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  • interested in breath body and something big and performative. breath and the performance of breath.\n\nthe use of organic material to express the invisible and to bring it in to out personal space.\n\nfashion - particularly the eccentric.\n\nand analysis of the environmental movement\n
  • bottled water bought because of the perception that tap water is contaminated and poses a risk to health.\nor, organic food, non-toxic cleaning products, etc. \n intention of separating ourselves from the source of a problem, like poisons in the air, pesticide residue in foods, etc.  I’m not implying that buying and using green products is not helpful… they are extremely beneficial but are in and of themselves not a holistic solution.  In this day and age, it is impossible to live toxin-free.  Between the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat, toxins and chemicals are unavoidable. \n\ninverted quarantine is ineffective because: When confronted with a hazard, we are putting focus on individualism and consumption, taking attention away from systematic solutions.  Millions of people have embraced the idea that they can fend off threats by buying and using ‘green’ products, and this mass flight into inverted quarantine decreases the likelihood that something substantial is done about perceived hazards. \n\nI think people should be more aware of their breath and the air that they are breathing. \n\nCan we improve air quality with plants? Can we make people \n
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  • Todd Haynes created the movie based on his exposure to what was being called “20th century illness”. which was forcing it’s sufferers to move into climate controlled trailer homes and and live their lives like the boy inthe bubble.\n\nenvironmental illness... (similarity to aids?)\nwas inspired by environmental illness hoped that viewers would reflect themselves in the film.\n
  • eco tech frock - catalytic clothing\n\n
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  • Thesis proposal 1

    1. 1. ThesisHana Marie Newman DespinaPapadopoulos January 27, 2010
    2. 2. Past Projects MossBotInspiration Wings
    3. 3. What’s the Problem?• Inverted Quarantine (Andrew Szasz) • individuals isolating themselves from larger conditions that they perceive as being threatening…• Lack of Air-wareness
    4. 4. Statement/Question• Raising awareness of a growing obsession with inverted quarantine and air quality in general with an air tank dress that has plant wings and inflatable skirt that rise and fall with your breath.
    5. 5. Insulation• The dress will be equipped with a breathing apparatus for the wearer to inhale filtered air. The exhaled air will be pumped into a skirt.
    6. 6. Iterations?• IQ dress - Pure inverted quarantine dress with oxygen tank.• Living dress - Dress composed of succulents and moss. With wings constructed out of two staghorns that rise and fall with your breath.• Two sides of a coin dress - Oxygen tank and mask dress with a living component. A dress that contributes to improved air
    7. 7. Questions• How political do I want to get? • Is the purpose of the projectjust to get people to think about inverted quarantine and how issues of air quality are too big to solve by aggregating individual action • Or do I want to educate about the regulation acts, what is actually in the air and what it can do to us?
    8. 8. Inspiration• architecten-3/ •
    9. 9. Research• Safe
    10. 10. “Living” Dress, Made From Recycled Inner Tubes,Changes Every Season