Facebook for Business: turning likers into customers


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Learn from Social Media dynamo Lucy Perry (CEO of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia). Learn how to wrangle the Facebook algorithm for the best results on a teeny weeny budget. Learn how to create engaging content (and why engagement is the key), build your likes and convert likers to customers. In this fast-paced session, learn everything businesses need to know about Facebook and how to make it one of your most successful communication tools.

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  • WelcomeCEO HamlinFacebook since 2007
  • Likers to customersGREAT but you need some likers…
  • Likers to customersGREAT but you need some likers…
  • Facebook for Business: turning likers into customers

    1. 1. Facebook for Business Turning likes into customers LUCY PERRY @LucyPerryCEO @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    2. 2. Cracking the Facebook code for maximum likes Understand Edgerank @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    3. 3. whatisedgerank.com @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    4. 4. Cracking the Facebook code for maximum likes Understand Edgerank Understand your market Understand that you will get sucked into the game of Facebook @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    5. 5. @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    6. 6. The rules of engagement Content is King but engagement is Queen and she rules the house @MariSmith @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    7. 7. The rules of engagement Like, comment and share SHARE WINS EVERY TIME! @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    8. 8. The rules of engagement PEOPLE WILL SHARE YOUR CONTENT IF IT MAKES THEM LOOK GOOD TO THEIR NEWS FEED @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    9. 9. Just do it Post daily at least Post at your peak traffic times – 9am Don’t ignore weekends and evenings Vary length Experiment with post types Consider a calendar/schedule @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    10. 10. @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    11. 11. Turning likes into customers ENGAGE BUILD A COMMUNITY PROMOTE WITH CARE SEAL THE DEAL @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    12. 12. ENGAGE Part content, part curation Be consistent Use humour Be brave #toomanyhashtagsareannoying @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    13. 13. BUILD A COMMUNITY Never dump and run Respond within 30 mins Never delegate your voice Give behind the scenes access Do not feed the trolls Topical relevance is gold @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    14. 14. PROMOTE WITH CARE Don’t ask too often When ads are as engaging as social content, you win Boosted posts vs paid ads @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    15. 15. SEAL THE DEAL Use other social media platforms Back up with a great website and customer support Make purchasing dead easy @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    16. 16. MEASURE ROI is your new best friend Most important metrics: Traffic to website SEO – social proof in SERPS Conversion rates Donations @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub
    17. 17. LET’S STAY CONNECTED! Lucy Perry lucy.perry@hamlin.org.au @LucyPerryCEO Facebook.com/DrCatherineHamlin @HeadOfficeHub | facebook.com/headofficehub