Building Construction and Tech. 3. Responsibilities of participants


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Building Construction and Tech. 3. Responsibilities of participants

  1. 1. International Burch university Course : Building Construction Technology IArchitecture department Date : xx / xx / xxxxSarajevo LECTURE NO.3 RESPONSIBILITIES OF PARTICIPANTS Building Construction Technology I Professor : Prof.dr.Nerman Rustempasic Assistant : M.Sc. Ahmed El Sayed
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Today we will define the responsibilities of Construction participants. Participants in the Construction process are:  investor  Contractor  Engineer of construction site  Chief engineer of construction site  Designer (Architect or Civil Engineer )  The supervisory authority  Reviser
  3. 3. THE INVESTOR - DEFINITION Investor is a legal or physical person in whose name is built (the building structures). Design, control and validation projects, construction and technical supervision over building investor must entrust parties eligible to perform these activities prescribed by The Law.
  4. 4. THE INVESTOR – RESPONSIBILITIES Design, control, validation of projects, construction and technical supervision over Construction must entrusted to persons registered for performing these activities. Appointing a chief designer (when there are two or more designers). for Revising projects to authorized an reviser, if necessary. Obtain evidence of the right to construct at a particular property Obtain decision on constructing conditions / location / building permit
  5. 5. THE INVESTOR – RESPONSIBILITIES Appointing a contractor responsible to harmonization of work when participating in the construction two or more contractors. Before the start of construction to obtain an act authorizing the construction and report the start construction (the survey project + (un) approved major project); report the start of building to constructing body and a building inspection not later than 8 days before the start / continuation of work after a break longer than three months.
  6. 6. THE INVESTOR – RESPONSIBILITIES Provide technical supervision over of construction or reconstruction. Appoint a chief supervisor (if there is more than adequate supervisory engineers waist for individual papers). investor who is also the contractor must entrust technical supervision over construction to another person who is registered for technical supervision. Person that is investor for residential or residential-commercial building whose construction (brutto) area does not exceed 400 m2 , for its own purposes can design it by himself and perform construction supervision, if has the appropriate professional qualifications.
  7. 7. THE INVESTOR – RESPONSIBILITIES Must allow timely review of the work, on the demand of the designer. If the realization/execution project has not made by the engineer of the main project, the investor is required before the start of construction or performance of specific components to provide realization project or its parts to obtain opinions on the realization Project and its compliance with the main project. Also is required to enable The Reviser timely control of works. To obtain Survey project of the building until the start of construction works. To ensure building, the neighboring buildings and areas in the case of interruption of works
  8. 8. THE INVESTOR – RESPONSIBILITIES Obtain technical amendment documentation (or new), if the changes in structure affect the technical properties essential to building. Obtain usage permit for the building, which is issued after successful completion of technical inspection on the building by the construction body. Permanently preserve relevant documents and projects for the construction of with the amendments marked and changes as long as the building exists Must act in accordance with the decisions of inspection during construction
  9. 9. THE INVESTOR – ACTIVITIES DURING THEPREPARATION WORKS Securing sources for investment Definition and assignment of research works Assignment of making investment studies Rating investment study and make a final investment decision Obtain building land Defining the project task for the preparation of project documentation Assignment of project documentation
  10. 10. THE INVESTOR – ACTIVITIES DURINGCONSTUCTION WORKS Assignment of construction, installation and finishing works Supply (taking over) and installation of plant, equipment and devices Organize monitoring and directing the realization of investment project The execution of contractual obligations undertaken towards contractors The final calculation of the Construction Contract Obtaining the use permit
  11. 11. THE INVESTOR – ACTIVITIES DURING THE USAGEOF THE BUILDING The building can only be used in a manner compliant to its purpose The organization of the test operation (testing functioning of the building, plant, equipment and devices) Development of current and investment maintenance of the building Investment maintenance of the building
  12. 12. THE CONTRACTOR - DEFINITONS The contractor is a person who builds or performing works on buildings. Building or performing individual works in the building can do a person registered for performing this activity. Contractor shall appoint site engineer or manager of works as a responsible person who leads all or some of the works on construction.
