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Fmp research1

  1. 1. My project involves the design and development of a character that will be a hybridcreature; half man, half reptile. I will present my work to the games studio in order togain employment. The genre of game/film my character is going to feature in isaction/adventure/Sci-fi.Image rescources: Google Images
  2. 2. I prepared a questionnaire based on 6 questions about action/adventure films and games.I asked 15 males and 15 females, age range: 17-25The questions were:1. Do you enjoy watching action/adventure films or playing action/adventure games?2. Why do enjoy them?3. What is the most unique thing about this genre that makes is enjoyable?4. Do you own a PC, a Playstation, a Xbox or all of them?5. Do you enjoy watching hybrid characters?6. What are the interesting things that make a hybrid character unique?7. Would like something new to feature in this genre in near future?
  3. 3. Based on my questionnaire results, people that love action/Sci-fi/Adventure movies andgames would like this character to feature in upcoming films and games.
  4. 4. When it comes action games, men comprise 78% of gamers, compared to the 46% of women gamersbut adult women gamers comprise a larger portion of the gaming population (28%) than buys 6-17years of age (21%), so it looks as if women are beginning to adopt action games as a form ofentertainment.The average age of the heavy action game buyer is thirty-seven. Adult gamers have been playing, onaverage, for 12 years and 53% of current gamers expect to be playing as much or more than they currentlydo ten years from now.Action video games were by far the best selling genre for console games in 2004 at 30% of console gamesales; sports titles made up nearly 18% of sales. Shooters (9.6%), Children & Family Entertainment (9.5%),Racing (9.4%), and Role-Playing (9%) all constituted approximately nine percent of sales, while fightinggames had the least successful sales with 5.4%.Conversely, adventure games were the most popular computer games sold, constituting (26.9%), withFamily & Children’s games coming in a close second with 20.3% of sales. Sources: My questionnaire, Xbox official Magazine, Feb 2013,
  5. 5. Action games are very popular when it comes to video games. In fact most of the adult video games available have lots ofaction, violence and fighting involved. There are many war games as well where the protagonist is a soldier fighting in warand he has to fight the enemy attacking from all sides. War games are loved by some video game players because there issomething patriotic and moralistic about wars and many people would love to be called war heroes which they obviouslywill never be called unless they fight in a real war.Most video games are very exciting and adventurous. That is the aspect of the games that makes them so addictive.Players love the energy rush and the thrill that they experience while playing the games and that is what makes them wantto play the game over and over again. Kicking, boxing, using weapons, using artillery are some of the things which you willfind in online action games and this is considered extremely normal. Some players even tend to take out all their pent upanger and frustration by playing these action games, although the situation needs to be checked when other signs ofviolence are depicted by the person playing the game.Some action games tend to be a little too violent and hence it is best these games are not played by young children.Parents should always be aware about the kind of games their children are playing. Parents or adults should watch over orsupervise their young children playing video games just to be sure that their children are not playing a game which isunsuitable for them. Children have very impressionable minds and they can get influenced by very violent scenes and if avideo game is categorized as being too violent then it should be kept away from young children.Sources:,
  6. 6. Games like Mortal Kombat, Ben10 and The Spiderman do feature hybrid characters and have been very successful. Forexample, The Spiderman, himself, is a mix of spider and a man and features a villain called The Lizard is a mix of humanand a lizard.God of War Series is an award winning, critically acclaimed and best-selling action-adventure video game developed bySony Santa Monica Studio. The series contains a large number of hybrid/mixed characters and has been widelyacclaimed and successful.Likewise, Comic-based games like the Hulk, Alien vs Predator, The Darkness, Fantastic Four etc, are all the actionbased games and have been really successful and heavy on the market.
  7. 7. There can be no doubt that action movies are some of the most popular types of movies you are likelyto see at the cinema at any given time. However, the question naturally arises: What makes theseparticular movies so popular and so commercially successful? What is it about them that makes peopleflock to the theatres in droves and pay out massive ticket prices?The following are some of the key features of action films that makes audiences keep pouring in.• A Virtuous But Flawed HeroEvery action film worth its salt has a hero who is both authentic and virtuous and also full of flaws. Whether itsthe dark and sometimes brutal Batman of the recent films or the very flawed but also very human John McClaneof "Die Hard" the film needs someone with whom we can identify. We like our heroes to be almost superhumanin their physical abilities, but we also like them to possess the same character flaws we do; that is what makesthe movie for us. Without its hero, the action film is just so many explosions.• An Evil VillainOn the flip side of the coin, of course, are the villains, those men and women who pose the threat to society andthe hero who must ultimately be overcome. Perhaps no villain is as nefarious and downright evil as the recentincarnation of the Joker in "The Dark Knight," who poses a very real threat to both Gotham City and Batman. Justas we want our heroes to be virtuous in an action film, we also want our villains to be the cruellest and mostdestructive people we can imagine. However, we also want to enjoy watching them, which is why the sleek,cultured accent of the villainous Hans Gruber of "Die Hard" is such an excellent example of an action movie villain.
  8. 8. • ViolenceNaturally, one of the main attributes of the action film is the violence, typically seen in both fight scenes and massiveexplosions. Although these might seem to be just so much Hollywood magic, the violence also serves to make us fearfor a heros life, even if we are reasonably certain he is going to make it out of the whole thing alive. Violence keeps usrooted in our seats and makes us identify with the main hero and, of course, dislike the villain, who has decided toperpetuate such violence against the hero we have come to identify with.• SuspenseFinally, we come to suspense, which often goes hand-in-hand with the aforementioned violence. Part of the allure ofthe action film is that it keeps us guessing, even if we know the hero is going to win and the bad guy is going to lose.What really matters in the film, however, is the way in which we get from the start to the finish, and what price thehero has to pay for his eventual victory. Even the most stalwart and virtuous heroes, after all, often have to pay a pricefor the job of protecting the rest of us.
  9. 9. The Films that I’m going to review in the following genres are Action/Sci-fi/Adventurefilms. They do comprise hybrid characters and aliens and have been very muchsuccessful.
  10. 10. Box Office: $210,816,205 Box Office: $131,060,248Box Office: $159,773,545
  11. 11. Box Office: $2,782,275,172