Broadband Deployment Using WiMAX


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There is a big market demand for broadband service due smart phone improvement, customer behavior in consuming more data compared to voice and attractive data plan from operator. WiMAX is one of technology that can venture to provide and enhance broadband service. The deployment scenario is discussed in general.

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Broadband Deployment Using WiMAX

  1. 1. Network Planning Department – Future Telecom Bhd (FTB)
  2. 2.  Introduction Network Architecture Design Findings Conclusion and RecommendationJuly, 2012 2Broadband Deployment – WiMAX
  3. 3. July, 2012 3Broadband Deployment – WiMAX
  4. 4.  High speed connection  up to Megabits/s The broader the bandwidth, the greater theinformation-carrying capacity ―Always on‖, continuous connection Can be DSL, cable wireless, fiber, BPL …July, 2012 4Broadband Deployment – WiMAX
  5. 5.  Two type of deployment :1. BBGP (Broadband to the General Population) Deploy nationwide Network speed 256 kpbs – 4 Mbps2. HSBB (High Speed Broadband) Deploy only in Klang Valley, Iskandar Malaysia, andkey industrial zone via wired technology Network speed 20-100 Mbps, while business will upto 1 GbpsJuly, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 5Source:
  6. 6.  BBGP throughout Malaysia Can be deploy via wired (DSL) or wireless (WiFi,WiMAX, 3G/HSDPA) However, the growth of wireless broadbandsubscriptions in the world is greater than fixed lineJuly, 2012 6Broadband Deployment – WiMAXWireless10 %FixedLine6 %Source:
  7. 7.  Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Refer to IEEE 802.16 family (2001); IEEE 802.16dfor Fix Wireless and IEEE 802.16e for MobileWireless Surpass 40 miles range of wireless network Network speed is up to 70 MbpsJuly, 2012 7Broadband Deployment – WiMAXSource:
  8. 8.  Speed to market◦ Installing the network does not require the operator to takesignificant amounts of time. Surgical network deployment opportunities◦ operators have been able to focus on specific areas where there isstrong demand Mobility and multiple-use scenarios◦ the three modes of the WiMAX network — fixed, portable andmobile — could substantially expand their target customermarkets IP architecture◦ In the future, operators could deploy different technologies in thelast mile. Cost of spectrum◦ Compared with spectrum for 3G, WiMAX spectrum has been lessexpensiveJuly, 2012 8Broadband Deployment – WiMAXSource:
  9. 9. July, 2012 9Broadband Deployment – WiMAX
  10. 10. July, 2012 10Broadband Deployment – WiMAXWiMAXWiFiThe wireless area network can be categorized in terms if thetechnology, coverage area and speed network
  11. 11. July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 11WiMAX network can communicate from Base Station to End User withNLOS propagation, whether it is mobile or not
  12. 12. July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 12WiMAX Network architecture allows multiple implementation optionsfor a given functional entity and achieves interoperability among thosefunctional entities
  13. 13. July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 13The device which receives the signal from WiMAX Base Station and canconnect to WiMAX network.Example: Fixed CPE, USB Dongle, Handset, PCMCIA, laptop
  14. 14. Base StationReceive and transmit radiosignal between WiMAX networkand Access DeviceA logical entity that performsfunctions of connection andmobility management and ISPnetwork boundaries throughprocessing of subscribers controland bearer data traffic.July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 14Access Network of WiMAX that provides interface between users andConnectivity Service Network (CSN)ASN Gateway
  15. 15.  Core network of WiMAX Transport, authentication and switching The CSN has the following:1. AAAAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting service2. Home Agent (HA)Maintains and controls MS when moves to network3. Service Control PointControls in area of Intelligent Network4. DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) ServerAssign and Configuration IP on the networkJuly, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 15
  16. 16. July, 2012 16Broadband Deployment – WiMAX
  17. 17. July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 17Findings• Strength and Weakness• Comparison• Market and Competitors
  18. 18.  WiMAX is a last mile wireless broadband access as analternative to cable/DSL/T1 Large area coverage Multi-User Conectivity◦ A single WiMAX tower can connect to 100 client receivers A single WiMAX access point can be used to serve an entirecommunity Due to the standardized and certified equipment, it will bevery easy to deploy WiMAX product In built QoS (Quality of Service)July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 18
  19. 19.  Low bit rate over Long distance◦ Distance and bit rate features doesn’t work together Speed of connectivity◦ Any user closer to the tower can get higher speed Sharing of bandwidth◦ Functionality could go down if more than one user exists in asingle sector. WiMAX over Wi-Fi◦ WiMAX network is really expensive (the setup and frequencylicense) Data Rate◦ The data rate of WiMAX as compared to other network such asfiber optics, satellite, cables etc are very slow. Bad Weather◦ The quality of services decreases in rainy season because theweather condition could interrupt the signal which may causeof bad signal and broadcasting may be stop or interrupted.July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 19
