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la biométrie, authentification

la biométrie, authentification

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  • 1. Biometrics and Authentication Shivani Kirubanandan
  • 2. Lets Define ! “A biometric is a physiological or behavioralcharacteristic of a human being that can distinguishone person from another and that theoretically can beused for identification or verification of identity.”
  • 3. Biometrics as AuthenticationAuthentication depends on• What you have• What you know• What you ARE !
  • 4. Why Biometrics?• Identity thefts• Something you know can be stolen• Predicted or hacked• Reliability on manual verification
  • 5. Application Categories Biometric applications available today are categorized into 2 sectors• Psychological: Iris, Fingerprints, Hand, Retinal and Face recognition• Behavioral: Voice, Typing pattern, Signature
  • 6. Biometric Authentication Process• Acquisition• Creation of Master characteristics• Storage of Master characteristics• Acquisition(s)• Comparison• Decision
  • 7. The metrics of Biometrics• FTE – Failure To Enroll• FTA – Failure To Accept• FAR – False Acceptance Rates• FRR – False Reject Rates
  • 8. Essential parameters• Liveness testing• Tamper resistance• Secure communication• Security Threshold level• Fall back node
  • 9. Fingerprint recognition• Divides print into loops, whorls and arch• Calculates minutiae points (ridge endings)• Comparisons• authentication
  • 10. Fingerprint techniques• Optical• Capacitive• Thermal• Ultrasonic
  • 11. Disadvantages• Racial issues• Dirt , grime and wounds• Placement of finger• Too big a database to process• Can be spoofed –liveness important!
  • 12. Hand Geometry• Geometry of users hands• More reliable than fingerprinting• Balance in performance and usability
  • 13. Disadvantage• Very large scanners
  • 14. Retinal Scanning• Scans retina into database• User looks straight into retinal reader• Scan using low intensity light• Very efficient – cant be spoofed!
  • 15. Disadvantages• User has to look “directly”• FTE ratio high in this biometric• Acceptability concerns – Light exposure – Hygiene
  • 16. Iris Scanner• Scans unique pattern of iris• Iris is colored and visible from far• No touch required• Overcomes retinal scanner issues• Contact lenses an issue?
  • 17. Face recognition• User faces camera• Neutral expression required• Apt lighting and position• Algorithms for processing• Decision
  • 18. Issues with Face Recognition?
  • 19. Issues• Identification across expression• FRR or FAR fluctuate• Easily spoofed• Tougher usability• High Environmental impact
  • 20. Behavioral• Voice• Signature• Typing pattern
  • 21. Voice Recognition• Speech input – Frequency – Duration – Cadence• Neutral tone• User friendly
  • 22. Disadvantages• Local acoustics• Background noise• Device quality• Illness , emotional behavior• Time consuming enrollment• Large processing template
  • 23. Signature Recognition• Signature measures (dynamic) – Speed – Velocity – Pressure • Captures images (static) • High user acceptance
  • 24. Issues• Signature variable with – Age, illness, emotions • Requires high quality hardware • High FRR as signatures are very dynamic
  • 25. Typing Patterns• User typing pattern – Speed – Press and Release Rate • Unique patterns are generated • comparisons
  • 26. Issues• Not very scalable• FRR is high• Can be spoofed – by simple technology (recorders)
  • 27. Usability issues in Biometrics• User acceptability• Knowledge of technology• Familiarity with biometric characteristic• Experience with device
  • 28. Usability issues…• Environment of use• Transaction criticality• Time consuming tasks
  • 29. Biometric solutions• Educate• Train• Explain Interfaces• Use Trainers• Supervised Playtime
  • 30. General issues• FTE posses problem• Biometric characteristics are not encrypted• Trust on input device• Cannot authenticate computers!• Privacy attack?!
  • 31. Current applications• Banks• Immigration facilities across USA• IDwidget – interesting research• Eyegaze at Stanford
  • 32. Class task• Sell your biometric product Case1 A bank needs an appropriate authentication mechanism to allow remote user transactions. What kind of multifactor system would you sell them?
  • 33. Class task… Case 2:• Suggest certain areas in which biometrics would prove disastrous• Note- You may suggest a particular combination of biometrics which may be disastrous to security and privacy
  • 34. Thank You!!