and what are the most beneficial custom reports for PPC & SEO, respectively?③ Can I learn problem areas for SEO from PPC KPI in Analytics, and vice versa? Have questions throughout the webinar? Use #ppcseo on Twitter!
  • Main Topics:⑤ Where in Analytics can I analyze how SEO & PPC channels are interacting?⑤ Is it possible to measure content effectiveness for PPC & SEO without keyword data?⑤ Round Up! Have questions throughout the webinar? Use #ppcseo on Twitter!
  • ① Reporting via Analytics – Why/How?• Why? – Cross channel analysis – Differences in attribution for clicks/conversions• How? – One code, to rule them all!
  • ② Segment Traffic to Analyze• Advanced Segments: – Default: all traffic – PPC = paid search traffic – SEO = non paid search traffic
  • ② Segments: How and Why
  • ② Segments: How and Why
  • ② Segments: How and Why• How to Segment: – Acquisition: How visitors got to your site. – Behavior: What visitors are doing on your site – Outcomes: Activities with proven value – Demographics: Technology, location Resource: Avinash Kaushik
  • ② IPs Favorite Advanced Segments• Advanced Segments: – Branded/Non-Branded – Location (College & University) – Mobile (Real mobile) – Visits that Converted – Visits that Didnt
  • ③ Custom Analytics Reports • What are custom reports? • Why go custom? • Examples
  • ③ Custom Analytics Reports• PPC Example - eCommerce accounts • ROAS by campaign
  • ③ Custom Analytics Reports• SEO Example – Appointment requests & sources
  • ④ Cross-Channel Performance Analysis• PPC data that indicates SEO problem areas: – Revenue from keywords not targeted via SEO• SEO data that indicates PPC problem areas: – Time on site – Bounce rate
  • ⑤ Cross-Channel Interaction Analysis• Multi-channel funnels• Attribution, attribution, attribution!
  • ⑤ Cross-Channel Interaction Analysis• Example
  • ⑥ No Keyword Data? --- No Problem!
  • ⑦ The Round Up!• Why wouldn’t you enable deeper reporting?• Analytics allows for a deeper solo-channel analysis then interface-only data• Learn from one to give to the other• Confirm what you ‘know’ before making any cuts
  • • Visit www.HeroConf.com for more information• Interested in attending? Contact Kayla at: kayla.kurtz@hanapinmarketing.com
  • Your Questions Thank you for attending Intrapromote and Hanapin Marketing’s webinar on: Next Level PPC & SEO with Google Analytics. #ppcseo• Sign up for a Google Webmaster Tools audit from Intrapromote: http://www.thewebsiteaudit.com/contact/webinar-offer/ • Password: webinar126• Get a free Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing (for accounts greater than $15K/mo in adspend): http://www.hanapinmarketing.com/solutions-blueprint-sign-up• Or Contact us Directly: • Erik Dafforn: erik@intrapromote.com • Kayla Kurtz: kayla.kurtz@hanapinmarketing.com