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    Reports Reports Presentation Transcript

    • STEP.
    • TEEJAYS.
      It is impossible not to think of Teejays and Tanhaiyan in the same flash of memory. It was the PTV play in which Marina Khan embodied the essence of being fashionable in a shalwarkameez, for the first time in Pakistan's history. It wasn't long before our entire generation of teenagers followed the universal dress code. Dressing up became all about collars and boat shaped necklines, empire sleeves and bottom hugging, tight slit-free shirts.
      That's exactly what he did, though he admits it wasn't simple. In 1973, Teejay designed Roohi Bano's wardrobe for Shireen Khan's KiranKahani and then for Zer Zabar Pesh and Uncle Urfi amongst the 147 plays that were to come. He had bravely started dabbling in creativity, though there was no field to play in. He organized his first fashion show in college and everything he did was an invention, from fashion models, photographers and then shoots.
    • Teejay strongly feels that fashion today has hit a dead end.
      Have today's designers managed to change the look of the country. Designers have the huge responsibility to erase boundaries. Not create them.
      With this fresh wave of energy, it sounds like Teejay is going to be back in business very soon.
      He did it in the seventies when he created an industry out of nothing and he's back with another Vision.
      Scrambled merchandising is also known as diversification. Diversification is a tool often used by businesses to mitage different kinds of risks a business faces but this tool is usually used by larger companies such as multi nationals like nestle, Procter and gamble, reckitt and coleman. E.t.c.
      Once a business plans to diversify its product range the very first question it faces is in which direction to diversify. There are basically three stages at which businesses operate.
      Primary stage:
      The very first stage of a business for instance for diary industries breeding and herding sheep and kettle.
      Secondary stage:
      This stage normally deals with manufacturing and processing.
      Tertiary stage:
      This is the stage mainly involved with retailing and merchandising and this is the stage on which our report is mainly focused.
    • After being a bit familiar with all three stages now answering at the question of whether to diversify in which direction can be tackled more easily.
      If a business is currently operating at secondary stage ( manufacturing stage) and plans to diversify it has two immediate options .
      • To target the first level of production or primary stage of business .
      • to target the third or tertiary stage.
      There are also other ways to diversify such as horizontal and vertical integration. And also there are scenarios where businesses choose to diversify in a completely new range of products.
      This report concerns a merchandise in my city which has diversified its product range and how has the decision to diversify turned out to be.
      I have chosen a renowned chain of bakers and confectioners Gourmet Bakers.
    • If we analyze the last ten years of gourmet bakers they have grown approximately 20 times in size . When we say we refer to sales and no. of branches as well.
      If we closely study the growth of Gourmet bakers it becomes very apparent that the reason behind their success is scrambled merchandising.
      For the first five years they emphasized on quality of bakery items which lead them to a great deal of clientele as they created trust in the name of their brand.
      By achieving a very fat lot of clientele it gave them a chance to use their brand name (which already had a good brand image) to endorse other products too.
    • They diversified in the right direction. Some examples include:
      Gourmet mineral water:
      They recognized the need of the day and took an initiative to launch mineral water under their own brand name. They reckoned that the mineral water industry was still growing and had space to accommodate them and also did they exercise a competitive advantage of keeping the prices as low as half in comparison to their contemporaries like nestle , Atlantis e.t.c.
      Gourmet milk and ice cream:
      Their dairies products were also very much appreciated by their clients as again they supplied good quality milk at a relatively lower price. It was not easy to compete with dairy giants such as nestle milk pak, haleeb, Engro Olpers . e.t.c. but good quality and low price is a killer combination.
    • Gourmet cola:
      They launched their fizzy drinks on the footsteps of their contemporaries by producing the same three famous flavors and so far they are doing good. Though it is a fact that particularly in this segment they hardly are a competition to their competitors but still their own customer satisfaction level is very high.
      Gourmet dispenser:
      Recently gourmet has launched a new product which is again the need of the modern times and in fact a necessity for every household these days. The new gourmet water dispenser is made by German technology.
      HSY is an emerging South Asian fashion label started by Pakistani designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasinin 2000. Hassan shehryar yasin was a graduate from Pakistan school of fashion design. After graduating, he started his own couture label known as HSY
      HSY employs more than 550 employees working under its label, where different departments have different no. of employees working for them. For example usually in production they hire more employees to meet the due dates. Every line has separate designers appointed in the design department which produce the design and in the end the design is finalize by Hassan shehryar yasin himself.
      Most importantly their mission and goal is to give more stylized lifestyle to people. HSY-the brand has always focused on satisfying their customers, technically as well as functionally. According to them, customers nowadays are showing an increasing willingness to pay extra for extravagant designs. To fulfill customer demands, they provide full package that includes, quality of the garments, sheer fabrics and classic and chic designs.
      The company follows strategic plans to achieve their targets for the month. To keep up with following their monthly schedule precisely. But largely, their plan is to dominate the eastern market and make their designs stand out from their competitors. HSY also intends to give it employees and workers a dignified and successful level in the market. In the coming years, HSY wants to expand their business lucratively
      HSY visualize itself as a company in a much expanded form internationally. They are trying their very best too attain the complete satisfaction of their customers.
      Sometimes they go for annual goals, Such as a fashion event. Production achievement in specific year is apart of annual goals. For example, if the brand is selling 80 products form their couture line (high-end fashion line). Then it is pre-planned that coming year 120 products must by sell.
      Quality Control:
      In engineeringand manufacturing, quality control and quality engineering are involved in developing systems to ensure products or services are designed and produced to meet or exceed customer requirements. These systems are often developed in conjunction with other business and engineering disciplines using a cross-functional approach.
      At HSY the company has hired highly qualified and educated employees who are related to fashion field and have done studies in fashion and know the techniques of quality testing from cut to stitch. The have got know how of all the stages of the production of products. There is a supervisor who checks the products being manufactured at every stage or step and the Production manager is responsible for it, so he has to be responsible for controlling the quality.
      At HSY, as it is a studio and a design house. Here the production is not like bulk production in factories. Here it is more of ready-to-wear production and as the garments are very expensive, they are checked at every level and stage.
    • THE END.