The smart phonesimpact on the humane being [autosaved]fg


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The smart phonesimpact on the humane being [autosaved]fg

  1. 1. The Smart Phones impact on the Humane being Name : …………..
  2. 2. Contents  Introduction  Advantage  Disadvantage  Affect of smart phones  Smartphone subscribers  Research and productivity  Conclusion  Reference list nextback
  3. 3. Introduction  What is a Smart Phone? 1. A smart phone is a device which has features of both a computer and a mobile device (cell phone). 2. Unlike a normal mobile device a smartphone has a vast amount of both local storage and memory 3. Smartphones have operating units like computers. back next
  4. 4. Advantage  You can complain online at Twitter, which does not mean necessarily that someone reads.  You can save time checking your mail or bills while going in the car or taxi.  You can chat with your friends without having msn on your PC at work.  All your information is centered in one place, you do not need more cell attachments.  If you are using*Foursquare*can have a list of real-time tips on where to go and what to do. Click hare for videoback
  5. 5. back next
  6. 6. Disadvantage  You are socially isolated from the real world without being constantly talk "with the blessed device.  Replacement cost is very high, if it gets stolen or you lose shocked pocket.  By having more storage start saving unnecessary waste  Maybe it's the only way I draw attention, but will be fixed more on your smartphone than you back next
  7. 7. Affect of Smartphones on at work place Advantage A. Application software is being created to use smartphones for business related functions. B. The user can be connected to a network, anywhere anytime, which enables the user to communicate with colleagues efficiently C. communication which ultimately enable people have online Disadvantages A. Employees could use smartphones for other uses not relating to work . B. The capability of smartphones to process the above applications, could distract employees C. This would create an environment that is convenient to communicate with other work colleagues nextback
  8. 8. Affect of Smartphones on education: Advantage A. Mobile learning devices enable learners and teachers to interact with one another anywhere, anytime B. Students have access to any kind of information, and research at any point Disadvantage A. Smartphones could become a distraction in any learning environment due their ability to become an entertainment unit and facilitate social networking nextback
  9. 9. Smartphone subscribers 1. The graph on the right shows the total number of smartphone subscribers in millions 2. In the 2 nd quarter of 2011 the figure was up to 76.6 %. 3. The number of users is expected to keep rising back next
  10. 10. Smartphones and productivity Blackberry ® hired a firm to research the effect of the product in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia pacific 1. The study found that blackberry users save an average of 60 minutes a day, or five hours a week 2. With the time saved, employees’ productivity increased by 38% 3. For personal use, the study found that over 20% of users use the time saved to relax and spend back next
  11. 11. Conclusion  In terms of the previous slides Smartphones have enormous advantages and potential in communication and productivity in the workplace as well as in education. Smartphones also increase ones ability to communicate socially via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email etc. The disadvantages of smartphones seem insignificant when comparing them to the advantages  The features that a smartphone provides are beneficial to any and every user, there is a function for everyone no matter their occupatio back next
  12. 12. Reference list  Worldwide Smart Phone Market. Available from : leads-global-smartphone-os-vendors-11972/canalys-wordlwide- smartphone-market-feb-2010jpg  Science with Smartphones. Available from : back