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8. formwork and scaffolding

8. formwork and scaffolding






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    8. formwork and scaffolding 8. formwork and scaffolding Document Transcript

    • Building Construction Technology IPractical Session no. 804.06.2012Answer these Questions: - Formwork is : Its is an artificial support provided below and around the precast or cast insitue concrete work. - Formwork can be made of: o Steel and Wood - Write the advantages of formwork made from steel o It can be used for a no. of times. o It is non absorbent. o Smooth finish surface obtained. o No shrinkage of formwork occurs. o Easy to use. o Its volume is less o Its strength is more. - Write some elements that during their construction the formwork is needed : o Foundations o Wall o Column o Slabs & beams o Stairs - Write about maintaining the formworks : o For wooden formwork use cardboard or plastic fiber board. Bolt hole places must also be repaired. o For steel formwork plates must be leveled by mallet and loose corners must be welded. - Time of formwork removal depends on : o Type of Cement  Rapid hardening cements require lesser time as compared to OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) o Ratio of concrete mix  Rich ratio concrete gain strength earlier as compared to weak ratio concrete. o Weather condition
    •  Hydration process accelerates in hot weather conditions as compared to cold and humid weather conditions.- Formwork cost is controlled by : ( what affect the cost of formwork ? ) o Formwork Material cost o Formwork erecting cost o Formwork removal cost o Formwork jointing cost (Nails and Cables) o Labor charges.- Scaffolding is : o It’s a temporary structure to provide a platform at different levels of a building for workers and Materials.- Write the types of scaffoldings : o Single Scaffolds o Double Scaffolds o Ladder Scaffolds o Cantilever Scaffolds o Suspended Scaffolds o Steel or Tubular Scaffolds- Shoring is : o It is the method of providing temporary support (shores) to an unsafe structure.- Write Shoring types : o Horizontal shoring or flying shoring o Vertical shoring or dead shoring o Inclined Shoring or flying shoring
    • - Sketch o Formwork for column o Doubled scaffolding o Horizontal shoring