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Newsletter volunteer wind aid_august 2010_nuevo manzanilla

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  2. 2. ! !"#"$%&'()("#$%&'())*!+,'-.,-!/)01! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! R ural Peru is home to millions of The volunteer program people who live their lives without access to electricity and for most, July 2010 saw Volunteer WindAid host 12 the possibility of the national grid reaching volunteers from six different countries, all of them is not on the horizon. The solution whom came to Peru to learn and participate could come in the form of micro generation, in an exciting and new wind energy project. and for us (Volunteer WindAid) this meant The aim of the 5-week program was for the the installation of small-scale wind power. volunteers to work together in Trujillo to build a wind turbine for the community of Founded in 2010, the aim of Volunteer Nuevo Manzanilla, situated in the mountains WindAid is to use wind energy to provide near Cajamarca in the north of Peru. The electricity to communities in Peru who community is home to 250 people, who currently have no access to the national make their living from producing milk and electricity grid. The NGO also aims to have no access to the national electricity grid promote the use of renewable and due to their remote location. appropriate technologies as a solution to energy generation in Peru. The completed volunteer wind turbine as installed in Nuevo Manzanilla
  3. 3. ! !"#"$%&'()("#$%&'())*!+,'-.,-!/)01! The volunteers spent the first four weeks of the program eager to learn about wind energy and busily building the wind turbine in the Trujillo based workshop. Together, we manufactured and assembled the complete wind turbine, including a unique tail logo design to commemorate the volunteers taking part. For us, the climax of the program came in The wind turbine the final week, where we lived with families was built in Trujillo by the volunteers in the community whilst the wind turbine was being installed. The community proved to be incredible hosts, offering us the tastes The wind turbine of local food and even the chance to join in generates electricity with the annual celebrations of San Lorenzo. for the school building At the end of the project we were left breathless (well who wouldn’t be at 4000m altitude!) as we partied away into the night with lights on and music blaring. This whole experience not only gave us the chance to bond with the community for who we built the wind turbine, but also to appreciate life without electricity for a short period and see The wind turbine is now first hand the immediate impact the wind a leading example of how turbine would have in the community. to generate electricity Environmental awareness whilst protecting the environment the The community of Nuevo Manzanilla is very community rely on for conscious of the financial and environmental their livelihoods. benefits of renewable technologies and their effort to obtain electrification was never a case of using diesel generators. One family Community benefits currently use a small solar panel to provide light and charge small batteries, whilst a few Along with the wind turbine, we also installed other community members are very keen on electrics into the school building. This using solar ovens for cooking. comprised of lights and plug sockets for each
  4. 4. ! !"#"$%&'()("#$%&'())*!+,'-.,-!/)01! Members of the community installed the wind turbine alongside the volunteers The wind turbine of the four rooms, allowing the community school to now make use of televisions and The installed wind turbine is rated at computers for the school children and 2,000W and has a peak output of 2,500W. enabling the community to use the building The wind turbine has a blade diameter of in the evenings. 4m and a tower height of 9m. Based on the measured wind speeds at the site, the wind The amount of energy available to the turbine is estimated to generate 6 kWh/day community is much greater than the school for the community, thus, coupled with the building requires so there is scope for the bank of batteries, has enough energy to community to further extend the power the installed electrics in the school for electricification to the surrounding houses over 4 days. The wind turbine should and buildings in the future, allowing more continue to generate clean electricity for the people to benefit from the wind turbine. community for the next 15 years. This new expansion of lights will allow people to work safely and more productively The project was funded by the participating in the night. volunteers, who each paid a contributing fee to the cost of building the wind turbine. Already, the community has plans to begin a battery recharging station for the local For more information please visit people, saving both time and money in or contact James Low at comparison to the previous necessary trip to the nearest town of San Marcos (a 5 hour journey on the lechera – milk truck). This recharging station will enable more people in the community to use batteries and have electricity in their homes, whilst at the same time generate revenue for the community to maintain the wind turbine into the future. !