History religion


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this is about the islamic civilisation.

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History religion

  1. 1. By: Hanan 7BG
  2. 2. Islam is the holy faith of Muslims, based on thewords and religious system founded by the prophetMuhammad and taught by the Quran, the belief of which is absoluteobedience to a unique and personal God, Allah.
  3. 3. By the time of Muhammadsdeath, a series of caliphs anddynasties led the Muslimcommunity, creating an Islamicempire that took over 100 yearsto reach southern Spain. Thiswas a period of greatintellectual strength.The area in light green are theareas under Islamic empirewhich included Spain and Egyptwhich were governed by theirown leaders.
  4. 4. Muhammad was bornaround the year 570 in thecity of Mecca. He was thelast prophet of the religionof Islam. Muhammads full 570 Birth Muhammad’s birth.name was Abu al-Qasim 576 6 Both parents had died.Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah 595 25 Khadija proposed to Muhammad.Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Ibn 610 40 Muhammad received revelations from God that he recited to others; he began to preachHashim. to the people of Mecca. 622 52 Muhammad left Mecca and had moved to Medina. 630 60 Muhammad was invited back to Mecca. 632 62 Died in Mecca.
  5. 5. Muslims believe that the Quran isthe very word of God Almighty. Acomplete record of the exact wordsrevealed by God through the AngelGabriel to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH).A verse from the holy Quran:(quote)So patiently persevere: for verily the“promise of Allah is true: nor letthose shake thy firmness, who have(themselves) no certainty of faith.”al-Quran 30:60
  6. 6. Mecca is the Holy City of Islam.It is located in the westernregion of Saudi Arabia, near theRed Sea.For Muslims, Mecca is a veryimportant and sacred place. Allable-bodied Muslims musttravel to Mecca during theirlifetimes to fulfil hajj, orpilgrimage, one of the FivePillars of Islam. The city is holyfor a number of reasons. Theprimary reason for mostMuslims is that Mecca is thebirthplace of Muhammad,the prophet of Islam.
  7. 7. Muslims were and still arepeople who had an openedbelief in Islam. As believers,they worship the One Godand look up to ProphetMuhammad, (pbuh), as thelast messenger of God. Theyalso believed in all theprophets which led ProphetMuhammad (pbuh) and theholy books which theybrought, such as the Psalms,the Torah and the Quran.
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