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  • Sam & Eric – we don’t understand JavaScript but we use Scripts!
  • Reporting – keyword by position, quality score, breakdown of stats in google docs.Changes – pause keyword that has been hogging spend – while increasing budgets at the same time.
  • Difference between automated rules & scripts. Automated rules – increasing bids on keywords with a low cost/conversion over x days.Scripts = more customizable, more options / combinations
  • Data from external sources – API key from wunderground
  • Sam - > Issues with ads being deleted? How do param ads work.

Automation Insights Automation Insights Presentation Transcript

  • The presentation will begin shortly! The presentation will begin shortly!
  • HOSTED BY: Automated Insights: How to work smarter and faster with AdWords Scripts
  • Speaker Introductions• Sam Owen – Account Manager at Hanapin – Been in the PPC industry for 3.5 yrs• Eric Couch – Account Manager at Hanapin – Manages 500K + spend in client accounts• Jacob Fairclough – Account Manager at Hanapin – Hanapin’s Scripts Wizard 3
  • Automation Insights Agenda• Live Poll Questions• #scriptshanapin – Benefits of Using Scripts – Implementing Scripts – Resources & Examples – Script Management – 4 Sample Scripts – Setting up Alerts• Live Poll: Final Question• Q&A 4 4
  • Take Part in Live Blogging on Twitter• Include the hashtag #scriptshanapinin your Twitter tweets 5 5
  • Live-Poll Question 1How long have you been in PPC? #scriptshanapina) Just startedb) 1 Year or Lessc) 2-3 Yearsd) 5 Years or more 6 6
  • Live-Poll Question 2Question: How much have you used scripts? #scriptshanapina) None at allb) A little, I have used pre-made scriptsc) I’m a script pro, I create custom scripts 7 7
  • Introduction to AdWords Scripts• Aim: – Give you an introduction to AdWords Scripts, what they can be used for, and how you can learn more. – For you to be able to take away 3-4 Scripts you can implement on your account today. – A very basic understanding of JavaScript and how you can use it to make your own custom scripts. 8 8
  • Benefits• Reporting – Export reports to Google docs• Make Changes In Your Account – Bids, budgets, keywords, pause/unpause& more.• Notifications – Alert you of specific conditions in your account 9 9
  • Understanding ScriptsJavaScript••• 10 10
  • Script Implementation• For a more detailed walkthrough, visit PPC Hero for our AdWords Scripts series. – account-part-1/• How to implement: 11 11
  • Script Implementation 12 12
  • Script Implementation 13 13
  • Script Implementation 14 14
  • Google Resources 15 15
  • Pre-made Examples 16 16
  • Script Examples 17 17
  • 1818
  • Script Examples 19 19
  • Managing Scripts: Schedules, etc. 20 20
  • Script 1: Quality Score Tracker• Where do you find it?• What is it? – A script designed to help monitor Quality Score changes over time. Courtesy of Martin Roettgerding (@bloomarty) from PPC Epiphany.• How does it work? – Utilizes labels on a selected stable of keywords to track Quality Score progress.• Why would you use it? 21 21
  • Script 1: The Result 22 22
  • Script 2: Bid by Weather Forecast• Where do you find it?• What is it? – Bid modifier!• How does it work? – Draws weather forecast data via an API key from Weather Underground and modifies your bids based on that information.• Why would you use it? 23 23
  • Script 2: Bid by Weather Forecast 24 24
  • Script 3: Ad Copy Countdown• Where do you find it?• What is it? – Modifies your ad copy!• How does it work? – The script parameterizes your ads and allows you to count down/change ad copy based on the scripting used.• Why would you use it? 25 25
  • Script 3: Ad Copy Countdown 26 26
  • Script 3: The Result 27 27
  • Script 4: Keyword Performance Report• Where do you find it?• What is it? – A script that provides both charts and graphs to track Keyword Performance by Quality Score and Average Position.• How does it work? – Automatically pulls your Keyword performance statistics in to a Google Drive spreadsheet and gives you Impressions, Clicks, CTR, and Cost data across both Quality Score and Average Position.• Why would you use it? 28 28
  • Script 4: The Result 29 29
  • Creating Your Own Alert System• Next we will go over how you would build a basic alert script.• We will take a metric such as cost and create the logic for pulling the data and sending an e- mail if there is too much variance over a period of time. 30 30
  • Advantages of Scripts• Currently Google allows email notifications through the ‘Automate’ button.• However this just looks at the number of clicks/impressions/conversions etc. rather than the rate of change. 31 31
  • Initialize the Data 32 32
  • Get the Data 33 33
  • Creating the Alert 34 34
  • Example Email 35 35
  • Alert History 36 36
  • Further Modifications• Pulling other metrics is almost exactly the same. For clicks change .getCost() to .getClicks()• Change the values to fit your needs.• Look to Google’s Tutorials or outside sources such as the Mozilla Developer Network. 37 37
  • Final Poll: Exclusive Webinar Offersa) Free solutions blueprint w/Hanapin Marketing (adspend 15k+) Free Market Reach Analysis w/Hanapin Marketing (For those without a PPC Account but with at least $10K budget to start.)Please direct further questions to sam.owen@hanapinmarketing.comor