  20. 20.  By using backhaul feature of WiMAX, large number of WiMAXtowers can be set up in a matter of days, compared to wiringthat requires proper planning and heavy labor WiMAX lets users work on the move, rather than tying them toa fixed line More reliable as no wire cut problemJuly, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 20
  21. 21. WiMAX WiFiApplication Broadband InternetconnectivityWireless LAN, InternetTypical Range 50 km 100 mScale MAN (Metropolitan AreaNetwork)LAN (Local Area Network)Frequency Range 2-11 GHz 2.4 GHzData Range 70 Mbps 11-54 MbpsModulation QAM DSSSPropagation NLOS LOSMobility Yes NoJuly, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 21Compared to WiFi technology, WiMAX can provide symmetricalbandwidth over many kilometers, stronger range and less interface
  22. 22. Vendor• WiMAX Service Provider• MobileTelecommunicationService ProviderProvider• Personal• Group / Family• BusinessSubscribersJuly, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 22In WiMAX Broadband Service industry, Vendors will help developinginfrastructure and technology so that the firms can provide theservices to the subscriber
  23. 23. Service Provider Package Download SpeedAirzed 1 Mbps, 1.5 Mbps, 2 MbpsAsiaSpace WiMAX 1 Mbps, 1.5 MbpsRedTone WiMAX 512 kbps, 1 MbpsPacket One 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps, 5 MbpsYTL Communication Uncapped up to 20 MbpsJuly, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 23Source: Malaysia, there are several WiMAX Broadband Services Providers.Among them, Packet One (P1) and YTL Communication (yes) are thebest two providers.
  24. 24. Launch Date August 2008 November 2010Population Coverage 45 % 65 %Subscribers > 280,000 > 150,000Network Band 2.3 GHz WiMAX802.16e2.3 GHz WiMAX 802.16eDevices Wi-Fi Home Gateway,USB Dongle, EnabledNotebookWi-Fi Home Gateway, USBDongle, Mobile PhoneServices Voice Voice, SMS, Mobile number(018), Web-based emailaccount, One accountmultiple devices,July, 2012 24Broadband Deployment – WiMAX
  25. 25. July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 25TelekomMalaysia Celcom Maxis DiGiIndustry Telecom. Mobile Telecom.ServiceMobile Telecom.ServiceMobile Telecom.ServiceFounded 1984 1988 1993 1995Broadband Unifi Celcom FirstDataMaxisBroadbandDiGi BroadbandSpeed 5 – 20 Mbps 700 kbps – 7.2Mbps1-10 Mbps 700 kbpsMonthly Price RM 149-899 RM 48-138 RM 98 RM 30-103Technology Fiber Optics Unknown Wireless UnknownBoth fixed operator and mobile operator provides the broadbandtechnology throughout Malaysia
  26. 26. July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 26Findings• Scenario of Deployment• Strategy
  27. 27. Licensing•Buy lisence ofWiMAX fromMCMC /CommunicationMinistryMigrating•Convert existingtechnology toWiMAX•Cost –minimization•Choose the rightvendorPricing•Profit –maximazation•Research onthe marketdemandJuly, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 27Broadbandis ready toenter themarket !!!
  28. 28.  Currently Future Telecom Bhd (FTB) has operatedboth fixed and cellular service, such as fixedtelephone, GSM, GPRS, and 3G cellular service To minimize the cost, we do the migrationstrategy: overlaying the existing 3G to becomeWiMAXJuly, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 28
  29. 29. July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 29The 3G Network will be remained; However, new OFDMA-MIMO dataoverlay network (WiMAX) must be deployed in new spectrum Involves deployment of new base station line card and clients
  30. 30.  As new entrants in the broadband market, weshould at least match the incumbents’ prices andspeeds If we provides subsidies for CPEs (indoor modem,PC cards, USB modem), however, prices forWiMAX services tend to be higher than for DSL atsimilar or equal download speeds. The most powerful pricing proposition is servicebundling: can significantly improve theperceived value of services through bundles.July, 2012Broadband Deployment – WiMAX 30
  31. 31. July, 2012 31Broadband Deployment – WiMAX
  32. 32.  We will build broadband technology andinfrastructure using WiMAX technology Beside ―last mile‖ figure and large coveragearea, WiMAX deployment will not take muchtime due to the standardized and certifiedequipment of WiMAX The deployment starts from investing thelicense, planning the migration and pricingstrategyJuly, 2012 32Broadband Deployment – WiMAX
  33. 33.  The most successful operators have not always been―first to market‖: they have been ―best to market‖ Successful operators have not necessarily priced theirbroadband packages as the lowest on the market, buthave focused instead on other value-added elements toadd to their value proposition Successful operators work hand-in-hand withmanufacturers to ensure that their customers get themost out of their user experience. Operators are eventeaming with notebook makers like Hewlett-Packardand Lenovo to make PC-broadband bundles available totheir clients.July, 2012 33Broadband Deployment – WiMAX
  34. 34. Thank youJuly, 2012 34Broadband Deployment – WiMAX