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Hack for a Cause: Pilot (We Day)
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Hack for a Cause: Pilot (We Day)


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Hack for a Cause will harness the ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit of the STARTUP tech community, couple it with SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY, and focus it towards a CAUSE via an overnight HACKATHON.

Hack for a Cause will harness the ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit of the STARTUP tech community, couple it with SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY, and focus it towards a CAUSE via an overnight HACKATHON.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Hack for a Cause Idealism + Pragmatism + Technology + Entrepreneurskai elmer sotto | Nov 18, 2011
  • 2. Stuff you’ll find in this Brief1. About Hack for a Cause (H4aC) • The idea • The ingredients • The vision2. About the Cause: • Free the Children + We Day • The problems • The possibilities3. About the Projects • Some ideas4. Details about the Hackathon (Nov 18th) • Agenda • Logistics • The team
  • 3. What is Hack for a Cause? Harness the ENTREPRENEURIAL spiritof the STARTUP tech community, couple it with TECHNOLOGY, and focus it towards a CAUSE via an overnight
  • 4. What is the Framework forH4aC?The key ingredients H4aC Framework Because… Startup Tech Entrepreneurs They get shit done, they move fast and they build products. One Night Everyone is busy. Focus. Overnight (12 hours) Because cramming works. One Cause So we can go deep and truly understand their problems. Build Software Technology scales the efforts of the non-profit organizations. Social Technology Boost and amplify the efforts of the people who support the Causes. Ship Turn ideas into actions. Present products at 6am. Open Every code is open sourced so other Hackathons can iterate.
  • 5. What is the vision? Seed the idea that Startup Tech ENTREPRENEURS, ANYWHERE in the world,can organize one-night HACKATHONSto solve real problems for specific CAUSES.
  • 6. What is H4aC’s mission?Builda framework and movement. Objectives Impact Ship We need to prove that the H4aC concept works. Iterate We will re-group and discuss how we can make it better. Package We need to build a framework to allow any organizer to replicate. Share We need to document and seed the idea with the community. Measure Focus on impact. We need to work with Cause to measure results. Repeat We plan for 2nd hack, next Cause. Celebrate Party!
  • 7. Free the Children (We Day)
  • 8. Who is Free the Children? Is a charity that BELIEVES in a world where all YOUNG people are FREE to achieve their fullest POTENTIAL as agents of CHANGE.
  • 9. What is their strategy?They have a two part strategy.1. Domestic 2. International Get young people in Help young people in Canada and other third world nations to developed nations to be free from poverty, believe that they can thirst, exploitation make a difference and disease. and they can change the world.
  • 10. What is our Hack’s focus? Our Focus on Nov 18th1. Domestic 2. International How do we reach and Help young people in engage more kids in third world nations to Canada, US and UK, be free from poverty, and make them thirst, exploitation believe that they can and disease. make a difference?
  • 11. Specifically, how do we amplifythe impact of We Day?1. Domestic How do we reach and engage more kids in Canada, US and UK, and make them We Day is an annual event organized by Free The Children that aims to inspire and empower believe that they can young people to take action. We Day brings make a difference? world leaders and the hottest entertainers (everyone from the Dalai Lama to Justin Beiber have taken the stage) to over 70,000 young people in 5 cities (and growing!) every year.
  • 12. Watch Read Feel
  • 13. About We Day Kids + Adults Educators and parents are equally involved with We Day It’s big 70K young Canadians attend We Day each year. In 5 cities Toronto, Waterloo, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg Annual Only happens in each city once a year Star Power Justin Bieber to Dalai Lama, they are all fans of We Day Fan Power ~800K Fans. Largest youth-oriented non-profit page on Facebook. Media Power Supported by CTV and has access to Advertising Based on Merit Can’t buy tickets. Must prove why they deserve to attend We Day Progress Tracked Tracking of commitments and progress of We Day participants Rock Concert Thousands of screaming kids. Emotions! Excitement!
