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Open hack 2011-ppt-draft-final
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Open hack 2011-ppt-draft-final



A slide deck presented at YDN Hack Days Europe 2011 (@openhackeu)

A slide deck presented at YDN Hack Days Europe 2011 (@openhackeu)



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Open hack 2011-ppt-draft-final Open hack 2011-ppt-draft-final Presentation Transcript

  • YAHOO! SEARCH BOSSRahul HampoleProduct Manager and Unofficial Evangelist
  • WHAT DOES BOSS GIVE YOU?  Search Data and Infrastructure BOSS is a service that provides you (the developer) flexible access to different types of data from Yahoo and allows you to build powerful commercial search applications with that data.  Monetization (We give you Ads!!) BOSS provides you Search Advertising and simple terms so that you can monetize that innovative product and continue to invest your personal time in it. BOSS also gives you Support and Tools to  Support and Tools get your product working. View slide
  • WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Restful XML and JSON API Web, Image, Spelling, News and Search Ads More services soon Flexibility to Blend and Re-rank Results  Create your own look and feel Change ranking Mix it with other API’s oAuth based Authentication View slide
  • WHAT ELSE DO YOU GETWeb and Limited Web results (smaller subset and at most 3 days old)  Complex query combinations and filters  Search for data in different marketsImage attributes like height, width, etcTime span filtering for News SearchMicroformat and RDF dataExtended abstractsRecognizes most search filters from Yahoo! and Google (backdoor hacks)
  • HOW DO I SIGN UP Self-serve sign up with simple Credit Card/Paypal payment options  Visit BOSS Page or wait until the end for pricing Simplified pricing based on query type A combined bill for developers taking Search Advertising  One signup, use in any market Don’t bother for now, we have a key setup for you
  • THE QUERY Tells you what the user is looking for Powers secondary APIs Can be generated by a search box, URL, tags or keyword extraction from the page. Generates related topics The Query is your BFF! e.g. http://yboss.yahooapis.com/ysearch/web?q=“Dark Knight”&format=xml
  • SAMPLE CALLSGetting multiple data sets  /ysearch/web,images,news?q=obama  /ysearch/web,images,news?web.q=obama&images.q=flower&news.q=egyptSearching through sites  A Simple Movie Search  /ysearch/web?q=“Dark Knight”& sites=movies.yahoo.com,netflix.com,imdb.comAND/OR operators  /ysearch/web?q="steve jobs"AND((ipad)OR(iphone))&sites=bestbuy.com,newegg.com  Important: Use Braces or quotes
  • UNARY OPERATORSSearch for Batman but not “Dark Knight”  q=(batman -“Dark Knight")Find pages with “Heath Ledger” but not “DarkKnight”  q=+”heath ledger”–”Dark Knight”&sites=movies.yahoo.comForce auto-spelling off  q=+”drk knight”
  • SEARCHING IN BODY AND IN TITLESearching for Dark Knight in the Title on Yahoomovies  q=reviews intitle:"dark knight"&sites=movies.yahoo.comSearching for Dark Knight in the Title in Yahoomovies containing Christian Bale  q=reviews intitle:"dark knight" inbody:"christian bale"&sites=movies.yahoo.com
  • MARKET AND DOCUMENT SPECIFIC FILTERS Search for “Dark Knight” in Romania specific sites  q=“Dark Knight”&market=ro-ro Search for “PDF‟s containing “Dark Knight”  q=“Dark Knight”&type=pdf Search for MS Office type (except PPT‟s) containing “Dark Knight”  q=“Dark Knight”&type=msoffice,-ppt
  • IMAGE SEARCH PARAMETERSSearch for images that are not offensive  /ysearch/images?q=“san francisco”&filter=yesSearch for images that are wallpaper size  /ysearch/images?q=“san francisco”&dimensions=wallpaperSearch for a image at a certain refer URL  /ysearch/images?q=yahoo&refererurl=http://www.flickr.comInteresting Output Fields  format, file size, height, width, title, total result count
  • NEWS SEARCH PARAMETERSSearch news that is less than 7 days old ysearch/news?q=osama&age=7d /Search news that is between 20hrs and 2 days old /ysearch/news?q=osama&age=20h2dRe-rank news results by date /ysearch/news?q=osama&ranking=trueInteresting Output Fields Source, Date, Source URL
  • BOSS + YQLTable Name: boss.search Parameters Example Consumer Key ck - Consumer Secret secret - Query Term q ‘yahoo’ Service service ‘news’e.g. select * from boss.search where ck=… andsecret=… and q=„yahoo‟ and service=„news‟
  • BOSS HACK PACKETPBWorks Site • This presentation • oAuth information • Code Samples available • PHP, Ruby, PerlOld BOSS Hacks: http://bosshacks.com  Tweet your hacks #ysearchboss, #openhackeu  Follow me at @ysearchbossSpecial BOSS prize
  • UNDERSTAND OAUTH Identification Consumer Key – Used to make a call to the API Consumer Secret – Used for 3 legged oAuth (not used for BOSS) Making a call (www.oauth.net/code) -Consumer Key -Nonce – Random string generated by oAuth (prevents replay attacks) -Signature – Generated by library -Signature Method – Various types of methods supported (e.g. HMAC-SHA1) -oAuth Timestamp –Unix time (valid for 5 minutes only) -oAuth version – 1.0 We have code samples in PHP, Perl, Ruby for you!!
  • HACK IDEAS AND USEFUL API’SRealTime  Twitter/Facebook APIVideo  YouTube data APIVertical search engines  Programmable web has interesting API‟sLocal Search Engines  Yahoo Geocoding services e.g. PlacefinderChrome extensionsMobile Applications
  • INQUISITOR: BROWSER EXTENSTION (v1) Hack: http://www.inquisitorx.com/firefox/index_en.php 24
  • ASK-BOSS (v1) Hack: http://ask-boss.appspot.com Code: https://github.com/saurabhsahni/Hacks/tree/master/askBOSS
  • MORE RESOURCESYahoo! BOSS: http://developer.yahoo.com/bossBOSS Technical Documentation: http://developer.yahoo.com/search/boss/boss_api_guide/YQL: http://developer.yahoo.com/yqlFire Eagle: http://developer.yahoo.com/fireeagle/Google App Engine: http: //appengine.google.comAmazon Web Services: http://aws.amazon.comoAuth: http://oauth.net/Open Social: http://www.opensocial.org/Open Data: http://theinfo.orgAlt Search Engines: http://www.altsearchengines.com/
  • BOSS MONETIZATIONTwo business Models  CPM Only Data Type Web Limited Images News Spelling Web Price (1000 queries) $0.80 $0.40 $0.30 $0.10 $0.10  CPM + RPM  We give you Ads and a revenue shareDaily reporting for AdsExtensive Support through Syndication partner
  • OTHER YAHOO SEARCH SERVICES Yahoo! Hosted Search Yahoo! Site Search Yahoo! hosted service for Web search Yahoo! hosted site search solution Limited display flexibility Better relevance algorithm based on No costs associated with the service type of content No Blending/Re-ranking Web backfill of results Revenue share from Yahoo! Search Ads with Ads revenue share