  13. 13. THE CONTRACTOR – RESPONSIBILITIES Must build in accordance with the act which authorized the construction Build with quality in accordance with the main and detailed design on the way to meet the essential requirements for building Must draw up a written declaration of executed works and the building maintenance conditions Apply the material, equipment and products with the proven quality (with document from the manufacturer or a certificate of product conformity) Provide evidence of the quality of construction, embedded products and equipment (under the provisions of the laws and requirements of the main project)
  14. 14. THE CONTRACTOR – RESPONSIBILITIES Properly dispose the construction waste generated during the works on the site investor shall appoint main contractor responsible for the harmonization of work if you participate in the construction a several contractors Contractor shall appoint the site engineer (graduated engineer with 5 years of work experience and passed the professional exam), site engineer (graduated engineer with five years experience or an engineer with 5 years experience, all with professional exam), or site manager (High School Diploma with 5 years experience working with professional exam), which lead the construction
  15. 15. THE CONTRACTOR – RESPONSIBILITIES Make a study of safety at work and organize the construction site Enclose the site and prevent uncontrolled access for the unemployed Mark the construction site with prescribed markings and traffic signs For temporary occupation of public traffic area he must obtain prior approval of the competent authorities and enterprises For temporary occupation of the neighboring ground he must obtain a prior approval from the owner, according to special laws
  16. 16. THE CONTRACTOR – RESPONSIBILITIES Temporary facilities to be constructed in accordance with the regulations on protection measures against fire and explosion, health and safety and all other measures to protect human health and the environment Remove all temporary structures before obtaining the use permit Make plan of common temporary and temporary work sites Inform the labor inspection authorities about the start of works (8 days before the start of works), i.e.: type of the intended works, staff and schedule, and responsible persons
  17. 17. THE ENGINEER OF CONSTUCTION SITE Site engineer and work manager are responsible for the implementation of obligations under the Act. If participate in the construction two or more contractors, the investor determines the contractor responsible for the harmonization of work and who appoints the site engineer. The main contractor must perform at least half the work necessary for construction and the building. The main site engineer is responsible for the completeness and harmonization of works, for the harmonization of the implementation of obligations under the Act, and also coordinates the implementation of regulations which regulate safety and health of workers during construction works.
  18. 18. THE CHIEF ENGINEER OF CONSTUCTION SITE ... can be both engineer of the site and one of the contractors or manager of work for a particular type of work. The main site engineer, site engineer and head of work may be persons who are eligible for performing these tasks under a special law.
  19. 19. THE DESIGNER ... a natural person who under a special law has the right to use professional title licensed architect or engineer. The designer is responsible to design a projects that fulfill the prescribed conditions, in particular, to design a project to comply with the building location permit, to meets the essential requirements for the building and to comply with the provisions of this Law and special regulations.
  20. 20. THE DESIGNER - RESPONSIBILITIES The designer is responsible that the projects are to meet the requirements made by the Law on spatial Planning and Building Act and special laws and regulations If participate in the design of a several designers, investor appoints the designer who is responsible for the completeness and interconnection compliance of projects. The right to perform the design under the Law on spatial Planning and Construction has just the person with the professional title “licensed architect” or “licensed engineer”.
  21. 21. THE DESIGNER - RESPONSIBILITIES The designer can not be an employee of the person who is the contractor on the same construction The designer has to Correspond to that the preliminary/Conceptual and main, and all other projects are made according to the requirements of building regulations, respecting:  Essential requirements for the building  Regional planning solutions for construction work  The conditions of special regulations that affect the design solutions  Technical requirements (technical regulations and standards)
  22. 22. THE SUPERVISOR AUTHORITY investor is obliged to provide professional construction supervision according to the Law If the investor does not have authorized engineers for the supervision, he must contract with supervision organization that has a licensed engineer. This organization will appoint a supervisor (s) supervising engineer is an individual who under a special law has the right to use professional title of licensed architect or licensed Engineer and implement on behalf of the investor an expert supervision of construction if it meets the requirements of construction who under a special law and regulations adopted pursuant to that Act. The supervising engineer can not be an employee of person who is the contractor on the same building.
  23. 23. THE SUPERVISOR AUTHORITY - RESPONSIBILITIES In carrying out supervision of construction works supervising engineer shall:  Supervise the construction to be in accordance with the decision on building conditions, confirmed main project, and building permit, the Act and special regulations,  Determine whether the survey of the building done by the person authorized to conduct tasks of state survey and Real Property Cadastre under a special law,  Determine whether the contractor meets the requirements for performing construction activities that are regulated by special law,
  24. 24. THE SUPERVISOR AUTHORITY - RESPONSIBILITIES  Define the implementation of control procedures in respect of conformity assessment and quality evidence of certain parts the building by an authorized person who is not involved in the implementation process of issuing the documents and evidence to all parts of the building and performed for the works that are in progress in certain cases when such an obligation,  Without delay to supply investors with all information about the defects and irregularities before the construction phase, while investors and building inspections and other inspections about the measures undertaken,  Make a final report on the performance of the building.
  25. 25. THE REVISER Reviser is a natural person authorized to control the project. Reviser is responsible for the project or part of the project for which he spent his control and gave a positive report that meets the requirements of the Law, special laws and regulations made under the law, technical specifications and rules of profession regarding controlled properties.
  26. 26. THANK YOU