10 Lessons Learned From Enhanced Campaigns So Far


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www.ppchero.com We’ve heard the message loud and clear: Google’s Enhanced Campaigns were a hot topic when they were first announced, they were a hot topic during Hero Conf, and they are sure to be a hot topic now, as we slowly approach a time when migrating your accounts will become mandatory.

With that in mind, Hanapin Marketing’s Eric Couch and Sam Owen will be going over 10 things they’ve learned from using Enhanced Campaigns so far. Here are just a few of the topics:

- What do we know so far about Enhanced Campaigns’ effect on conversion rates?
- Is there light at the end of the device segmentation tunnel?
- What does Google’s shifting timeline tell us?
- And so much more!


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  • Previous 30 Day Average for this account: $1.45 Avg. CPC, now up to $1.89. 1.33 Average Position, up to a 1.5.
  • Note: Doesn’t provide conversion data in this interface, which seems like a pretty major oversight.
  • This is somehow an unimaginable workload.
  • 10 Lessons Learned From Enhanced Campaigns So Far

    1. 1. #proppc10 Lessons fromEnhanced Campaigns…So Far05.02.13HOSTED BY:
    2. 2. #proppcPresenters• Sam Owen– Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing andBlogger at PPC Hero• Eric Couch– Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing andBlogger at PPC Hero
    3. 3. #proppcThe TopicLessons from EnhancedCampaigns … so far• Interesting statistics• Our tips and tricks• Actionable advice
    4. 4. #proppcJoin the conversation• Include the hashtag#proppcin your Twitter tweets
    5. 5. #proppcLesson #1• Mobile Competition Will Increase– Unprepared Competitors– Crowded SERP– Impact on Average Position– Higher Average Cost Per Click
    6. 6. #proppcExample: Post-Migration Mobile Statistics
    7. 7. #proppcLesson #2• Don’t Upgrade Yet– Unfinished Product– Features Are Still Being Added– Example: Ad Group Level Bid Adjustments– Example: Enhanced CampaignsUpgrade Guide– Example: Enhanced CampaignsUpgrade Center
    8. 8. #proppcEx: Enhanced Campaigns Upgrade Center
    9. 9. #proppcLesson #3• GeotargetingModifiers Are Pretty Great– It changes but doesn’t replace existingfunctionality.
    10. 10. #proppcLesson #4• Display Bids Are Changing– Determine Primary Targeting Method• Keyword, Placement, Topic, Audience– Layered Targeting Methods = Modifiers– Example: Keyword + Topics Combination
    11. 11. #proppcExample: Keyword + Topics Combo
    12. 12. #proppcLesson #5• Google is Focused on Small Business– #pizza– Use Cases Are All Focused on Simplification– AdWords “Too Complex” For Casual User?– Large Accounts Are Not The Focus– Example: Enhanced Campaigns UpgradeGuide
    13. 13. #proppcEx: Enhanced Campaigns Upgrade Guide
    14. 14. #proppcLesson #6• Your Mobile Audience is Bigger ThanExpected– Be wary of turning on Mobile full flow if youhaven’t been using it as much– Watch out for CPA spikes / improvements inweek 1– Be responsive if you are wanting to do moremobile now
    15. 15. #proppcEx: Mobile Traffic Growth
    16. 16. #proppcLesson #7• Responsive Design Is Becoming aNecessity– Sites that auto detect device & resolution– Enhanced Campaigns Is Google’s push forthis to become standard– No Tablet Segmentation
    17. 17. #proppcEx: Amazon.com
    18. 18. #proppcLesson #8• New Sitelinks are great– Or at least they will be when Editor isupgraded– Mobile specific Sitelinks– Specific time of day– Data on individual sitelink level– Ad Group level
    19. 19. #proppcEx: New Sitelink Builder
    20. 20. #proppcEx: New Sitelink Reporting
    21. 21. #proppcLesson #9• Bid management just got a whole lot moreconfusing– Overlapping multipliers• Geographic• Time• Device• Display Targeting Method– Less transparency with what your bid is
    22. 22. #proppcEx: Multiple bids / Keyword
    23. 23. #proppcLesson #10• People are angry– Lots of dissatisfaction at Hero Conf– Google didn’t give us enough time– The product isn’t ready!– No mobile only campaigns– Tablet included with Desktop
    24. 24. #proppcEx: Twitter
    25. 25. #proppcWrapping Up!• Point 1…
    26. 26. #proppcYour Questions?Thank you for attending Hanapin Marketing’s webinar aboutEnhanced Campaigns• Get a free Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing(for accounts greater than $15K/mo in adspend):http://www.hanapinmarketing.com/solutions-blueprint-sign-up• Or Contact us Directly:• Webinar Feedback: marketing@hanapinmarketing.com