  • 14. ProblemsHow do we extend and amplify the emotions from We Day,and continue to ENGAGE the attendees? It’s Physical How do we extend the emotions beyond the stadiums? It’s Canadian How do we efficiently reach other countries and cities? It’s Annual How do we extend the feeling of being able to make a difference? Star Power How do we leverage the celebrity supporters? Fan Power How do we not only grow beyond 800K fans, but ENGAGE the fans? Discovery How do we help We Day kids reach and inspire their friends at scale? Tracking How do we help kids track their We Day actions, & share with friends? Get Cheers How do we use tech to get affirmations and support from friends? Email Deprecated How do we reach kids if they no longer respond to our emails?
  • 15. OpportunitiesHow do we capitalize on the 800K fans and growing? Vow of Silence On Nov 30th, thousands of kids take the vow of silence to take a stand. 800K Facebook Fans More fans than web traffic. More engagement than other channels. Ontario High School Need to document 40-hour community services to graduate Commitments To attend We Day, kids have to make a pledge Tracking Encouraged to track their progress and share Schools and Educators Also encouraged to track their progress Education Tools Schools are using We Day content to help teach kids Global Tons of demand from other cities, like We Day NYC Cool We are engaging Kids, so let’s make doing good fun and cool
  • 16. Some product ideas…We welcome any and all ideas (as long as we can ship). Vow of Silence apps Distribute & track who & when Vows are taken, started & completed. Progress Tracking apps Allow easy (mobile) tracking of actions and progress. Social Plugins on web Install Like buttons & social plugins on Gamify Offer badges for specific actions (i.e. “Silence”), and gamify Dashboard Build a dashboard to visualize pledges, actions and progress Dashboard API Allow other We Day apps to integrate into the dashboard Friends Influence Show your friends who are taking We Day actions as well Mobile Web Improve the landing experience via mobile on We Day More please… The beauty of hackathons is the genius that come out of them… … …
  • 17. Wish List from Free the Children1. Keep it easy and simple,2. Make it cool and fun,3. Give us scale and reach to go beyond borders,4. Capitalize on the Facebook momentum, and5. Engagement is prioritized higher than acquisition.
  • 18. LogisticsAlmost everything you need to prepare for H4aC v1.0
  • 19. Key InformationStuff you need to know before Nov 18th When Friday, November 18, 2011 Start 6PM End 6AM Where Toronto Parking Building has basement parking Who You must be registered in advance. Homework Read this brief. Go to and read, watch, feel. How many Anticipate about 50-60 coders. Plus support staff. Talent Mobile, UEX, Web, Facebook ninjas in abundance Project Plan _US#gid=5
  • 20. Agenda 6PM register, hugs, chow, dance, libations 6:45 kick-off, about H4aC, about FTC 7:0o logistics 7:15 brainstorm huddle (optional) 10:00 reveal your product plans (team leads only) 10:00 – onwards code Midnight snack (optional) 3:00 snack (optional), tears, cursing, 2nd wind 6:00am present products 7:00am breakfast (Sunset Grille), war stories, more hugs
  • 21. Team LeadsProject team members who will help organize us Organizer Kai elmer sotto | Project Manager soniya monga Hack Master leila boujnane Mobile Lead boris chan Facebook App Lead alkarim nasser UEX Lead andrew peek Student Team naheed hirji | farid ali Facebook Open Graph sachin monga Facebook Platform API jeff sherlock Event Manager daniel habashi | victoria wong Communications victoria freeman | carrie baker | amanda york
  • 22. Anticipated HackersWho should you expect? BNOTIONS Facebook Apps, Android, iOS, Product Managers XTREME LABS iOS, Facebook Open Graph JET COOPER UEX, design, graphics Students CS students Facebook strategist, platform Free the Children We Day data, insights, soul Startup Community Hubba, Pinpoint Social, AppHero, etc. High Road communications, writing Supporters a stew of talent, energy and goodness